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10 Steps on How to Choose a Wedding Ring

A wedding is a once in a lifetime opportunity, so is shopping for the right wedding ring. A wedding should last a lifetime, mirroring a couple’s love and promises to the other side.
So in deciding on how to choose a wedding ring, be sure to pick the perfect one for you, by following these basic steps! Almost every culture in the world believes in the marriage matrimony. People all around the world, however, celebrate this event in their unique way, in relation to their standards.

But regardless of the differences in beliefs and ways of celebrating this holy day, there is a common thing that almost all existing human beings would agree on, and that is the need to exchange wedding rings during the marriage ceremony.
Shopping for a wedding ring does not have to be a dreaded experience. If you have the right amount of knowledge concerning what to look for in a ring, along with the enthusiasm about asking the woman of your dreams to marry you, this can be a pleasant exercise. Buying a pair of wedding rings will be easier if you follow some of these useful steps as a guide:  

1.  Fix a Budget



 Before heading to the jewelry store, you should set a budget for the wedding rings. There is a tradition which holds that a man should spend two months of their salary on the engagement ring. Whether or not you conform to it will depend on your desire to follow the tradition. All that matters is that you pick a ring in line with what you can afford, so prepare a budget before searching. After deciding on a figure for your budget, go for it. Having a preset budget will make it easier for you once you start shopping and also will narrow your options. You should note that the price will vary depending on the kind of metal you choose and if you want extras like diamonds or custom ornaments. Engraving will also add to the cost, so factor in your budget if you plan to customize the rings with any of these extras. The cost of engraving is normally based on the number of characters, the font used and if it is engraved by hand or using a machine.  


2.  Start Shopping Early


The-girl-was-shopping Do not settle for last minute shopping. You have to start shopping for your wedding ring at least two months before the wedding. If you want something very special or are interested in custom features like engraving, you have to start shopping at least three months before the wedding date.

You will need time to browse, research prices and revisit eye-catching rings. If you long for a custom ring, you probably need even more time. And keep in mind: extras, such as engraving, can take up to a month. Remember that a wedding ring is the emblem of a lifelong commitment so set plenty time aside for shopping for it.  


3. Choose a Reliable Jeweler


An-engagement-rings-companyWhen searching for a good jeweler, the most important thing to remember is that expensive is not necessarily equivalent to the ideal jeweler. Find a store that makes you feel comfortable, where the staff is friendly and helpful, and where the advice provided suits your needs.

Also, be sure to look somewhere that fits within your budget range; this ducks the inevitable disappointment of finding something that would be "perfect if it didn't cost much". If possible, check that the jeweler is registered in a society, association or organization that regulates, certifies, etc., and it never hurts to go on Yelp and other review sites and see what other customers are saying. These are some extra tips to consider when looking for a good jeweler:

  • Ask your parents or married friends for recommendations on a good reputable jeweler. Obviously, they have been down that road before and this means they know one or two things about where you can buy a beautiful piece of wedding ring from.

  • Reputable online jewelers, such as, can be a good option if you are willing to accept a little less "hand holding" for a better price. If you choose to go with another online store, be sure to verify that the jeweler has an excellent reputation, as you might be at risk of subtle fraud with diamonds and precious metals, when dealing online.

  • Another thing to consider is the jeweler's ability to custom design wedding rings to suit the engagement ring. You might like to think onward to this eventuality, as it can be an impressive combination of having the two matching rings together.

  • Check out a couple of different stores before you purchase your rings. You have to compare the selection and also the prices. Only after can you determine which store has the right ring for you.  Beware of the shop that pressures you to buy on the spot. Buying your wedding ring is a very important decision, and it shouldn't be done in haste.


4.  Define your style


Man-wearing-many-rings-on-fingers There are a variety of styles available at your local jewelry store. You can choose a flat ring with diamonds or engraved with meaningful inscriptions. You have to pick a ring that fits your personality and is comfortable throughout your life. If you wear suits most of the time, choose a ring that is a bit more formal.

Brides also want to ensure that the wedding ring will complement the engagement ring you have already chosen. Do not worry if you like platinum and your partner likes yellow gold. No rule says you have to choose the same metal or even style.

You could compromise with braided bands that the two metals are mixed or just be entirely different- the key to finding something that you both love is picking wedding bands that reflect your individual styles. But whatever you decide, some aspect of the rings (which can be as simple as a mutual inscription) must match to make you feel like a real couple.  


5.  Consider Buying Your Bands and Rings Together


Two-engagement-rings-and-some-rosesIf you fancy being surprised by the engagement ring, or if you already have on your finger, this may not work, but knowing which bands go with the engagement ring can help make a decision.


For example, a unique engagement ring (as a diamond pear shaped) calls for a simple band, while a classic solitaire goes very well with the extra brightness of a diamond pave band. Also, think about how the rings touch. If you intend on using your wedding ring and band together 24/7, look for a contour band or a shadow band designed to interlock with your matching engagement ring. If you are thinking of using your wedding ring alone, you may want to choose a more complex style that will look fabulous with or without the engagement ring.


Talk to your jeweler about finding a band that works with your ring (some may even create both simultaneously). Knowing your stuff can help you find your feet when you go to buy a ring; you do not want a jeweler to take advantage of you because you do not know the dissimilarity between a gold band/ring and a white band/gold ring for example. This is what you should be aware of in regards to the different kinds of bands:


  • Gold is yellow-orange in its native state and is usually alloyed with another metal for durability. Some prefer the less pure gold lighter yellow as 14K or 10K.

  • White gold is gold alloyed with metals on purpose to give the mixture a whitish color and must be plated with another metal - rhodium is common - for a bright, silvery appearance. The Plating fades, however, some jewelers replaced them from time to time for free.

  • Platinum is hard, durable and naturally silvery but will dull slightly from a mirror finish over time with corrosion, which is not necessarily a problem. Considering gold will make a diamond look slightly yellowish, it is a misuse of money to buy a richly colored grade diamond to put on it.


Some of the women’s most popular styles of wedding rings are pave diamond bands, channel set diamond bands, prong set bands, antique filigree rings, plain platinum rings and gold wedding bands. As for men, they usually prefer using simple bands, but lately, it has become a fashion to add more style to their rings too. To compensate for this preference, a broad selection designs, and unique styles are now available in the market.  Remember, you only get to choose a wedding ring once in lifetime, so be sure to choose wisely.  


6.  Select the Right Size


Woman-wears-a-ring-on-a-finger Choosing the right size of the band is an important part of choosing the engagement ring. Most people rarely take off their wedding rings; they have them on throughsummer, winter,pregnancies,and exercises- all these times your fingers get swollen from cold or water retention, weight gain or contracts by heat.

To find the right size that best resists these changes, schedule your final ring fitting at a time when your body temperature is normal. That means you should never conclude early in the morning (you retain salt the night before), just after exercise (fingers swell) or when it is extremely hot or cold (which can cause expansion and contraction of the hands).

Of course, if you do not guess correctly, you may have to resize to make it larger or smaller. But going with a larger size is the best choice because it is easier to size a ring down than size it up; sizing up a ring can make the band seem a little too thin and can be more expensive


7. Choose the Right Precious Stones


A-ring-on-a-table-with-flowersThe setting refers to the part that holds the gemstone in place, which is attached to the band. The setting can be "invisible" or "pronged". Some rings mix a platinum setting with a gold band for a unique background color of gold and the good strength of platinum.

A setting including a bezel, or a minimum of six prongs, can be safer for a ring that is expected to be worn during important activities. The gemstone is the centerpiece of a ring, usually a diamond. It is sometimes referred to as "rock". The larger the stone, the better according to many, although it is more important to go with personality and preferences rather than assuming this. Women prefer the use of diamond and are considered "a woman's best friend," so be sure to remember the four Cs (carat, clarity, cut, and color) when choosing one. Gemstones don't have to be a diamond necessarily!

An alternative to the traditional diamond is the cubic zirconia which can be charming and indistinguishable from a diamond, although a jeweler can tell the difference. It is softer than a real diamond, so that may fade over time. Lab Diamond is another excellent alternative to traditional diamonds. It costs 5-10% of what a traditional diamond would, but is just as beautiful; they deserve a research. A ring silver plated rhodium may be indistinguishable (except for the identification mark an honest seller must put on the inside) from rhodium plated white gold.

These can be an excellent choice for a couple with little money upfront. Another alternative is a small red diamond (the price rises very rapidly with size, so a very pleasant less than half a carat, whose face area will be more than half of a one carat diamond, will be a few hundred dollars) in a simple ring of real gold.  


8. Check the Practicality and Maintenance of the Ring


Traveling-equipment If your wife or husband to be is the outdoorsy type, have a look at a ring that can cope with the constant wear and tear of activities.

The higher the placement of the gemstone in the ring, the easier it is to get trapped in clothing, gear, hair, etc., and the greater likelihood that it will be knocked over.

To keep a wedding ring clean and shiny, you need to wash and soak in warm soapy water, then brush it gently with a soft toothbrush or eyebrow brush (too much pressure can loosen stones from their environment), rinse and dry with a soft lint-free cloth. Does It sound like a lot of maintenance? Then, you may want to opt for a gold or platinum ring, simply wipe with a soft lint-free fabric (chamois works great) and you're good to go.


9. Try It Out


A-girl's-thoughtsYou might cherish the idea of a braided pink gold ring or eternity band diamond, but once you get to the jeweler, try some rings that are not on your board of inspiration. Talk to the jeweler, then let them make suggestions based on what you like and do not rule anything out.

As with wedding dresses, you may end up loving something you never thought you would. When considering different styles, do not forget the comfort too, few rings may have a very nice look, but when you put them on, they are just not a good choice.

Perhaps the diamonds poke your fingers in a strange way. Wear it around the store for a few minutes, while you have it on, try to write and send text messages as a comfort analysis.  


10. Check the Authenthicity


Equipment-for-seeing-much-accurate Collect your rings a day before the wedding, that way you can avoid worrying about keeping it safe. Here are some tips that help when buying your ring:

  • Ask for a certificate of authenticity and a guarantee to go with the ring. Certificates are very helpful to collect with a diamond to know exactly where it originated. Usually, they are only available with the purchase of diamonds larger than one carat. For smaller diamonds, a certificate would add considerable bucks to the cost of the diamond as you can end up paying an extra several hundred dollars or pounds to get one.

  • Ensure your wedding ring has a couple of marks inside the band: the manufacturer's mark (this serves as a guarantee from the manufacturer) and quality mark, e.g., 24K or PLAT, (this indicates that the quality of the metal is what the retailer says it is). If the ring is composed of two or more metals, make sure there is a mark of quality for each. This applies to all rings, not just wedding rings

  • Insure! The ring might be the most valuable jewelry piece you have ever bought, and the most expensive jewelry piece your fiancé/fiancée (we hope) ever worn. Be sure to check that your insurance covers loss, or request for insurance from the jeweler if available. This is very important.

  • Get ready to kiss your lover. It's time to walk down the aisle!

If you are putting together arrangements for your wedding day and buying wedding rings, it would be good to consider the traditions and meanings of wedding rings. Although many people are opting not to follow a traditional wedding frame, it makes it more fun to add some of these traditions and make it an unforgettable day, with memories flashing in front of your eyes for years to come, whenever you glance at your wedding rings.

Let your wedding ring tell a tale of love.