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3 Fashion Tips That Will Change You Forever


Everyone gives you fashion tips. The only issue is that you cannot just rely on anyone, right? In the Era of Information, tips come and go with the speed of light. The only difference is that you need to know how to distinguish the good ones from the bad. This can sometimes be difficult, even discouraging. You‘ve been looking for your style over and over again without any success. The result? Everybody tells you to buy something else, try this because they like it, try that because it’s cool. You’re tired, confused and you don’t want to think about it anymore. Yet, you still wake up every morning deciding what you need to wear. This is the situation through which the majority of the people across the world go. Why? Because we are talking about opinions rather than actual information.


If you need to make an investment into a business, will you go to 100 people asking for 101 opinions or will you go to a certified financial expert? If you want to buy a house will you ask an advertising agent how to do it or will you go to a real estate agent? The same principle applies to fashion. If you are confused, will you ask for advice from all the people who cannot give you anything concrete or will you come to fashion experts? There is one core principle that you should always take into account: you always need to learn from people who know, not the ones who think. It’s ok that people think, but as long as they haven’t actually done something their opinions remain just that: opinions. We will admit that fashion is an interesting subject because a lot of people are (sort of) doing it, but if you really want something that will change you forever you need some expert advice. Ready to turn your world upside down?  



Stop Following the Trend

Girl-is-reading-a-bookA wise man once said that “fashion is wearing what’s now. Style is all about being yourself.” If you want to change, you definitely need to stop doing what everyone else is doing. It’s like following cattle to the slaughterhouse. Most of them don’t realize it until it’s too late and they get butchered. The smart ones figured out that there is something wrong with everyone else, so they turn, even though it is a little bit difficult. The rest of the cattle think they are mad, but the truth is that they are saving themselves from everyone else’s grim fate. Ok, now this comparison is a little bit awkward. Maybe it would have been a little bit more appropriate if we were talking about finances or jobs, right? Well, don’t be surprised if we tell you that it is a very serious issue. You are involved in an entire mechanism that eats away at your feelings and your money. Why do you dress nicely every day? If you are doing it for yourself, congratulations. Keep that up. But if you are doing it for others or because of others it’s time to stop in the middle of the cattle group and think about it. Yes, you need to look when you go to work, when you go out on a date or whenever you need to put on a show. But the truth is that you do not need to adjust to the “normal” standards just to fit in. You need to find yourself first. And this means that you have to experiment a lot. It is some sort of failure, if you will. You need to fail some outfits in order to find yourself. But you do not need to fail outfits by buying them. You can simply go to a shop and try them out. “The trend”, everyone’s excitement about it and the hype are only a means to an end: consumption. Go, buy clothes, for a couple of hundreds of pounds, wear them for half a year, or a year, throw them away, go back to the shop and buy again. Repeat the process. No. Stop following the trend and look for what best suits your needs. If you really need help with that, ask a shop assistant that you find trustworthy. They see thousands of people on a daily basis. It’s their job to provide you with the best fashion tips.  



Learn to Look In the Mirror

Woman-has-brown-hair But do not do it superficially. Most people look in the mirror and see all their imperfections. We can already hear all the things that you are telling yourself in the morning: “oh my god, look at you”, “you’re a mess”, “this dress doesn’t look good”, “I wonder what he’ll say if I wear this” and “will he/she/they like it?” It’s time for you to stop. This is the most superficial way to treat yourself when looking in the mirror. Learn to be a little bit tenderer with yourself. This is perhaps the most important tip we can give you. You are what you think. Most people call this motivational nonsense or whatever, but this is the most straightforward thing we can tell you: the difference between people who are happy with the way they dress and those who aren’t is the way they think. The truth that you tell yourself in the mirror every morning is the world that you create yourself. So make sure that what you tell yourself is not a lie. The problem with fashion is that people are extremely opinionated about it. You’re either doing it right or wrong. There is no right or wrong. It’s all grey. The most famous celebrity who is wearing the best dress can be criticized by anyone and your friend whom everyone is criticizing can wear something totally nice. It’s all about the truth that you tell yourself every morning. Instead of wondering if he will like your dress or not, you might as well consider that you are God’s gift for all the men in the world.  




Be Confident In the Right Way

Woman-is-using-the-phoneThis is related to the advice given above. It’s the next step, if you will. Once you learnt how to be tender with yourself it’s time to maintain it. It’s no easy task, especially because you are going to take a lot of fashion punches from here and there. “I think you should wear something else”, “that doesn’t look too good”, “I would have done better”. And those looks, god, those looks that random people give you, they can be so annoying! But the point is that they are opinions, nothing more. You have to understand that the words that others utter to you cannot be stronger than the words you utter to yourself every day. Strong people understand that the road to success is an emotional one. You need to keep your emotions under control at all times if you want to make it. It’s daring, frightening and confusing at the same time, but you need to stay strong and tell yourself good things until it becomes something normal. Trust yourself. Above everyone else. If you want to know why this way of thinking is beneficial, think of it this way: all men and women are guided by fear and envy.


They fear that they do not have everything they need and they envy those who have found their way. Why do they envy you? Because you found your way. You made the effort and payed the price, something that they are not willing to do. Envy is the “easy way out”, the only issue is that you do not get out of anything, you just prolong your situation in the same pit hole. You remain with the same mentality and you stick to your old habits over and over again: go to the shop, buy something, wear it for six months, throw it away and buy something else. You see, the best tips that you can get are not the ones you get about colors, what dress you should wear and what make-up you should put on in the morning, it’s all about how you have to think. We will tell you why. There are thousands of people all around the world who wonder about what they should buy in order to look better, to change. The real question is what they should be, so that they could do something different and change. Take these fashion tips as you will. They have worked for countless other personalities and people who are considered successful all over the world today. You really think Coco Chanel cared about what people thought about her? You think she wanted to make dresses that were exactly like the ones everyone else was wearing at the time? Not a chance. The difference? She thought differently. It’s a change that everyone can adopt and what is also great is that it is not only going to help you with fashion, but with everything else in your life. This is the ultimate tip.