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Angelina Jolie's Kids - A Woman's Influence on Society


Angelina Jolie’s kids have always been a subject of both joy and controversy. People are not exactly sure what to think of this woman, or her husband: they seem to be having the most stable (or at least one of the most stable) relationships in Hollywood history, they are genuinely involved in honorable causes and they have six children (some are their own and some of them are adopted). Whenever you look at a couple like this one, you never know what to believe. Is it real? Are the faking it? Is there something that we do not know? On the contrary, this couple is perhaps the only couple you can look at and get some real Hollywood inspiration from. The only other strong example that comes to mind is Jay Z and Beyoncé. If you did not already get the bigger picture, Angelina’s children are more than what she loves most in the world. They are a symbol for something that she and Brad believe in very much: freedom and equality. She has made it clear in previous statements and she has made it very clear in the way she acts. This is not just a woman who talks.


This is a woman with real values and who uses her powerful influence to send a message to the world: values are something that we all share and lack of opportunity is not anybody else’s fault, it is only ours. Angelina’s children are a symbol of love, freedom and opportunity. These are the three values that we are going to be talking about today and we will spend some time and each and every one of them just to make sure that you understand the bigger picture. We have made it our aim to do so because there are not a lot of people out there who trust this couple and we fear that the lack of trust comes from not understanding what they are doing and from thinking that they might be out there for publicity. The truth is a lot simpler than that… and a whole lot more beautiful.  


A Symbol of Love

Angelina-Jolie-is-happyNeedless to say, the first thing you think about when you see a couple with a child is the fact that those two people love each other deeply. Love is humanity’s core value. It’s who we are and who we will forever be. The only issue related to this value is that we live in a world with too much freedom. People do not treat themselves like people anymore, but more as disposable objects. Couples, celebrity couples in particular, have this trend of getting together for a short period of time and then breaking up. What is worse is that the rest of the world can witness this tend and, because it keeps happening, they perceive it as normal. Families breaking up over and over again is not only a sign that love is not as strong as it should be, but it is also a sign of social degradation. In truth, we are getting used to the fact that there are not many people out there who we can trust. Couples part and their members choose never to pursue a relationship ever again, some get into other relationships and break up all over again and what is worse is that, in many situations, there are children involved as well. The children that we teach today are the children who are going to break up with someone tomorrow. This is the education that we are giving to our little ones. This is how we prepare them for life. But not Brad and Angelina. These two are the perfect example of how one should learn how to love. In an industry in which break-ups are normal things and which more and more children are left without one parent, Angelina and Brad are a couple who have both given birth and adopted children to teach themselves, ant the world, what true love really looks like. It is not conditional, it is not always happy, if a child does not look like the others it does not mean that it should not be loved. Love is what makes us human, and this couple has demonstrated that over and over again.  



A Symbol of Opportunity

Angelina-Jolie-has-long-hair Angelina jolie's kids are, amongst many things, a symbol of opportunity. In a speech in which Angelia held a few years back, she declared that she found it difficult to understand how a woman on the other side of the planet, who could have been more talented than she was, who could have had a greater potential than she ever had and who could have help a better speech could not have the same opportunities as she did. This is a very strong statement, but you might be wondering why we have introduced it here. The answer is right in front of you: Maddox and Zahara are two children who come from different backgrounds, who might have lived a totally different life if the Jolie-Pitt family had not adopted them. Opportunity is when someone or something gives you a chance at a different life, a better life, something that you should be entitled to no matter the background, ethnicity, race or sex. Such is the power of opportunity and this is why her children are one such symbol. For those of you who are not familiar with adoption, you should know that this is not a process that is as easy as it sounds. Yes, it did involve some travel, signing some papers and some money, but the truth is that it is way, way more complicated than that. Bringing a new family member into an already established one is not an easy thing to do, let alone explain. Since this is such a delicate subject, the proper question would be “would you have the power to do one such amazing thing?” Could you be able to carry it out all the way? Not only the paper work, but talk to your spouse about it, talk to your children about it and be able to educate them towards leading a better life with those who have been brought into the family? You see, when you bring empathy to the table things become a lot more complicated, but this could at least give you a glimpse into how everything felt for this couple. This was not only a matter of talking or holing a speech in front of an audience. This was a matter of living an entirely different life, something which they both agreed upon.  



A Symbol of Freedom

Angelina-Jolie-wears-a-black-outfitLastly, we would like to talk about the subject of freedom concerning these children. We know that love is free and even opportunity can be free, but actual freedom is a concept that some would consider larger than life. Both Brad and Angelina knew that they had a choice to make in their life. They knew they could have children, but that there might be some issues related to that. They both knew that they could adopt, but that there might be some consequences about that as well. Yet they still did it. They did both things willingly and accepting the fact that there might be consequences. This is why these children are a symbol of freedom: they are a responsibility which both parents undertook, knowing that there would be risks involved. And what is most important is that they both struggled to make this work. We mentioned before that true love is never easy. Who knows what kind of struggles they might have gone through before piecing together such a wonderful family with such strong values? But they made it work somehow.


They managed to overcome all their difficulties and now they have a family worth respecting and learning from. In the end, the reason why these children are a symbol of freedom is because Brand and Angelina chose this life. They could have always parted. They could have decided to end their relationship, move onward, or maybe have children but adopt none. Anything could have been possible. But they chose this path, a beautiful path that has created one of the most trustworthy families in the world. This is a simple point of view, one which we believe to be very, very real. For those of you who still believe that the Jolie-Pitt family have publicity stunt desires… we advise that you calm down. These two people have more money than they could have ever imagined. Why would they want more publicity? And, perhaps more than anything else, why would they want publicity with children, adoption promotion and love promotion? These are responsibilities; these are hard things that require to be maintained. They could have always settled for promoting products and things that required less responsibility. But Angelina Jolie’s kids are not promotion products. They are living human beings who deserve all the love and attention in the world… something that everybody deserves.