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3 New Wierd Fashion Trends That Are Very Popular

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For the majority of us weird fashion trends occur when someone is dressing up with some awkward colors, a few mismatched accessories and perhaps a hat that looks funny. Interestingly enough, weird trends have the tendency to go further than that. Sometimes people dare to defy the very social rules that we all agreed not to ever break. The trends that we are going to talk about today do just that: they break rules. And they break them in such a way that you are practically correct if you say they are wrong. There are three major trends that stand out, but we are going to go a little bit further and exemplify some extras that are completely mindblowing. We have to warn you: there are some styles here that are not for the fainte hearted. Proceed with caution.  



The Elf Boot

Girl-has-a-fashion-dressYou might have already started to think about it. The elf boot is by far one of the most awkward and laughable styles to have ever made impact. They were popularised in Mexico and it looks like the concept stuck really well. For the modern fashion entusiast it is literally impossible to conceive how this actually became a thing. How could anyone, at any given time in history, accept to wear boots with pointy ends that would make a solid turn towards your knees? Or, even more interesting, some designs make a turn back towards you feet. Now for the true bombshell: these twisted cowboy boots were actually made to impress women. Nothing more. This is what makes them fascinating and laughable at the same time. The thing about them is that they can impress quite easily because of the instinct they activate in every woman's mind. Dominant men are supposed to cover a lot of space and these boots seem to do the rrick quite nicely. If you get boots that are long enough your "area of coverage" can become three times bigger. But then there is the challenge of getting intimate... It can be quite difficult to approach a man wearing these things. It's hard to embrace him, hug him, you cannot even shake a hand properly without leaning in. Things can get really funny if you start imagining a couple together with him wearing elf boots. All things considered, it is just safe to say that this trend just looks bad. And while its purposes are clear (and might work in some situations) there is a big "no" popping in your head whenever you see them. They do get a good grade on our Halloween costume list, though.  



Eye Jewelry

Woman-has-a-fashion-hat Yes, you read that one right. There really are people who put jewelry into their eyes and this is actually considered a cool thing in the Netherlands. This trend rose from the belief that the eys are some of the most overlooked body parts when it comes to fashion. There had to be a way to make them stand out because the proper use of necklaces and lispsticks is just too common. A few years ago the Dutch decided to take the matter into their own hands and made some really interesting jewels that culd be placed in the eye. Needless to say, many people have perceived this trend as unhealthy for some of the most important body parts that we have, but the continuous practice demonstrates that this style is actually viable. But even if this a choice that seems to be perfectly ok both esthetically and healthwise, specialists never seem to agree whether these fashion trends are going to lead to a better future or not. The people who are applying these techniques and who do it on a regular basis admit that they are perfectly harmless and that no damage is being done to the eye. Doctors simply think that this is insanity in one of its purest forms, let alone dangerous. Now there is no “truth” to what we should think about this trend. We all make our own realities and as long as we perceive this to be something “ok”, then there is nothing wrong with a little bleeding in your eye if you get to wear a heart-shaped jewel in it, right? But if people want to stick to the regular “it is not healthy” mentality, we just cannot argue with that. Everyone is entitled to their decisions and if they decide that this is wrong, it’s wrong.  



All Hail the Facekini

Woman-with-a-black-jacketYou read this one right, too. Facekini is exactly what it sounds like: bikini for the face. This is one of the fashion trends that rose from the need to protect one’s face from the sun. Sunscreen has become too mainstream and too boring, it’s time to up our game a little bit. People in China seem rather fascinated with this concept and they practice it well. And who can complain? Protection is quite good if you ignore the fact that the air around you is literally burning and you are only constraining your head instead of giving it the space it needs. It’s a pretty interesting trend, quite a definition of awkwardness and... it’s useful, to a certain extent. Then again, this practice can become quite dangerous due to the pressure that it puts on your head. Given the fact that it is an item that makes you feel even hotter, it is arguable whether it is better to wear these things or simply let yourself be burnt by the sun.


Sunscreen might be overrated, but at least you know that, whatever happens, you will always be ok. With a facekini you are likely to pump the blood pressure in your head so much that you might regret it later. It’s safe to say that this is an awkward trend that is just at the border between healthy and questionable. Give it a go if you want to, but would you really want to hide your beauty that much? It is one of the hardest trades that you can ever think of. Although these trends occupy the foremost positions when it comes to being totally weird, you would be surprised to find out that there are other styles out there that surprise us just as much. Now we are going to briefly run through some of these so you can get a good idea of what madness you can expect. One trend that you might have heard of is eye tattooing. The corneea is the part of the eye that undergoes the procedure and, as hard as it might be to believe, this is actually a halthy thing. The people who choose this trend choose it for two particular reasons: they either want to look more interesting or they have eyesight issues and they really need the procedure. Bagel Heads are out of this world. People get injected with saline so that they get a round or doughnut-like shape on their foreheads. THe easiest way to recognize this trend is because the person who had it applied seems to be growing horns out of their foreheads. For some reason the media associated this trend with Japan. While we are not sure why this happened, it is important to mention that people in this country apply this procedure before attending fetish gatherings. Please do not ask any questions. Needless to say, Japan is not the only country in the world practicing it.


Cute-girl-has-a-yellow-shirt Lastly, we feel as though we should mention Hitler-Chic. This trend took over Thailand a couple of years back. It all started with a little Hitler invasion in Bangkok. THe only reason why nobody freaked out about it was because Hitler was not marching in tanks, but on T-shirts and other accessories that people were wearing on the street. Many experts have come to the conclusion that the uprising of this style is not due to the fact that people are fascists in Bangkok, but because they simply choose to be ignorant when it comes to history. As you can see, people can become really strange when it comes to fashion. Although these are very out of the ordinary concepts, they all have a common ground: this actually is fashion in one of its purest forms. The fact that they are “wrong” is only a matter of how perceive things. Every trend that has been talked about in this guide, with the exception of the Hitler one, is “ok” because it still retains some degree of originality and confidence. This is actually “acceptable” fashion because it is natural and makes the people who are practicing these trends feel comfortable and confident with who they are. They are not chasing popular trends, they are not looking to be similar to others; they simply decided that they are different and have exteriorized their decision. In the end, whether these styles are acceptable or not is a matter of love and acceptance. Even if these people have gone out of the ordinary, it is important that we cherish them for who they are and not what we would want them to be. As difficult as it might be to understand, these people have made a very beave decision.


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