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3 Types of Letter Pendant Necklace

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The letter pendant necklace is one of the most profound and intimate jewels that you can purchase, either for yourself or for your friends. The mind tends to wander away when it comes to types of pendant necklaces. What exactly do we refer to when we want to know about types of necklaces? The accessory that they have attached to them? The type of chain? Whether we want to find easy-to-purchase pieces or rarities that no one is likely to see or get their hands on?


As you can see, there are many variables that we need to tackle if we want to talk pendant necklace types specifically. This is why we are going to attempt to fit all the variables into three major types of letter pendant necklaces: handmade, regulars and luxury pendants. We feel that this criteria is right because it allows a clear explanation for every type of pendant. Not only will you understand each category, but you will know the advantages and disadvantages that each one brings to the table. In the end, you will be able to both know how to shop well and become an initiate in the letter pendant necklace world. Shall we begin?  



Handmade Letter Pendants

Girl-holds-an-umbrellaAlthough the term handmade could be tricky here, it is very important that you understand handmade pendants are the most efficient way for you create something for yourself or for a friend. The advantages that handmade jewels bring to the table are far greater than any other jewel can. Let’s take a moment and consider all the pros and cons. First of all, we are talking about emotional value. To know that you sweat for your own jewel, or the thought that will spark in your friend’s mind when they will realize that you spent time and effort to craft the jewel, is an unparalleled experience. The fact that you worked for the jewel means that you gained a lot and you fueled the jewel with your efforts and feelings. You will gladly wear your jewel knowing how much effort you had to spend on it and your friend will properly appreciate you for what you have done. As a (some sort of) bonus, you will also be able to appropriately filter your friends with this technique while perfecting it. What does this mean? It means that you will be able to tell who the people in your life who appreciate you really are. The “some sort of bonus” part refers to the fact that you might not want to experiment with this, but this factor still remains there. It’s up to you if you decide to consider it or not.


Did you know that making your own letter pendant is cost efficient? Yes, if emotional value is not your thing, financial motivation might work just fine. Imagine that (at least) 60% of the price that you pay for every jewel you buy does not even go to the producer. That 60% goes into transport and the fact that the jewel was promoted in a certain shop. Does the metal quality increase? No. Does the jewel comes with extra features? No. Do you get some sort of bonus? No. What are you paying the extra £60 pounds on? Nothing you can’t do. Should you be interested in crafting your own letter pendant, feel free to read our Birthday Gifts: Letter Pendant Necklaces guide. You will find all the information you need there. And what is great is that you do not need anything special to get things done. The only drawbacks that handmade pendants present are the willingness to work on the jewel (which, let’s be honest, you might have anyway if you decided to do this) and the fact that you need to procure materials for yourself. For the latter subject we also have a How to Find Jewelry Manufacturers guide.  



Regular Letter Pendants

Woman-admires-the-flowers Regular pendants are those which you can find in any shop. You already know the price disadvantage, but the good news is that this alternative is great if you like shopping in general and you can explore all the variety that the market puts at your disposal. Let’s be honest for a second: if you are going to decide to make something handcrafted, there is a great chance that you will not be satisfied with that letter. It either looks too rugged, you could have maybe turned that part a little better, and you can imagine anything that you could make up just to make yourself feel bad. With regular pendants you won’t have this issue. You already know what kinds you can purchase from our previous Birthday Gifts: Letter Pendant Necklaces guide and, who knows, maybe you can find something special that you or your friends might really like. The market is always changing and artisans are always trying to come up with something inspiring that will catch bypassers’ attention. Apart from variety, you might also consider purchasing these types of letter pendants to be cost-efficient. When we speak about regular letter pendants we usually refer to anything between £5 and £100, but variations do occur. Based on the metal that has been used, additional gemstones or other adornments, prices can go up and down and it only falls down to you if that specific item is worth it or not. Choose wisely, but choose with your heart as well. A letter pendant can go a long way.  



Luxury Pendants

Beautiful-girl-surrounded-by-flowersThis is where things get really interesting. It’s not about the price, it’s about the quality that you are getting, the exquisite designs and the feeling you get when wearing these letter pendants. Luxury pieces are usually hard to take care of. The most desired ones are the golden ones and we all know how difficult it can be to take care of gold that is 18K or above. The feature that is most prized in these jewels is exclusivity. You know that not everybody can have them, you know that you have to take good care of them and you know that people will look when you walk into the room with one such piece. For today’s examples, we are going to be looking at Tiffany & Co. and Louis Vitton. Both brands pride themselves with some extraordinary pendant necklaces that we feel will both cater to your needs and give you a good impression of what luxury pendants should actually look and feel like. It’s all about establishing standards so that you can become the excellent shopper. When it comes to Tiffany & Co. the pendant that stands out most is the Letter “A” Round Pendant from the Tiffany Notes collection. This is the perfect example of how a simple, yet very elegant necklace should look like. The accessory presents itself with an elegant script, sterling silver pendant and an 18 inch chain, perfect for any occasion, very personal and chick. The heart tag charm is yet another astonishing piece that finds itself in the same collection. As the name suggests, it is a heart pendant on which one can inscribe several letters, even entire sentences should you desire. The process is quite difficult however. It will take time and cost a fortune. As for Louis Vitton, the best letter pendants are the LV@RIO necklace and the LV & ME necklace. Brass, gold finishing, these pieces are both exquisite and bound to serve you well in terms of attraction. They also carry the feeling of mystery, especially for the young gentlemen who will be baffled by your beauty and will not think straight enough to realize that that is not your actual name. But who knows? You might be attracted to the gentle and a bit silly kind. Who are we to judge? Now you know the basics when it comes to letter pendant necklaces. It is time we gathered all the information in one place so that you can always consult the summary should you ever need this information again.



Cute-girl-wears-flowers We have categorized letter pendants into three distinct types: handmade, regular and luxury. Each one comes with its own sets of advantages and disadvantages. Handmade letter pendants can be very cost-efficient. Although you will need to finish the final product, it is an excellent way to establish a jewel’s true value, it is a great way to sort out your friends and loved ones (if you really want to) and finishing the jewel brings a lot of joy and satisfaction. Although it requires some work, it is the best alternative that we can recommend. Regular letter pendants are the ones that you can purchase in any shop. Whether you want to shop live or online, this alternative will provide you with the greatest variety in terms of pendants. You might also avoid the perfectionist within if you take this path. We know that whatever we do for ourselves can always be improved. Lastly, we have the luxury pendants. They are exclusive, chick and it’s always great to have one in your jewelry box, but they can often be expensive. We only exemplified Tiffany & Co. and Louis Vitton in our luxury chapter, but feel free to search for any luxury letter pendant out there. There are plenty of options at your disposal.

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