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Amazing Contemporary Jewelry to Try Right Now

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Contemporary jewelry is not exactly a subject that many have accurate information on. There are plenty of people who cannot even distinguish between regular jewelry and the contemporary pieces, so we thought it best to equip you with all the appropriate information before moving onwards. In the end, we promise that you will have the appropriate notions and you will also get accustomed to some fine contemporary artefacts that are worth your time and effort. For this to be done the right way, we are going to split the article in two: the first section is going to be an introduction into contemporary jewels while the second part is going to focus on all the jewels that you should look forward to right now. So it’s time to buckle up and start your journey through these miraculous pieces of art.  



What Is Contemporary Jewelry?

jewelry-manufacturingContrary to popular belief, this type of jewelry is not exactly a type, but more of a way of practice. It is a philosophy, if you will. The end products are, in fact, the result of a modern desire to craft jewels just as they were crafted centuries ago. Artisans want to create medieval jewels as if we were I medieval times and, due to the evolution of craftsmanship, this can be more or less achievable. What is interesting to know about contemporary jewels is that their terms are being used differently across different countries which are very well known for their professionalism in crafting some of the greatest jewels throughout history. While Englishmen use contemporary jewelry and design jewelry with the same meaning, Italians refer to it as the art of goldsmithing and the French call it creation jewelry. Notice how complicated it is to actually even define the term “contemporary”. Whether this jewelry is made primarily for the reason of being worn at special occasions, out of pure creativity or if it should only be made out of gold to be considered truly contemporary is not yet known. The fact that it is so hard to determine what it is has made it somewhat of a niche type of jewelry. Nobody knows exactly what it is, so we will be dealing with two types of people: those who are fascinated by the unknown and those who do not care about it at all. This is why contemporary jewels will sometimes surprise you for how expensive they can really be. But we will leave this detail for the second part of our guide. Rumor has it that these jewels first started to see the light of day I the 19th century, mostly as an effort made by British and American artisans. It was a movement born out of individuality, the notion that they are completely unique, with distinct features that could not easily be copied by older jewels and they were also imbued with importance because they were not mass produced.



Jewelry-craft There are people who have tried to give meaning to contemporary jewels by perceiving them as what they are: objects. These contemporary objects are seen somewhere between high-street wear and pure, artistic desire; they are not always made to be worn because they can also function as great decorating jewels in one’s home and they are made for expressing something that is most often less than their actual value. In one word, these objects are complicated. On the same note, some people perceive contemporary jewels as a market. It all depends on the point of view from which you decide to view the subject. What is sad about the market, however, is that it is so niche and so small that experts even question whether it exists or not. We can guarantee that it does exist, yet solely relying on making profit from contemporary pieces can often be tricky, if not suicidal. It works in some countries like London of France. In some other countries the criteria for having a stable contemporary jewel business is to have your work presented by several galleries. It is by no means easy, but it is possible. And given that this movement is still alive after two centuries is more than enough proof that it can work. But how does one actually recognize these jewels? They are particularly different from the other jewels in many ways. Some of them appear to be intentionally cracked or have a completely innovative design. You will be surprised to find out that these jewels either look really old (but a little new at the same time) while others come with a “Mario brick” design. The great news is that your eyes will be able to identify contemporaries because you will immediately know that “something is not right, but it’s still ok at the same time”. It’s time for the part you’ve been waiting for.  


Jewels You Should Look for Immediately

Few-elegants-ringsWe would like to start with the Faux Pearl Necklace with Gem Pendant, a white pearl handmade beaded necklace which has not failed to attract many buyers’ attention. Easily found on, this pendant has a unique and distinctive feature that sets it apart from the rest of its kind: in the right light it seems as though you can see the galaxy in the middle of the gem. Although unknown whether this was the intention behind the pendant’s creation, this particular jewel definitely has that spark of contemporary greatness that anyone is looking for in a fine piece. We should mention weathered copper in this section. While mostly available in the form of bracelets, weathered copper is a distinct contemporary jewel that many have heard of. These accessories often come in large sizes, but one can always decide to take a few smaller ones and create their own style. This abstract beauty is appreciated by many while also frowned upon by those who claim that jewels are the embodiment of beauty, purity and perfection. But the truth is that humanity only aspires towards perfection, never reaches it. Thus wearing weathered copper can be an excellent contemporary way of admitting one’s flaws and inner peace. Remember when we spoke about the “Mario brick” designs? The TWEEX 3 Karen Vanmol Necklace is an example of such a model. Made out of plastic beads and carved wood, this piece is an exceptional design that you should get your hands on. It is only for contemporary lovers, mind you. Those who are completely into regular jewelry would visualize this as a complete disaster. And we understand why: everything is so different and seems unwearable, but art and fashion are two subjects that are for everyone to decide on, not ours to judge.


Elegant-silver-ring Should you be interested in beauty above else, the contemporary sector also has a very wide variety of jewels it can put at your disposal. One might take particular interest in the Kendra Scott jewels. The Elisa pendant comes in different shapes and with different precious stones (diamonds and Abalone shell included). A very simplistic design with a silver chain and a horizontal, oval pendant on your neck can make you the star of the night if you only give it a try. We hope you will enjoy this purchase because the only thing we can say is that it is totally worth it. We can also recommend the blue topaz gothic ring put at your disposal by Valued at approximately $250, this ring is only available for size 8 and features a stunningly beautiful design. You can easily pair it with a sapphire necklace and you will charm everyone in the room. See? It is not all about broken bits and pieces and that excruciating desire to be artistic. There are modern artisans out there who think their designs carefully. The last model that we would like to point out is the Silver Orchid Cascade Necklace, also available on Etsy. This exceptional necklace stands out because if interesting design. It has a ring clasp that you attach to the orchid, which is in front and not at the back. This makes it super comfortable to adjust in the mirror. On top of that, the orchid design starts from above the neckline on one side, making you impossible not to notice.  



The Summary

Bunch-of-fashion-ringsNow you about both contemporary jewels and what the most beautiful pieces there are to play with, so it only falls down to you to decide whether this style is for you or not. It’s tricky because it is not viewed by everyone as a valid style or a beautiful one, for that matter. But it is also safe to think that it has persisted for two centuries especially because people have struggled to make it look beautiful. This jewelry lasted for so much time while being perceived as “ugly”? You practically have all the assurance you need to understand that anything is possible. Remember to try the Faux Pearl Necklace with Gem Pendant, the TWEEX 3 Karen Vanmol Necklace, Elisa from Kendra Scott and the Silver Orchid Cascade Necklace. You will not regret giving these a go. And you will have also tasted the contemporary jewel experience.


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