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Amazing Fine Jewellery to Try Right Now

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Fine jewellery? More like the finest jewelry. That’s what comes to our minds when we want to wear these types of accessories. Come on, this is an honest moment, you can admit it. We don’t just want fine jewels, we want the best of the best. It’s only natural. Aspiration is looking upwards, not downwards or at our own level. But where do we find them? Where are these exquisite pieces that we are looking for? They are certainly in every shop that we checked out until now. Ladies, do you even need to ask anymore? This is why we are here. And these are the jewels that we want to identify for you. There is also some extra good news in this for you. Not only are we going to recommend some of the best jewels and collections, but we will also be getting a sneak peek into what experts think about these pieces when they create them and why you should wear them. Could it get even better than this? Let’s dive into this fascinating world of fine jewellery and see what the best of the best have to say.  



Larkspur & Hawk Fine Jewelry – Emily Satloff

Woman-has-blonde-hairEmily Satloff’s intentions, when it comes to fine jewelry, is to make all her pieces wearable on a daily basis. We all know that fine jewelry is commonly associated with special occasions, and why wouldn’t it? The amount of care it requires and the beauty that they bring to the table are excellent reasons as to why anyone would want to maintain these pieces as best of the best. But not with Satloff. Larkspur & Hawk jewels have a rather unique concept that is both very sophisticated, yet at the same time not too demanding. How can we better translate this lack of demand? By looking at how you can match these jewels with clothes that you wear every day. Have you ever seen fine jewels that work well with jeans and a simple shirt? The majority of pieces that you might have seen work very well with evening gowns. And this is the great part: Larkspur & Hawk will look gorgeous with both clothing styles. In short, Satloff’s aim is to give you all the freedom that you require. Fine jewels are expensive to begin with, so why would you purchase a fine jewel, only to follow up with a casual jewel for other occasions? Shoot two birds with one stone. If you can do that, you might as well call it a good investment.  



Jennifer Meyer Fine Jewelry

Woman-with-elegant-black-outfit Jennifer Meyer’s jewels are more family-oriented. When speaking about her creations she mentions that “there is nothing better than wearing something with special meaning that becomes a part of your body.” She speaks with true passion about her children and this is how the jewel-family correlation breathes life. Jennifer Meyer takes great pride in her gold nameplate necklace, which is also layered with a good luck charm, for obvious reasons. You can see why this piece is so fascinating and makes for an excellent concept. People have the deepest love and respect for family. There is nobody more important in the world. And when you pair this knowledge with luck and protection, something beautiful is going to come out of it. And we have the perfect example right here. Who would have expected such a fascinating concept, which looks more like a motivational speaker concept than a jewel one, to emerge in such a beautiful and tender way? Suffice it to say that Jennifer Meyer’s attempt to design a unique piece was handsomely rewarded with recognition.  



Other Designs That Cannot Be Overlooked

Girl-with-the-beautiful-hairJemma Wynne Jewelry, by Jenny Klatt & Stephanie Wynne, is definitely one of these collections. Their core elements are luxury and lack of effort. When describing their bangles, Jenny and Stephanie mention that they are accessories that “you would feel naked without”. And they really are. The way they feel, both I terms of comfort and style, is very soothing and gives you huge personality boosts. If you do not believe us you are welcome to try them. Truly, we have rarely seen jewels of such practicality. If we were to make a guide on top fine jewellery pieces that you need in your box, we would definitely add this one to the collection. Irene Newirth fine jewelry is what you are looking for if your style is young and restless. Just like Emily Satloff, Newirth’s purpose is to create something that can be worn with anything. Even she describes the items as precious, she does not want this factor to be an inhibitor for your daily routine. These are the types of jewels that you just want to have anywhere. They have the sort of jewels that you put on and forget entirely about. And you know what? We can say that Irene Newirth has done quite a job in making these jewels fantastic.


Arman Sarkisysan is yet another pioneer of “the daily” concept. Despite being really easy to wear, this collection of fine jewels also comes with unique, catchy colors that are bound to draw all the attention towards you. It is an excellent collection if you are looking to add to your summer jewels and they are great mood changers. Eyes love when they behold color and adorning yourself with these colors will do nothing more than give you the confidence you need and the attention that you seek. Have you ever heard of VMT? It’s short for Veronica M. Toub and she is a story enthusiast. She finds it easy to wear handmade jewelry paired with handmades. Quite an impressive achievement, might we add, especially considering that we are living in a world that is either focused on wearing something “cool” or something “chill”. Veronica Toub’s passion brings life into jewels and admires them for their potential to tell fascinating stories. She considers that every piece has its own story to tell and represents a chapter in each wearer’s life. Over time, people have imbued jewels with this power to absorb stories, memories and feelings. People who understand and accept these concepts are quite rare, let alone those who create jewels based on this concept. If you have a deep love and respect for the philosophy behind jewels, we gladly recommend VMT items. Why not purchase jewels that make you both beautiful and happy? The last collection that we will be mentioning is the NSR Nina Rundsorf collection. Rundsorf’s philosophy is very simple: “jewels are made to be work”. It is that simple. If you are ever going to purchase any jewel and fail to use it, well, that’s simply a wasted jewel. But you need to know that purchasing a jewel and not wearing it is not your fault. Not entirely, at least. If you purchased a jewel, you definitely found something appealing about, but you only found it for a relatively short period of time. You did not dedicated yourself to it, thus it could not dedicate yourself to you either. This is the secret behind Nina Rundsorf’s collection: if you buy a jewel, it has to be interesting enough for you to actually wear it. How can it achieve that? Simply by being appealing.


Woman-has-brown-hair So let us recap everything that we detailed in the previous paragraphs so that you have everything compiled for your personal ease. There are plenty of jewels, artists and philosophies that you can follow right now. The truth is that, even if trends come and go, fine jewelry will always have its special appeal. Whether you are going to buy it for the great looks or for the fact that you like stories, being in trend now is always going to fall on second place. The most important thing that you need to remember is that fine jewelry needs to make you happy. Larkspur & Hawk, Jennifer Meyer, Jemma Wynne Jewelry, Irene Newirth and VMT are some of the names that we mentioned here that seem to have great impact nowadays. If staying in trend is your thing, you can easily rely on either one of these names for a perfect experience. These ladies sure know what they are doing and put a great amount of passion into the jewels that they craft. So you see, it is not only a matter of quality, it is a matter of value that is being attributed to any customer. These ladies are actually interested in how you look and how you feel, a very rare trait, but a remarkable one. The main reason why these jewels are becoming so popular is not only due to the fact that they are good, but because their creators care. It goes without question that you should definitely give these jewels a go. They are for everyone, they can aid anyone in their quest to achieve beauty and, in the end, they will all contain and continue our stories. These are the amazing fine jewels that you want right now.


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