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5 Best Fashion Accesories Shops


Accessories are the parts of our outfit which speak out most. It is a matter of standing out and bathing in the spotlight. Sure, your clothes matter a lot, but you know how everyone tells you that the magic is in the details, right? Well, they are right. The clothes that you wear are like a painting’s background. The accessories that you wear are the main attraction that you are trying to pain. But if we want good accessories we definitely need a fashion accessories shop. But the need for a shop will never suffice. We always need something a little bit extra, don’t we? The materials’ quality needs to be exquisite, the stones and gemstones we equip have to make a difference and it would also be nice if the quality-price ratio was a good one. We are often faced with challenges when we take all of these into consideration. Where can we actually find these kinds of shops? Can we trust the internet for this sort of information? In the end, it is just a matter of information and source. And the good news is that you are here now and the source is accurate. We are going to suggest what we believe are the best 5 shops that you can truly rely on when looking for your favorite accessories.  




Girl-has-a-pink-undershirtBaublebar is perhaps one of the coolest online retailers that you can find. In fact, it might be the coolest when it comes to offering great accessories for guilty-free prices. Items provided by this retailer usually vary between $20 and $40 (and imagine that these prices are for necklaces) and what it is great that you have plenty of diverse objects you can choose from. The site is updated on a regular basis, making it a reliable source for whenever you want to expand your collection or you might be looking for a gift for your best friend. Finding a site like this one is quite rare, especially because most businesses that emerge these days rise only with the desire to milk you of some cash while promising that they are new and that they are offering the highest quality for affordable prices. It’s almost funny when you think about the fact that a new shop promises higher quality because they are new and because they have no experience. Baublebar is no such shop. Founded in 2011, you can rest assured that this is a respected brand which can pride itself with selecting some of the best jewels and designs on the market, all for affordable prices. You can also register on the site for a 20% discount. This is not going to be an unpleasant experience. Apart from the catchy design and the proper display and selection of jewels, one can also find some items that are both breathtaking and difficult to find on the market. The Artemis Choker, Chateau Drops and the Ore Ring are some of the few jewels that will make you look gorgeous. The Artemis Choker, for instance, is one of the most sought after necklaces this site has to offer and it is available for just above $50. Chateau Drops are some of the exquisite earrings you could ever get your hands on, balancing your classy look with a touch of grace, and the Ore Ring is the sort of statement piece that right at the threshold between “cannot take my eyes off that” and “how very cute”. What is interesting about most of the accessories that Baublebar is that it would be a mistake to attempt to describe them in words. The best way for you to actually determine whether these accessories are for you or not is to go see them for yourself.  



Dasha Boutique

Girl-has-a-gorgeous-dress Dasha Boutique works like an online treasury for items that are handmade and for which the term exquisite is an understatement. It all started with a daring idea in San Francisco and look at how far it has made it: it is mentioned as one of the best fashion accessories shops that you can visit. Bear in mind that it is also a premium handmade accessory shop. You can find items here that can amount to $200 each. One might argue that that is a little bit too much, but given the quality that you are purchasing these items are way, way above top notch. The items that you order form this shop arrive gift-wrapped, making it an ideal go-to if you want to impress her. If you truly want some necklaces that will inspire her, her friends and will also make her love you ten thousand times more, then rest assured that you have more than enough options to get the job done in the right way. Feel free to try the Three Stone Swing Garnet Necklace, the Metallic Oval & Blue Chalcedony Necklace and the Wrapped Coin Pearl Necklace. Not only are these designs some of the greatest that you will ever see, but they are actually imbued with the passion of their maker. Let’s be honest: the majority of handmade necklaces that you usually get your hands on are not as cool as these ones can get. Yes, they come with almost the same characteristics, but when you take quality into consideration you don’t really feel like giving away so much money on an item that is not really worth it, right? Well, accessories from Dasha Boutique are totally worth investing in. Rarely will you ever find handmades that are so carefully crafted, so carefully taken care of and made with so much passion. Keep an eye out for any other designs that might interest you. Clearly this shop’s expertise is not limited to necklace. But you already thought of that, didn’t you?  



Girl Props. Satya Jewelry. Lyndell NYC

Woman-has-curly-hairThe last three shops are all about adopting a different style appropriate to a specific public. Don’t get this the wrong way, they are still for everybody, but experience has shown that there are specific audiences that prefer them to others. Girl Props, for instance, is a super cost-efficient shop that trades little money for great beauty and diversity. It’s an excellent store if you are shopping on a budget, but it is mostly associated with the high school vibe and for a good reason. There are plenty little items like the 1980s Boombox necklace, Articulated Owl necklaces and Cherry necklaces that can only be associated with this period. On top of everything, you can buy anything within the range of $3 to $20, with some exceptions, of course. But overall this is a very cool and chic shop for a cool audience. Definitely give it a go. If we could describe Satya Jewelry, on the other hand, let’s say that the best thing we could do is to write exotic all over it. While the majority of the shops priorities looks, Satya focuses its attention on feelings and creating that kind of atmosphere. You can see it from the moment you access the shop’s site. This is perhaps the second most diverse site that we have mentioned here after Baublebar. You can easily draw this conclusion if you check out the site’s collections, gemstone sand symbols. Above everything else, you can even design your own jewels, which is something completely new and innovative. Is Satya the shop you were looking for all along? Last, but not least, Lyndell NYC is the sort of classy, cost-efficient combination. Just like Girl Props, it appeals to a certain young audience, but definitely something that aspires towards something more. There is nothing bad about it. In fact, the main difference between the two is that the audience from Girl Props wants to live their youth at the fullest while Lyndell NYC fans want to grow up a little faster. Lyndell’s items are also a little bit more expensive, but in the sense that you do not buy things for $3. You buy them from $10 instead, which is no issue at all. Needless to say, the quality is also very good and it provides young ladies with some of the most awesome looks in town


Woman-wears-a-blue-dress These are our top picks and they do not have to be checked in a specific order. After all, the top mostly refers to what we believe the best shops are and how much we know about them (the number of people visiting, the audience they attract on social media and their most popular products). As usual, we will state that there is no best shop. It’s not a universal thing; the best shop is the shop that gives you what you need with great service and a price that you are comfortable with. You want a fashion accessories shop? Each and every one of these caters to a specific set of needs. We chose these shops because of the quality that they offer, the experience they bring to the table and their ability to make people happy. Hopefully, you will be one of these people.