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Beaded Necklaces - Age Appropriate?

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Whether beaded necklaces are age appropriate is a highly discussed subject amongst both fashion experts and amateurs alike. Beads have always been an interesting way of expressing oneself, having a diverse spectrum of meanings and way of interpreting the wearer’s personality. Today we want to talk about the meanings that beads can convey, the general mentality that surrounds them and  how to properly determine whether it depends if you need to have a certain age or not. Bear in mind there is no actual science behind this process. Fashion, style and taste are subjects that are not meant to be discussed as if they were something right or wrong. These concepts are meant to be celebrated with every occasion.


As soon as you branded someone as being right or wrong when it comes to beads, or any other fashion accessory for that matter, you are practically destroying the entire concept. This is why we are here. It’s time for you to up your game a little bit and learn a trick or two about how to think about beads and how to approach them. You are here most likely because you want to find out something different or to confirm that you, wearing some specific beads, are not wrong. You will be pleased to find out that there is only good news: you are in the right place and rest assured that your style is worth confirming no matter what.  



How Everyone Perceives Beads

Girl-has-an-elegant-t-shirtBefore we can actually interpret beads in the right manner, we need to understand how everyone sees them. Of course, every individual comes with their own particularities, but the general mentality around beads is still very much the same. There are two major variables that people always consider when it comes to these beauties and, whether they think about them or not, they will always judge someone’s jewels based on these two variables: color and size. Bead color and size play an important role in shaping your style, but it can also shape the opinion of the beholder in a different way. Now here comes the good part: you do not really need to worry about these variables because you cannot control people’s perceptions. If someone is really going to judge you based on the color and size of your beads then that is straight forward shallow and their opinion should not concern you that much because, well, it’s just that: an opinion. The people you interact with just need to see you for who you are and the style that you are trying to adopt. If they are willing to look beyond a few jewels then that means that they are the kind of people you want to hang out with. Now let’s look at the two variables and understand why they shape others’ opinions about us so much. In the end, how are color and size related to age? It’s because if the fact that age implies a certain repetitive pattern when it comes to clothing styles, and jewels are certainly not an exception. This pattern generates a social perception which, in time, can become common knowledge for everyone and be perceived as “normal”.


Girl-has-an-elegant-dress A fair example would be the fact that girls wear plenty colorful beads during high-school. The age of 12 to 16 is commonly associated with a lot of colorful beads and we can all understand why: it is an age of youth, diversity, happiness, lack of responsibility, an age in which you can literally try anything, be anyone and attempt to find yourself. We can all agree that we have seen this patter repeat itself over and over again, right? So it is somewhat natural that people’s opinions should follow this exact same pattern. But what about shape? Shape is a more interesting variable that also seems to be age dependent. Have you ever noticed that, when young, girls tend to use smaller beads so that they can have more of them? As we advance through age, we tend to resort to larger beads. They are fewer, but the large, round shapes actually helps in drawing attention to women’s slender bodies. It’s a life hack of some sorts, very useful and very effective. These are the main preconceptions that people who either do not care or do not perceive fashion for what it really is, and while society has shaped its impressions based on tiny observations that it has witnessed over the years, this does not mean that the reality that has been created is a natural or a “normal one”. Now it’s time we discussed about why that is.  



How We Should Perceive Beads

Girl-looks-at-the-forestNow that we know how everyone thinks, it’s time we taught you how reality actually works when it comes to beaded jewelry. As we mentioned before, if someone is judging you purely based on the kind of jewels you are wearing at what age, that is pretty much shallow. Style is not something that is up for debate, no matter how hard we try to argue in favor of this. Beads are not age dependent. In fact, the only jewel that might be age dependent out there would be the brooch. But even that one is age dependent in some particular cases and if you want to wear it in the classic way. Used appropriately, even brooches can be the youngest and flashiest accessory you have. But coming back to the point, you should never consider beads as being accessories that you should be wearing at a specific age. It’s all about making you feel confident and allowing you to exude that passionate and sexy air. If you want to wear beads when you are 16, that’s great! If you want to wear beads when you are 50 then, by all means, wear them. There is nothing that can restrict you and nobody can hold you back. What is unique about bead necklaces is that they are timeless pieces and, should you give read to our previous necklace guides, you will most likely find out more information about the power that these jewels have simply because they are round. Round shapes play a very distinct part in how we perceive ourselves and how the world perceives us. Women already have beautiful, curvy and slender bodies which can only benefit from the addition of beads. The round shapes irresistibly attract the eye, they enhance the possibility of someone to notice you and not take your eyes off you for the rest of the night.



Woman-is-walking-through-a-bridge As for color and shape, you do not need to worry yourself too much. In fact, you can use social perception to your advantage and play with your jewels. There is nothing wrong with wearing small and plentiful beads when you are over 30 and there most certainly is nothing wrong with wearing bigger beads at your prom night. Color can help you if you want to expose a younger self and neutrality is perceived as being quite formal and elegant (but don’t you think for a second that plenty and colorful cannot be perceived as elegant either). The only things you might want to keep in mind is that there are events which demand a certain level of formality and there can be some socially-related age rules when it comes to jewelry. You might find it difficult to go to an extremely formal event dressed in neon colors and with beads that match the same style. At the same time, you might find it difficult to wear a little black dress with large pearl beads during a picnic party. But these are some specific things that you will figure out on your own. You know, you get that feeling when you are not dressed appropriately for a certain event. It’s usually a voice in your head that tells you that you should try something else entirely. Yes, you should listen to that one because that’s the you who wants to be comfortable. If that you is pleased then everything is going to be ok.  



The Things That You Should Remember

Girl-has-an-elegant-blue-undershirtNow that we know what everybody thinks and what everybody should be thinking about necklace beads it’s time we did a short recap on how you should approach this type of jewelry and whether it is age related or not. To firmly answer the question: no, beads are not at all age related and they most certainly never will be. You can wear whatever beads you please at any age you please, and if there are people who judge you for this specific factor you should carefully consider whether you would want to be with those people or not. Although beads are not age related you will want to carefully consider how you are going to wear them during specific events. There is nothing wrong in trying to be a little bit risky and out of the ordinary, but remember that if you are going to wear colorful beaded jewelry during a wedding at the age of 40, you might be the only one doing it. Be prepared for yourself not to be “normal”, but dare to stand out from the crowd. After all, that’s what we all want, right?


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