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Best Jewellery Shops In England


If you want to look good you have to have standards. That means that you are looking for the best jewellery shops in England. This is a particularly tricky subject, and it will always remain like this, because it is prone to subjectivism. We did come with a plan, however. Choosing the best shop is always dependent on some things that you prefer. Everybody wants to look good, but that area is way too large for us to properly identify the best shops around. So we decided to stick to some very specific details that everyone is taking into consideration when they are looking for the idea shop. We are going to present three shops, which we consider the best, based on three different variables: brand power, the feeling that the jewels imbue you with and price. Notice that even these variables are somewhat large playgrounds that we can toy with, but our attempt was to narrow them down as much as possible so that the information could be made clear for everyone and reach every target. We all want the same thing overall, but we are very picky when it comes to details. Keeping these in mind will not only keep us focused on finding the right shops, but it will also give you the clarity to identify what is it exactly that you are looking for. So, without further delay, let’s see who the lucky three who made it onto our list are.



Boost Your Style with DeBeers Jewellery

Girl-wears-an-elegant-dressDe Beers Jewellery is certainly the best choice you can make should you take the three variables that we mentioned into consideration. The brand’s name is very strong, renowned throughout the world and famous for its excellent jewels. The feeling it gives you is fantastic: you know you are wearing high quality jewels, you know that everyone is going to notice them, you know you can boast about them and they can give you a ton of confidence. Things change a little bit when it comes to pricing. De Beers Jewellery prices can vary from accessible to super high. If you are looking for some exquisite pendants you need to know that you can start from £1,700, but you can go all the way up to £13,000 if you are really picky. The quality does pay off, however, and we can ensure you that you will never be unhappy with the jewels that you buy from DeBeers. Should you be looking for some, if not, the most luxurious jewels on the market, which you also have to know that you can find in a huge variety of styles, De Beers is the kind of shop that can take you to the sky and back. It is not a shop that is specialized in one particular jewelry area, so if combining earrings, rings, watches and bracelets is your kind of thing then, by all means, give this shop a go. It is impossible for you not to find at least one thing that catches your eye. However, if we were to take our pick and commend this shop for one specific jewelry area, it would be the necklaces. DeBeers Necklaces are fantastic and there are so many designs at your disposal that it can sometimes be difficult to pick your favorite (alright, not sometimes… most times). You can opt for the enchanted lotus, classic necklaces, talismans, auras, Aria, Adonis Rose, Arpeggia, Phenomena, Imaginary Nature, Azulea, Clea and, our favorite, the Promise. Each style comes with a totally different approach, and if there is one important thing that we can say about these pieces is that they are truly versatile. If you are on the hunt for the best jewelry stores in the United Kingdom and you happen to cross by this one, do yourself a favor and at least go see what items it has on display. The worst thing that can happen is that you will have it as a reference point. But we can guarantee that you will enjoy it more than that.  



Keep It Cool with Wolf & Badger

Woman-has-a-white-t-shirt Wolf & Badger is one of the best jewellery shops because prides itself with a cool vibe. It does not promise a super variety of accessories, super commercials and it definitely does not promise a glamorous life that you will only end up dreaming about. No, Wolf & Badger is super cool because of the fact that they do not only specialize in jewelry, but in clothing as well. The jewels that you can purchase from W&B varies around £100 per piece and you can also think about the next thing you are going to wear with your newly purchased dress. It is the ideal place where you want to start tailoring your summer style, or any other season style for that matter. What is also interesting about Wolf & Badger is that it stands out via its cool (and sometimes humorous site). This summer’s jewelry collection has been interestingly named “Get stoned”, you might be interesting in purchasing these beauties for… other reasons as well. The site provides some of the coolest designs on the market and if you take the fact that everything costs £100 (or less) into account, well, everything is pretty much worth it. Here are some of what, we think, are the coolest things you can find at Wolf & Badger: first we have origami jewelry, which is quite daring if you think about the fact that it is difficult to craft, and the empress ring is also not a bad idea. It’s beautiful, catch and it only costs £40.  You have to buy this! But if the usual jewels are not your thing we warmly recommend that you consider the Pigeon Clasp ring and the fascinating Heart Pendant (which is an actual heart, by the way. It does not come in its usual triangle heart shape). Do give Wolf & Badger a try because there is so much more than meets the eye. We will just avoid too many details because you want to surprise yourself with this awesome shop. Remember the clothes, too! The nicest way to start your day is with a dress that you love paired with some exquisite jewels.  



Class and Modesty with Tanai

Girl-has-a-braceletIf price is the variable that pushes you forward most (or keeps you behind), then look no further than Tanai. You can purchase some of the cutest jewels for as little as $6 and you can rest assured that they are not going to break within two or three days. It’s a great investment if you think about it: with £100 you can buy over 10 jewels and you will have enough adornments for one or even two seasons. It’s fabulous. One word that can describe Tanai very well is freedom.  Given the price that you pay for one single jewelry piece is so low you can choose to experiment with whichever jewels you want. Choose a specific design, a shape of your liking a color that accentuates your skin tone and voila! If you do like what you see you might as well jot down ideas for purchases that you might like to make in the future. Maybe you want to go for luxurious brands in the future and, if you remember every design that you liked in the past, you will be able to make a decision as to what you want to wear then. But do not live with the impression that everything costs £10. If cost-efficient quality is you’re your goal, know that you can get items for £100 each. Many people look at Tanai with skepticism and we do understand why that is, but we advise that you play the game and give it a try. Some people start the process with skepticism and end it with a few purchased jewels. And they are not just any kind of jewels. Ten pounds does not sound that bad anymore, does it? Let’s take a step back and see how we picked these shops. DeBeers is all about beauty, pride and high costs, it is safe to assume that anybody who wants to play big games will shop from DeBeers. The brand is strong, the feeling you get is fantastic and, although the price is high, it does not prove to be a challenge for the one who purchases the items. Wolf & Badger is way more laid back. It is not a premium brand, but it is one that has been around long enough for you to trust it. It boasts on cool and chic feelings and the price should be absolutely no challenge for anyone. Concerning Tanai, this brand is for anyone who wants to solely focus on beauty. The brand is not necessarily important for this target audience, but rather maintaining and modest, cute and attractive look. You feel comfortable with everything and price is not something that you ever want to worry about. These are what we believe to be the best jewellery shops in the UK. Every choice is based on people’s preferences, so the only thing you need to to is to make a choice.