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Adele's Background and Story


Adele is clearly one of the most loved artists of the decade, yet the tricky thing about her is that everyone can see her success. Very few are aware of the adele background, and even though respect for her among the fans is huge, very few people suspect what uproar it would cause if everyone, absolutely everyone were aware of everything she has been through. The truth is that Adele was destined for great music. The only challenge was that… whenever you are destined for great things, you also have to pay a great price. It’s just how life works. Luckily, Adele was a strong woman who was actually able to face her fears and know how to conquer them. Almost one year ago, Adele had reached her highest potential ever. On the 9th of June of 2015, Adele had sold approximately 5 million copies of her newly released Album, 21. Again, not many people understand the value of this sale.


Most people will just think that she managed to make a lot of money, but that is not what the morale of the story tells us. Adele had sold almost 5 million copies of her album in a country with 60 million people. That means that there was a chance you could meet the happy owner of an Adele album on the street, no matter where you turned. People did not only pay for her music, but they welcomed an artist into their homes and hearts. It is not something that often happens, especially if we consider that we are very careful about who we accept and who we do not. Thankfully, we accepted Adele. And she was also able to accept herself and create the music we all fell in love with. It would be very difficult to imagine a world without her voice.  



Destined for Greatness

Adele-wears-a-black-elegant-outfitWe have said it before and we will say it again (even stressing this out is somewhat of an understatement): Adele was born for music and nothing else. We did not live in her family to see it coming, but the one person who did see her potential was her mother. Having given birth to her at the age of 18 and been left behind by a father who did not want the child, Adele’s mother knew that it was up to her to grow a child that would rise from the dirt. So she encouraged the little girl to explore her creative side. Adele started dipping her toes into music and she soon discovered that great voices were what made her move forward.  Alicia Keys, Mary J. Blige and Lauryn Hill were some of her favorites, but the ones that truly got her going were Ella Fitzgerald and Etta James. Adele always speaks with pride about this moment because it really enabled her to dream. Having lived in a family with no musical heritage, chart music was everything the little girl could listen to.


And it is fascinating when you think about it: in a world that was constantly developing and moving onward, Adele was brought up with music from the 40s and the only thing she could think about was that she, too, might be able to create music like that and people would turn to it even 50 years after it had been created. The dream was a long shot. Many have said it. But the dream was what kept her going. At the age of 14, she did something that very few “normal parents” would agree with: she dropped public school and joined the arts school. Many believe her to be insane, but it was this insanity that brought her to glory. During her time in arts, she uploaded a few demos on MySpace, including her first ever song: Hometown Glory. It worked. She caught the attention of XL, the now famous London record label. And at the age of 18 she began her career. Not only was it a dream come true, but it was a demonstration that she was up to the challenge. For the first time in her life, Adele had made the impossible come true.  



From Unknown Artist to Instant Fame

Adele-has-a-gorgeous-hair Now that you know about the adele background, it’s about time you found out how it exploded.  Back in 008, Adele released her first album: 19. It wasn’t too great in the beginning, but when people understood what a gold mine Adele was, they immediately piled up and started buying like there was no tomorrow. The sound was excellent, the feelings that the music were conveying were something anybody could relate to and the Brit Critic's Choice Award was hers for the taking. That was the moment when Adele finally became to soul star that everyone had been waiting for such a long time. Her dream had finally come true, but the thing that she soon realized was that the dream would not remain in that state forever. She found all her life to make it come true. Now she had to fight to keep it alive. But all the years of failures, no’s and hard work came crashing in in one moment. A series of events practically caused Adele to win the Grammy nominations. It was as hilarious as it was extraordinary. She appeared in Saturday Night Live alongside Sarah Palin, one of the most controversial political figures to have walked the earth. That was enough to get all the attention onto her.


You should also know that Saturday Night Live hadn’t scored so many viewers in years! While the show was airing, her album popped up on the number one spot in iTunes! It so happened that that was also a Grammy wrap, and these events practically secured her nominations. Two of them were won in 2009 and the world had finally come to understand what Adele was capable of. But it was more than just that. Adele knew that she made the right moves all her life. She understood that, with the help of the people, she could achieve whatever she desired. She wanted to have the world look back at her music after 50 years…so the world will.  



And Then It All Stopped

Adele-wears-a-black-shirtHer career was skyrocketing. Albums were sold by the millions, she was moving from tour to tour and it all lasted for two years. In 2011, she had to cancel the rest of her tour in America because of laryngitis. And that was only the beginning. At first, it seemed like she got rid of it. She returned to restart her tour. The only problem was that she had to cancel it all over again. Her vocal chords hadn’t cleared up and there was no way she could perform before the issue was solved. She underwent vocal cord surgery and it is safe to assume that she had gone through the greatest challenge of her life. She openly admitted that music was her life and the fans could see that she was scared about losing the only instrument that would give her purpose. Music was her hobby, her life and her job. She said it herself. She would either recuperate or die trying. For Adele, there was no life beyond that of singing. And she prevailed. In 2012, she and Beyoncé were tied for the most nominations, but Adele’s 21 was clearly one of the best albumst to have ever been released in history. The world of music will always remember her, so Time decided to step in and also name her one of the most influential artists of the year. But we all know that that was an understatement.


Adele has been and will always remain one of the most influential artists of all time. We did not witness a great singer in the last years. We witnessed one of the greatest human beings to have ever walked the earth. This was not only Adele’s background. This is her legacy. An entirely new world of music created out of sweat and the desire to be listened to after a few years. And to think that everything happened because of a teenage girl who listened to some 40s songs… It’s downright outstanding. There is more that we can learn from Adele apart from just making good music. We know for a fact that there is nothing that can hold you back if you want to achieve success. But is it the desire to achieve success or the desire to create something worthy for the people? If you look at the adele background, she did not want to become famous. She just thought it interesting for people to listen to her voice. The desire to be famous is greedy. Wanting some people to listen to you after some time is called being modest. She never aspired towards greatness. She just wanted a simple and nice dream, which she ended up fulfilling. If you, too, aspire to create something of great value, we advise you to take a look at her. This is what we call inspiration.