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Best Celebrity Gossip Sites


Looks like you really are interested in gossip. Well, if you do want to get into this subject, you might as well take your info from the best sources. Celebrity gossip sites are a very interesting subject these days because the world is practically overly-popularized. We want to know everything that celebrities do. The deeper we get into their personal lives, the better. Actually, if we want to perfectly want to describe the world today, we can simply admit that if famous people go to the bathroom, we really have to know about it! We don’t know when this trend started, exactly, but we are pretty much living it. What is actually happening is that brands and new businesses are trying to sell their products via celebrities. This has been going on for a while, but it is not exactly obvious for everyone. Clothing brands are trying to sell their clothes through titles such as “what did <insert celebrity here> wear when they went to” whatever location they went to.


Fragrances do the same thing and, above all else, every celebrity gossip site is making a living for itself through the distribution of such news. In truth, the process is way bigger than that. Celebrities and products basically depend on each other nowadays. If you link your product to a celebrity. No matter the product or celebrity, you are most likely going to have success. If you want proper examples as to how the process works, think about ever rant we have heard about in the past few weeks. When Kim exposed the Taylor-Kanye phone call, she was not only promoting Kanye’s music video, but Snapchat as well. The rage fest that occurred between Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez occurred on Instagram, of course and whether Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston are still together is, yet again, something that occurs on Instagram. But let’s get back to gossip sites. As mentioned previously, gossip sites are, in fact, products that are being sold to us. If you click it, you bought it. So if you are really going to click the link, we are going to make sure that you click the right ones.  


The Top Gossip Sites

Girl-wears-a-yellow-shirtThese are not only the ones everybody has heard about at least once, but some of them are 100% exclusive. As you might have already figured out, this is an “above average product”! It’s not your usual come click me site. You actually need to register on them and follow some newsletters if you are really going to get your hands on the newest pieces of info and the best pictures out there. Let’s start with Nothing spectacular about this site when you look at the name, right? Well, there is more to it than meets the eye! Not only does it require you to register and follow up on its news, but you can actually find “fresh” pictures here that are not used by a lot of people. This might also prove a great opportunity for you to start a business of this sort. Just take pictures from one site and create your own. It sounds easy, but you will have to discuss about some rights, but as long as you can negotiate a win-win situation… why not?


Another cool site is We know, quite a fancy name, and you might expect them to be rude about everything that they post. Contrary to popular belief, these people are quite professional about everything that they are doing. Of course, there is a little dark humor, sarcasm and… bitchiness from time to time, but the overall quality of this news is cool, funny and entertaining. Want good gossip? Give this one a go. is what you expect it to be. Celebrities, babies, celebrities’ babies, the only thing that is missing is babies’ celebrities! Bad jokes aside, it’s not too early to start being famous, right? This is not only a good site, but a great business opportunity as well because it is a total niche. Everybody is rushing to have everything jotted down about the most famous people, but what about their children? They deserve some spotlight as well, right? Well, yes, but not really… It’s complicated. In the end, nobody can stop it as long as there is demand.  



Some That Are a Little Bit More Common

Woman-wears-elegant-clothes Let’s get down to some more common ones. These are not exactly niche, not exactly unheard of, but not the most famous celebrity gossip sites either. They are… somewhere in the middle? Let’s just go through them and see what we can find. In the end, nothing can go wrong. You have either heard of them or, if you haven’t, you might be in for some really cool gossip news. We just have to talk about You know, it’s the sort of site that does not seem to bring much to the table when you first look at it. If you were to just check out the titles, you would see nothing too out of the ordinary. You might have heard about everything, but the things that makes them stand out is the fact that they are brutally honest. They will say that they are going to make fun of you, twist and turn your pictures and try to come up with the most interesting things about a piece of news that no one else on the market would think about. Then there is This one treats celebs as if they were all proud. This is the major theme. It’s all about telling every famous man and woman out there to get over themselves. They mostly nail it, but it turns out quite badly when they fail. The only challenge that this site has to deal with is handpicking the celebs which really deserve this sort of attitude. Most of them do, but some people who really do not deserve the heat land between the shots. And that does not usually end well for the site’s reputation. Still, it is just for the show. We all know that the content written on sites like these might be written by some people who do not particularly enjoy the subject or who simply have a different opinion from the rest of us. Opinion is a very good sales product nowadays. It basically confirms that people’s views are correct… even if they are not. It’s a great tool that can be used as an advantage. Now we see why sites like Dlisted can make it easily.  



The Ones That You Must Have Heard of, But Are Not Really Gossip

Woman-wears-sunglassesWe simply had to include these as well because they are somewhat more educational. If you have given read to our Celebrity Gossip News guide, you already know our arguments as to why gossip is pointless. Still, if you want to indulge yourself in the subject, we recommend a few sites that not only tackle this subject, but they also give very good news. is one of the most recognizable sites in the world. Predominantly known for fashion subjects, BAZAAR sometimes tackles gossip as a means of upping its game and keeping up with the competition. You should always keep in mind that this one is not interested in cheap news. It is solely interested in promoting fashion at its best. There are other fashion sites that are trying to stay ahead of the competition, but in order to maintain its place, BAZAAR might have to sometimes do some things that does not necessarily pleases its writers. So far, it has worked and we do not expect this technique to fail anytime soon.


Some other sites that follow the same game are Marie Claire, Elle and Glamour. The purpose is exactly the same: promote fashion, throw in some gossip here and there to keep people interested, now back to promoting fashion. Needless to say, if it’s working for BAZAAR, we doubt things are going to change for these sites as well. These are pretty much all the sites you need to be aware of. They are definitely not the only ones out there, and if you want a little more gossip in your life we recommend that you look for some more of them. Actually, “recommend” is a little bit of an overstatement. We honestly believe that this trend is not really a healthy one, but if you truly desire to find out what happens in celebrities’ private lives, who are we to stop you? Just remember: in the end, celebrity gossip sites are, to a certain extent, a waste of time. Celebrities are just like us, they are people. The reason why the interest is so intense when it comes to their private lives is because people want to know if what they are displaying on stage is the same as what they do behind the curtains. It’s only natural to want to know this, but we have to remember that we live in a civilized world. And privacy is a thing!