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A Complete Guide to Ladies Statement Jewellry


Even if you haven’t given much attention to ladies statement jewellry in the past and you think you know nothing about it, you still might understand the basic notion. Statement jewelry is all about making your accessories speak for you. Wherever you go out, whenever you go out, your sense of fashion, your clothes, everything you wear is going to give an impression about what kind of person you are. Statement jewelry is not only about “talking”, it is about purposely standing out from the crowd. Today we are going to tackle the basics about it and what advice you can take into consideration.  



Basics and the Best Advice

Elegant-girlFirst things first, when we are talking about ladies statement jewellry we are in fact talking about how to wear something that is completely different than the rest. This is quite a double-edged subject since one can either get it right and shine like a super star or they can turn it into a complete failure. But this can only happen if you are not at all aware of the rules that you need to follow, or bend. And that’s why we are here: to make sure that you get it right no matter what. With statement jewelry you can take all accessories into consideration: rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, chains, watches. Anything.


The number one rule and best advice that you are ever going to receive is to first focus on the impression that the jewelry reflects on yourself. This is crucial. Take your time, look in the mirror and just feel. Feel that that is the right piece for you, if it is well accustomed to the outfit and if the impression that you generate on yourself is a positive one. If you like what you see, the image in your head will generate your attitude. Not only will you be dressed differently, but you will act differently. Your body will move in a certain way, you will walk in a certain way, your expressions will change and you are going to wear your smile very differently. The reason why this is the utter, most important advice of all is because this entire process does not happen at a conscious level. You just looked at yourself and liked what you saw. Your brain will take it from here and you will feel like a completely different person, and the best part is that it is going to be the best version of you. Everything from here onward is pure theory: what you need about statement jewelry history, understanding it, sizes, how to match what and when, they are all things that you can play and experiment with until you get things done your way.



The Theory

Girl-wears-sunglasses Statement jewelry has been around for millennia. People have made it their priority since ancient times to dress themselves so that all those around them knew who they were. It is not only about showing how high up you are in the ranking society, it can also portray what your religious beliefs are and, in the end, what kind of person you are. Think about anybody in history or fashion who you admire and what made them special. Jackie O is a good example. The glasses that she wore did not have the simple purpose of only keeping the sun out of her eyes, Jackie was Jackie because of those glasses. That’s the same attitude that you should have when choosing your statement jewelry. Now what you need to understand about it is that there is nothing common related to it. It needs to be bold, it needs to stand out, be wild, sexy, chick, something that is going to put you in the spotlight. Do not be modest about this piece (unless modesty is 100% part of your charm and you know how to nail it with a modest piece). The thing about this kind of jewelry is that it needs to shout “all eyes on you”. And for it to do that, you can think about a physical or mental quality that makes your special and beautiful.


Here’s a quick example: a friend likes going near rivers so she can read; she loves water a lot, thus loves curvy, waterish forms. This is why she decided to wear a Gucci 28mm Horsebit. She absolutely loves it, makes her feel in a certain way and feels very passionate and attractive while wearing it. This is how you should approach the subject as well. Think about what you love, what makes you tick and try on some accessories that will make you feel as though you were fully alive. What you need to know about ladies statement jewellry is that it is usually big, the chandelier earrings kind of big. Large necklaces, above 40mm wide watches, a ring with a huge gemstone on it, these are the things that usually have significant impact. But we need to tackle this on the “lack of taste front”, too. While these jewels are commonly thought of as being big, and accepted in this manner, you do not necessarily need to join an event with a 20 tone opera necklace so that you can attract attention.


Although the following piece of advice can literally work for anybody, it will take some time to master, especially if you are new to the entire process. Look at your entire outfit in the mirror and establish your “size”. This “size” is not only given by the size of your body, but also by the colors you wear and how you feel. Confident people usually occupy more space, both physically and mentally, and a color like orange will make its wearer radiant, thus “larger”. Imagine that “the size” is in fact how big your soul is. If you want to get your statement jewel right, you simply need to add something a little bit bigger to your soul. Ok, here is a simple example so that you will know exactly how to toy with this concept in your mind: a petite will look gorgeous with a black dress and a 20 inch V neck shaped pendants and a medium sized body will also look fantastic with a purple off-shoulder and a 40mm watch.



Girl-wears-gold-necklaceRemember to always wear one statement piece at a time. Never more. By the time you decided what jewel to wear, you will have already decided what part of your body you want to expose. The jewel needs to attract attention, so the rest of your accessories need to be discrete. A big necklace will work with small earrings, statement earrings work with a discrete ring. Also remember to put on your statement jewels before applying makeup. If you want to impress via the jewel, you need to tailor your entire outfit around it. Apply the makeup afterwards so that you can tell if it is accurately simplistic or if something needs to be removed. If you run out of ideas, you can always go vintage. Pearls can save you in this situation, for instance. Since they are so elegant and graceful, they will always offer you that sophisticated air. Above all else, you will look good no matter what. We like to emphasize on them because we know how important and easy to adapt to they are. If you do not prefer pearls, you can always wear gemstones. This can be a great advantage especially because each gem is connected to a few variables like Zodiac signs or physical and spiritual properties. If you were born in November you might like the topaz, emeralds are for May and consider aquamarine if you are born in March. Peridots are associated with Libras, love and balance and sapphires are also a love symbol. Play with any gemstone you can find things about. You won’t regret it. Now let’s look back and see everything that you need to remember when wearing ladies’ statement jewelry.  



Putting It All Together

Fashion-girl-with-necklace Your greatest weapon is confidence, so take time in choosing your statement jewel. If you feel wonderful, there is literally nothing that can go wrong. Imagine that the worst case scenario is that another girl in the room is wearing the same piece, but she did not give it too much though before she came to the party. So she is sitting somewhere in a corner, talking to a maximum of 5 people because she is simply not feeling comfortable with the way she looks. These jewels are usually big, so you need to tailor your other accessories, makeup and clothes around them. But this does not necessarily mean that they have too big or that your style is 100% represented by a big item.


You can always find the perfect strike between catchy and graceful. Some women’s statement jewelry is a huge necklace while others’ is a simple, yet very attractive watch. Should you find it difficult to begin with this type of jewelry, consider pearls and gemstones. Pearls are eternally graceful while gemstones carry significant spiritual and universal values. If you want to immerse into statement jewelry, you can safely commence with them.