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5 Reasons You Didn't Get a Gold Diamond Pendant Necklace

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There must have been something holding you back from buying that gold diamond pendant necklace. There are plenty of reasons as to why people give up buying great jewels every day. The most challenging aspect is that we sometimes do it for reasons that are either not logical or that we do not think over a longer period of time. Today we want to talk about these reasons and properly define what is going through our heads when we see such jewels. Only after we have understood what is actually going on in our minds can we actually decide whether these purchases are indeed worth it or not.


The first and utmost important aspect that we need to cover is the decision. Deciding on subjects like this can often be a very difficult process. Our brain is trying to bring forward pros and cons as to whether we should actually give a gold diamond pendant necklace a chance or not. And there are many situations in which we simply do not. We should, but we do not. Why? Because we think of all the little insignificant things that society has educated us to think about. In the end, we must understand that the decision is our own and we should, at least from time to time, give ourselves a chance and buy something that is a little more unique.  



Reason Number One: “It’s Too Expensive”

Girl-with-black-pants-in-forestThis is perhaps the most common reason of all. You see a pendant that costs a couple of thousands of pounds and we immediately think that it is not worth it. The truth is that it is not worth it only if you buy one or two of these every month or so. But that is not the case now, is it? You are practically wasting an opportunity to buy a precious jewel because of the fact that “you do not have money”. Here’s the trick: nobody has money. Or, more accurately put, nobody has enough money. The ideal financial situation would be to spend around 20-25% of your income on house expenses, another 25% on food and clothing and the rest of the 50% should go into savings. This is the ultimate, most effective financial situation that everyone would dream of having. But this is not the case. More than 60% of everyone’s income goes on house expenses. Nobody has money, thus nobody should be able to buy anything, gold diamond necklaces included. But this is not at all something that should hold you back. You do not need to spend £2000 from the salary that you earned this month to go buy a gold diamond pendant necklace. That’s just poor financial investment. However, if you saved £200 every month you could easily afford one such beauty within one year. It’s just about making the right decision with your money. Clearly nobody is going to encourage you to spend a ton of money on a jewel. Above all else, you will not be able to allow yourself to spend that much either. The solution for this issue is quite simple: have a goal, make a financial plan and stick to it. Do not just throw your money away in just one shot. Small savings and a realistic goal will get you the exact jewels that you desire. And you will be happy to realize that, in the end, you got what you wished for through your own effort. What was the requirement? To work on a plan and be patient? Sounds like a pretty good result.  



Lack of Information

Girl-with-pink-hat Lack of information pretty much goes hand in hand with having no money. What do we actually mean by lack of information? You are not aware of the values of the gold and the diamond that you are buying. In short, not only that you do not know what value these pieces have, but you are not even sure about what you are looking for in the first place. This is a terrible situation in which (mostly) men find themselves. Perhaps it’s that moment of the year when you have to buy something for her. It’s your anniversary, her birthday or you might be celebrating an event that occurred in the past. Well, to give you the good news, pendants are excellent gifts for these sorts of celebrations, but you kind of have to know what you are doing and what you are buying. Do you even know that she likes gold and diamonds? Does she have several other designs as well? Is this an actual good investment? These are all questions that you need to have answered before coming to the shop. Next there is the value attributed to diamonds and gold. The bigger the diamond is, the more it is going to cost. Can you differentiate between the cost of a small diamond on a pendant and a large one? Are you aware of the beauty trade? The beauty trade works like this: big diamonds cost a lot, so smaller diamonds should cost significantly less. But the trick is that a well-crafted tiny diamond can always be sold more for “its exquisite beauty” or for the fact that “it is so discrete”. You need to make sure that you do not fall in traps like these. Know the value of each diamond so that you can know for sure what you are spending your money on. And then there is the gold. Gold is, in fact, a very soft metal that needs to be mixed with other alloys so that jewels can be crafted. There are 22K and 24K golden pieces which are almost entirely made out of gold, but they are extremely expensive and cannot be worn on a regular basis. In fact, if you buy a 22K gold diamondnecklace, you might have the surprise of already noticing scratches on it after wearing it for just a few days. In case you are wondering, 10K and 14K pieces are the most resistant. Make sure that you know what you are buying.  



Superficial Reasons

Girl-has-a-cup-of-coffeeThe superficial reasons are those types of funny reasons that people do not buy gold and diamonds for. One of them is “it doesn’t fit my style”. But we are not talking about the modest “not my style”, but the “oh my god, I am so fabulous and I would not wear such a thing”. Come on, gold and diamonds can be adjusted for any great special occasion and anyone would look gorgeous if they gave them the appropriate attitude. But with this type of proud attitude no wonder it doesn’t work for these kinds of people. Another funny reason is the “I cannot take care of this” one. Indeed, a gold pendant necklace is hard to look after, but isn’t that why it is supposed to be bought in the first place? Wearing gold is like a statement that you are ready, willing and able to take care of yourself and your jewelry. Not everybody wears gold, not everybody can afford to wear gold and certainly not everybody has the will power to take care of their items in a professional manner. This is one of the reasons you are purchasing one such pendant: to demonstrate to yourself that you can live up to the challenge.


Lastly, another sunny reason is that “colors do not match”. You would be totally surprised to find out how many people actually resort to this reason. The greatest thing about it is that it is the most superficial reason of all. If a great jewel is being put aside because of this reason, you practically know that something is definitely not right. Either way, this is not a good motive to let aside a good opportunity to buy something fascinating that you can adorn yourself with. Pendants are simply some of the greatest jewels to have ever been invented and if the colors are the main concern, well, that is simply shallow. No jewel should be valued by its colors, but by the amount of emotion that has been put into it by the crafter and he who gifted it to you. These are the top reasons why people put aside such an extraordinary accessory. As you can see, they are all founded on misconceptions, lack of information or lack of feeling. Jewels with this value are so much more than a handful of pounds, lack of style or inappropriate color. If you think that you do not have enough money to buy the pendants that you need, simply organize yourself financially. If you do not feel like you know enough about diamonds or gold in general, feel free to research information on gold in some of our previous guides. It is good to know these things, not necessarily for buying jewels, but it’s good if you simply understand how the jewel world works. Invest a little feeling into diamonds, gold and jewelry in general. You will see that it will pay off in ways and moments that you do not expect.

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