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Best Jewellery Pieces to Go With Your New Dress


This is a very common issue for most women: what is the best jewellery piece that can fit well with your newest dress? Although it might sound difficult to believe, what if we actually told you that there is a very simple way to become a master at picking your jewels in the right way? You do not need 10 years of experience in fashion, you do not need courses and you most certainly do not need any advanced guides for this mastery> what you do need, however, is a basic set of principles that you need to follow no matter what. These are the principles that we are going to be approaching today. They are going to answer the questions that you have now, but we can actually promise a bit more than that: you are not going to be asking the wrong questions anymore. If you want to become a pro you need to know what questions to ask and have all the answers to the basics. So buckle up, because this is going to be an enlightening journey.  



Adding Value to Yourself

Woman-has-a-blue-shirtYou obviously bought that new dress because it flatters you, right? The jewels that you need to adorn yourself with need to do the exact same thing. The first and most important criteria that you need to ensure that the jewels fulfill is that they ad value to your outfit, all of it. Coco Chanel actually gave a timeless recommendation that you should always have in the back of your head:Before leaving the house, a lady should stop, look in the mirror, and remove one piece of jewelry.Nobody could have said it better. But do keep in mind that you do not necessarily need to remove an item if you are going to achieve the perfect look. Both under-accessorizing and over-accessorizing are very common issues, especially when women purchase one new piece of clothing, because not having worn that piece before can cause confusion. Do you really need to add those extra bracelets or not? Would it be better if you matched your necklace with a belt brooch or is the necklace enough? It’s all about controlling where the beholder’s eye goes. But you can check this particular subject in our Best Jewelry Combinations guide. As a very basic rule, the best pieces that will compliment your new dress are usually going to be two (at maximum) and they will need to draw attention to one specific part of your body.


That part is of your choosing, of course. The next subject that we need to touch is proportionality. Whatever jewels you are wearing, always keep in mind that they need to be directly proportional to your overall body frame and your facial features. To explain this in very simple terms, just be careful so that your jewels are not too big or two small. There are many style hacks that you can use to your advantage, but let’s keep things simple since we are talking about your new dress. The core concept that everyone needs to remember when it comes jewels and dresses, all outfits for that matter, is that you are the main attraction. You might have noticed the way that we speak about jewels: they need to draw attention towards you, they need to ensure that all eyes are on you and they also need to ensure that eyes remain focused on you. While this is true, it is only half of the truth; even less actually. The purpose jewels fulfill are actually distraction. Whether you are in a room full of people, out drinking a coffee with a friend or simply walking down the alley, jewels’ main purpose is to distract people from the crowd and focusing their attention onto you. This is the moment in which you might be asking yourself what’s wrong with wearing slightly larger pieces than your average body. You can, but these sorts of moves usually come at the price of taste. Walk through the crowds and you will see that the people you notice most are, in fact, the people who look very well because of the details, not the bling-bling that stands out as being exaggerated. The same principle is applied to your new dress as well. Do not let your jewels overpower you. You are the main attraction, not the objects that you wear. They should be a mere reflection of your true self.  



Your Skin Tone and the Appropriate Event

Girl-has-a-black-dress Your skin tone is the most important variable when speaking about how you dress. Here is an interesting perspective that you might have never thought of: every outfit you wear - any jewel that you add to it, whenever you wear it and wherever you wear it - will consist of at least two colors: your skin tone and the clothes that you are wearing. People usually think about one or two colors: the ones they use in their outfit. Keep this in mind because this is very important. If half the world were to consider their skin tone as another “outfit color” we would see a change in fashion over night. So how how does the best jewellery influence this in any way? Well, jewels usually count as that second color that people use in their outfits. If jewelry is used appropriately then it will highlight your features. We are going all the way back to the “you are the main attraction” subject. Every jewel that you choose, no matter what it is, simply needs to illuminate you. The good news is that there is a huge spectrum you can choose from, so diversity should be the least of your concerns. You have gold, rose gold, silver, amethyst, turquoise and the list can go on forever. Metal choice is always important because you want to invest in quality jewels, not something that you are going to wear for a month or two. It might please you to know that, when it comes to events, rules nowadays are more indulgent than they were in past times. Even work outfits are easier to manage than ever before. This is excellent news if you just bought that new dress so that you can liven up the atmosphere in the office every Monday. As a casual example, you can consider wearing a crystal necklace should your day be fully booked with meetings. But if you use it as the finishing touch that could turn out the wrong way. Contrast needs to be complementary for a beautiful and neutral vibe. The best way for you to determine what fits you best is purely through experimentation. Trust your instinct when it comes to this particular subject.  



On the Challenge of Versatility

Girl-wears-a-black-shirtEvery jewel, no matter how shiny or modest, needs to add a little something to your outfit. That something needs to be interesting. It will never suffice if you purchase a nice looking jewel. It needs to fit several of your outfits for you to get the best out of your investment. So, the next time you want to buy a little something that complements your new dress, think about whether it fits with some of your older and favorite pieces as well. This is where things can get a little complicated with jewels. In the majority of situations ladies are going to purchase some necklace that matches with some flashy earrings and they will be totally overpowered by their own favorite accessories. It does work well sometimes and we have even developed some guides as to how you should match your jewelry, but the reason why we admitted that the subject can get tricky is because style varies from one person to another. What works perfectly for one person can work completely opposite for another. Matching sets are not versatile. It is good to always remember that. Try to avoid noisy jewelry if you can. It’s also for style purposes.


Try to have a modest approach at all times. If the dress is new that will be more than enough to create the holy distraction. If you start adding too many jewels things are going to be confusing. Just stay simple and classy. The best way to impress others is to impress yourself. This is pretty much everything you need to know about matching jewels with outfits and the good thing is that everybody is going to notice that new dress, so adding the little “cherry jewel” on top will make things even better. So what is it, in short, that you always need to remember when thinking about the best jewellery for your new outfit? Just a few simple features: the jewels must add value to it, they need to be proportional to your body and face, they must complement your skin tone, they must be appropriately matched based on the events that you are attending and each piece that you are wearing must be versatile. If you are always going to take these into account you are surely going to nail every new outfit.