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Best Gemstone for Any Occasion

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People struggle most of the time when it comes to what gemstone to use for occasions. It is not only a girl’s thing, men worry about it as well. In a world in which fashion is constantly expanding and changing, both men and women are looking for their ideal way to stand out, feeling confident and beautiful at the same time. Plenty of us rely on gemstones every day, but we never know exactly what to use and when, or even how. This is why we are going to dive into the subject today and see what is best for any occasion that you might want to attend.  



Gemstones and Occasions: The Basics

Ring-with-gemstoneTo begin with, it is paramount that everyone understands there is no ideal gemstone for all occasions; at least not one that is regarded by everyone as being “the best” anyway. The best gemstone that is appropriate for any event is the one that makes you feel comfortable within that certain time period. One cannot approach this subject without being biased simply because you have two huge variables to work with: gemstones, which come in a huge variety and can sometimes be difficult to choose; and people, who are defined by their own pleasures, preferences and feelings. It is like merging two oceans and hoping that somewhere, somehow you managed to create pure water. However, there is one way you could get away with it: pearls. Even though they are not preferred by everyone out there, pearls are a very beautiful and gracious accessory to add to your outfit no matter where you go. Since they are associated with purity, prosperity and happiness, pearls are often worn at anniversaries or weddings. But the fact that there are socially tied to these values also makes them an invaluable life hack tool. We have seen ladies wear pearls for occasional go-outs, during business meetings, dates, theater, even at interviews and work.


When you think about a gem that you’ve seen to be worn during an interview and during a date, you know that you might have hit the jackpot. It is a vast range of occasions that you can work with and the fact that pearls are easy to match with anything makes them the perfect fit. But, as we mentioned before, pearls might not be your thing, or maybe you are attending an event where you know that some specific people might not enjoy a pearl’s view. Fashion is not about judging people on what they like and do not, it is about finding the perfect combination that makes you a shining star and a magnet at the same time. And to become a magnet you need to tap into your entourage’s preferences a bit. Have no fear because we have given these things some though and we will provide a list of gemstones which fit best based on occasions. Feel free to experiment and adapt to your surroundings when choosing your gems, you will see that there are plenty of alternatives you can work with and you will have a great time. To begin with, we need to establish the occasion’s details. Are you going to attend weddings, anniversaries or perhaps something else? What kind of environment are you going to find yourself in? Are you going with somebody and you need your styles to match? What are you going to wear? These are some of the questions that you should be asking yourself before picking the appropriate gems. You do not need to worry too much. Just give things a little thought beforehand.


Crystal-earrings Let’s suppose that you are attending a wedding anniversary. Based on how many years the couple have shared together, you can always wear or gift some of the following: garnet for the second Crystal earringsanniversary, pears for the third, blue topaz for the fourth and sapphire for the fifth. In case you want to think more long-term, you can always keep in mind that diamonds are a 10th anniversary thing, rubies for the 15th and emeralds for the 20th. These might be long shots, but it is important that we mention them because your mind will get an idea about how certain gemstones are valued in terms of relationships. Not to mention that each gem has its own significance, which you can use to your advantage in most cases. Take garnet, for example. Jewel experts will also know that this is the Arizona Ruby and, if you think about it, there is a very good reason why people receive it for their second anniversary.



While the first anniversary’s metal is gold, a metal which cannot be properly forged on its own and needs another metal or alloy and thus signifying a new, soft and beautiful union, garnet is the fiery addition to the second year. It can either be translated as “add fire to the forge” or simply “spice things up a little”. It is both a funny and romantic concept to toy with in your head. Let’s think about Zodiac signs for a moment. Maybe it is your birthday? Maybe it is your best friend’s birthday and they really enjoy the idea of Zodiac, space, universe and infinity? There are gems for these occasions as well. We are just going to move quickly through them so you have the list you need right here. The Capricorn – onyx, Aquarius – turquoise, Pisces – moonstone, Aries – diamond, Taurus – emerald, Gemini – agate, Cancer – pearl, Leo – ruby, Virgo – sapphire, Libra – opal, Scorpio – sardonyx and Sagittarius – topaz. Think about these gems as the perfect gift or the perfect way for you to express your friendship for the one you celebrate. You can imagine that a conversation starting with “I am wearing this to celebrate you” can never go wrong. If Zodiac signs are not your thing, perhaps birth months are the desired way of expressing yourself through gemstones. They are also very accessible since you can wear them throughout the month during any event, provided that you match them to your outfit, of course. Here is the short list so you know exactly what your options are during every month of the year: January – garnet, February – amethyst, March – aquamarine, April – diamonds, May – emeralds, June – pearls, July – rubies, August – peridot, September – sapphires, October – opal, November – topaz and December – turquoise.



What Gemstone for What Event?

Pink-necklace-with-gemstonesNow for the last part of our article we want to do something a little interesting as to how you can correlated gemstones with specific events. The criteria are meaning and color and we are going to suggest what gemstones work well in what situations. Let’s start with agate. Known for its protective properties, you can easily adapt agate to Halloween costumes or any other event or party that has a similar theme. If you have given read to our Secrets behind Jewelry Names guide, you might remember that we even interpreted the jewel’s name “a gate”, which can be used as a Halloween party theme as in the gate between the two worlds. You know about the photos posted on Instagram with her holding his hand in all different scenarios, right? If you ever feel like you would like to take a similar adventure, why not consider aventurine? Its suggestive name says it all. Also, if you are planning to win the lottery, you might want to have one of these precious gems on you. You never know, do you? Let’s say that you are attending a book release conference or an academic event. Do you know what gem works best with these occasions? It’s citrine. This gem is rumored to make its wearer more open to new ideas, ultimately widening their horizons. You can even use this jewel with a Placebo effect. Making yourself open to anything new is never a bad thing. And, in general, if you want to celebrate love in all of its forms, you can always use the ruby, peridots and sapphires. Take a moment and think that every gem reflects some kind of love through its color: red rubies reminds of passion, green is all about natural growth and blue gives a sea-like feeling, a cool breeze and peace of mind.  



What to Keep In Mind

Orange-gemstone-bracelet Remember: there is no ideal gemstone for all occasions, but if you want to aim high and land amongst the starts you can always go for pearls. They are safe, luxurious and elegant and they are the most likely to give you a very comfortable feeling while also attracting the eyes in the room. There are plenty of gemstones that you can use based on occasion and you can play with Zodiac signs, birth month jewels and what people are gathering to celebrate for. Every gemstone has its own legends and values that they are associated with. You can combine these based on what represents you, the colors that you prefer or the event that you are attending. A great way to adapt a gem to an occasion is to imagine how that gem celebrates the event. The main reason why you will want to do this is because knowing what you are wearing is a great way to start conversations with anybody in the room. After all, if everyone is looking at how gorgeous you are why not meet them so that you leave a long lasting impression?


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