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Amazingly Cheap Jewellery Shops

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We all know the feeling when we spend a little too much on jewelry, right? Don’t get us wrong, we love luxury, top notch and expensive jewels too. If we could get our hands on a big pile of money we would probably spend three quarters of it on great jewels. But sometimes cheap jewellery shops are the way to go. Not because we have to resort to buying cost-efficient jewels, but because you can find some of the coolest colors, designs and combinations out there. And as long as you can get your hands on some of these for a few pounds or dollars, why not? Before we move on, we need to make some minor observations.


The entire “let’s go and buy from a cheap shop” mentality is quite tricky, at least if you are used to buying high or higher quality accessories. In psychology it’s called cognitive dissonance: you will want to buy a jewel that is cheap while knowing that it’s ok to buy it, but then you know that you are making a huge sacrifice in terms of product quality. You would be surprised to find out how many people in the world actually think about this issue in the same way, but we are here to assure you that it’s completely ok. There is no social standard that is forcing you to wear luxury brands all the time. Maybe you just want to go shopping for groceries and you still want to look good. A £5 bracelet for this particular scenario is more than enough to give you the looks you need. Now let’s dive into some of the cheapest jewellery shops around and see how we can properly equip you for a casual day out.  




The-girl-is-on-the-streetIf you are seeking the cheapest jewelry shop out there, you have two options: your local shop or Tanai (although we’re pretty sure that Tanai might score first place anyway). The trick with Tanai is that it’s an online shop and you can order anything you want. Nice and easy. You can find great jewels for as little as $6 and you can also be sure that they are going to last you for a while. Can you actually imagine that you can buy 10 or more jewels with £70? It’s fantastic. What is also super cool is that you can experiment with Tanai in terms of style if you want to “train” for purchasing other, more expensive jewels. Pick a design, pick a shape, a color and try it. If you like it, you can make your own personal diary in which you can write down everything you liked about a specific jewel or not. Refer back to it when you decide that it’s time you added a Cartier piece to your collection. Tanai’s site interface is quite simplistic, allowing you to see what kind of jewels are on sale and what styles are appreciated based on the season.


This summer seems to be about the Silver Dior Style. And we have to say that, for £6 to £10 pieces, these accessories look quite convincing. On Tanai you can find silver jewelry, steel jewelry, fashion items, cards, other accessories and even watches. On top of that, you will find a huge list on the left side of the screen after you will have clicked on the items that you want to purchase. That list contains types of products and a number that indicates the variety of products in stock. Even to our surprise, Tanai literally has a ton of items. And it is impossible not to find something cute amongst them. But do not think that everything is limited to a maximum of £10. If you want your good with a little extra quality, you can definitely look for watches or other accessories that can amount to £100 each. Definitely give Tanai a try, it will come as a surprise.  




Girl-walks-on-the-street Don’t tell us that you didn’t see this one coming. Amazon is the perfect place where you would want to shop for jewels if you are not sure about the whole “should I or shouldn’t I buy it” paradox. The trick with Amazon is that you can pretty much find anything you want. It’s not as cheap as $6, true, but you can still get super cool items for as little as £20, or even less. You are practically tricking your brain into thinking that you are buying good or “decent” jewels from a strong brand. And the truth is that you’re not buying anything bad, either. Some of the jewels that Amazon are selling are top notch and they are quite flexible. Plus, you get rid of your social awareness issue, if you have one. Telling someone that you bought your necklace from Tanai might get you that “huh?” and a risen eyebrow, but saying that you bought something from Amazon is somewhere in between “ok” and “oh, cool”. We’re kind of going into psychological purchase guide instead of fashion, right? Let’s get back to business.


You know about Amazon’s interface. It’s also super simplistic, easy to use, and it is very well tailored around the concept of “cheap”. Cheap is a relative term for all of us. Some believe that a cheap jewel is a $2 bracelet while others think that if they can buy anything under £100 it’s all good. Well, Amazon is the place for you, then. You can find birthstone earrings that can range from £5 to £400, butterfly earrings that range from £7 to £600 based on the materials they are made of and you can simply find pearl earrings for £10 and diamond heart pendants for £70. It’s simple, you have a wide area to play with in terms of jewels and you can shop as “cheap” as you can perceive it. Did we also mention that the site has a price category? You can shop for anything under £20, between £20 to £50, £50 and £100 and over £100. Pick whatever you like and you will find things.  



Wolf & Badger

Girl-with-fashion-clothesAlthough it does not seem to pride itself with as many options as Amazon, we chose Wolf & Badger for two very specific reasons: they have some awesome jewels that you can find for relatively low prices (around £100) and they also deal in clothing. So you do not only get to pick your jewels, but you can also see what colors and outfits you could match them with. The site has an interface similar to Tanai’s, only that it seems a little more organized and adds some humor from time to time. The summer jewelry collection is called “Get stoned” so, you see, Wolf & Badger certainly did come up with an extra reason as to why you would like to try out their jewels. The site contains some really cool designs if you think about the fact that everything costs £100 or less. You can find origami jewelry, which is quite beautiful to behold, and the empress ring design is not a bad idea either, especially considering that it amounts to £40.


Should you be interested in some out of the ordinary pieces, however, we do recommend the Pigeon Clasp ring and the Heart Pendant (which comes in the shape of an actual heart and not the usual triangle shape). There are plenty of other designs that really deserve your attention when it comes to Wolf & Badger, but we will refrain from spoiling all the fun and let you check out the rest of the things that you do not know anything about yet. Also, don’t forget the clothes! There are some gorgeous combinations that you will spot if you pay attention carefully. If you consider that the shops that we provided here do not help you with your inspiration too much, you need not worry. There are plenty of cheap jewellery shops out there that you can check out. Astley Clarke, & Other Stories, Browns Fashion and the Individual are only some of them. And if these do not provide the variety you need either, we actually encourage you to take to the local shops and search for cool jewels yourself. You would be surprised to know how many great jewels you can find out there, but they often go unnoticed either because people do not pay attention to them or because they are too comfortable to go out and actually look for them. So let’s remember those cheap jewellery shops and what you can expect from them.



Girl-with-jewels-looks-at-the-sea Tanai is perhaps the cheapest alternative you will get. You can find great accessories for as little as £6 and they can be the perfect decoration if you want to go for a quick stroll in the local market. Girl with jewels looks at the seaAmazon pushes things to the next level. You can find super cheap jewels, but they can really explode if you decide to have them made out of more expensive metals or gems. Lastly, Wolf & Badger is a great place if you want to match your jewels with clothes, all for cheap prices, of course. Should you find yourself in lack of ideas, you can try Astley Clarke, & Other Stories, Browns Fashion and the Individual. They will surely up your game a little bit.


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