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Best Jewelry Combinations


For all those moment in which the jewels did not match, when you were uncertain whether to focus on the necklace or the earrings and when you did not know how to wear that brooch, it is for those moments that we are here now. Everyone likes to talk about the best jewelry combinations: “oh my god, you should pair them like this”, “jeez girl, how could you wear that color” and the occasional “I’ll teach you how to do it”, which leaves you completely clueless as to how you are supposed to wear jewels and you are not even sure if you were wearing well in the first place. This is exactly what people do: they talk. They give you opinions about how you should do it. But what you are looking for are not opinions; you want concrete facts about how you should match your jewels, how to do it right and how to look gorgeous. Today we are not going to talk about opinions, but actual facts as to how you should wear your best jewels: how to think about them, how to wear them and how to rock the party without any second thoughts. So take a deep breath because you are in the right place.


Firstly, you need to decide what part of you you would like to highlight. This is, in general, the trickiest thing that you have to deal with. Beauty comes in different forms and shapes, after all. So, before even thinking about jewels, you need to think about what part of your body you find most attractive (or others find more attractive) and draw attention towards it. Each part of your body requires a different set of jewels if you are going to highlight it in the appropriate way. Women are exceptionally beautiful beings to gaze upon, specifically because each and every part of their body is very attractive: the face, the shoulders, the chest and the legs are all easy to highlight with the appropriate jewels and it is good to start by thinking that you have a lot of options: both in what you want to highlight and the jewels that you can use to your advantage. Let’s take them one by one and figure out what the best options are for each and every situation.  



Facial Exposure

Woman-is-beautifulAlthough many women fear this, for some reason, you have to be aware of the fact that your face always was, is and always will be the most important part of your body. Every person that you are ever going to meet in your life will look into your eyes and there is one, very specific life hack that you should use to your advantage: know that people take pleasure from looking into each other’s eyes. This is not necessarily something sexual and it does not occur only between men and women. People are simply happy when the look into each other’s eyes and this the main reason why you should always try to attract attention to your face. In general, if you want this sort of attention you can make use of a few simple items: necklaces and earrings. The way in which you combine them is simple and straightforward: ensure that the necklaces and earrings are of the same material and, if you are wearing any kind of gemstones, try to acquire gemstones that are in contrast with your eye color. If you want to do this the right way we simply recommend that you Google a contrast wheel and see which color fits best for you. The basic rules are that red and green are in contrast, blue and orange are the same and, if you have brown eyes, you should know that any earth color works well to your advantage: green, brown, yellow and orange. You can also try to wear statement earrings (or a necklace), but make sure that they are the only pieces you are wearing. When wearing statements you want to keep things as simple as possible: your outfit needs to be minimalistic, do not wear too many jewels and make sure that you have that required level of confidence.  



Highlighting Your Chest

Woman-has-a-cute-makeup Arguably, the most “confusing” part of our body for the opposite sex. It is only “arguably” because some do find the power to maintain eye contact (for a while, but then they slip anyway). If you desire to highlight your chest you practically want to appear as sexy as possible. You have a few options when it comes to the best jewelry combinations here, more than your face had, anyway. You can wear necklaces, brooches, belts, bracelets and watches. The combination with which most people go (thus the safest) is the necklace – bracelet (watch) combo. The same rules apply: try to maintain the same metal or jewel material and ensure that the color fits within your overall look. The necklace – bracelet combo not only attracts attention towards the middle part of your body, but it also flatters you in in any photogenic positon. This is also a great trick if you know that you are going to be taking a lot of pictures tonight. Another option that you have is to pair a necklace with a brooch on your belt. You can also try a regular brooch, but that usually seems a little outdated, especially if the brooch is rather large. A good necklace paired with the ideal brooch on your belt makes a very interesting view. Your overall body shape is put into perspective and it enhances your beauty. We do not need to mention that you can use a good necklace with a great belt now, do we? But if you want a touch of finesse added to your style we obviously advise for a small brooch on the belt. It’s delicate, beautiful and serves for an exceptional attention catcher. Feel free to give it a go if you do not believe us, but we can assure you that you will be able to rock the party with this combination.  



Exposing the Legs

Girl-has-a-red-necklaceDear ladies, in case you did not know, your legs are the ultimate sex-appeal weapon. But you already knew that, didn’t you? Leg exposure is by far one of the best ways to destroy an event. Why is that? Because people will be more interested in looking at your legs rather than pay attention on the main event. On top of that, all the ladies in the room will also be jealous. A daring display of legs is always worthy of appreciation given the fact that most women will opt for different jewels that will draw attention to the upper parts of their bodies. The great news about leg exposure is that it does not require many jewels. In fact, the more dressed up you are the more jewels you are going to require. There are few, but very catchy ways to attain the look that you desire: belts, brooches and the lovely foot chain and what is fantastic is that you do not need to worry yourself about combinations that much. The only major requirement that can make or break the image is the right type of dress. Try matching 3 similar brooches on your belt and each of your shoes to get an interesting effect. Simplicity is also a key feature, so if you suddenly decide that one brooch on a shoe is enough, then by all means use this. Sometimes a belt is all you need. If you wear it on your waistline it might just be enough to create an impression of “stylish” and simplicity. And, of course, the foot chain is perhaps the sexiest leg accessory in the world. It is small, very gracious and it makes it impossible for men to take their eyes off it. It’s quite an exotic piece that can only do you good and it works as an ideal confidence booster. You start feeling in a certain way once ever man you encounter beholds you with an open smile.



Girl-wears-casual-clothes And it is that simple. There is no rocket science behind matching the best jewels you have or you want. He only requirement is that you value yourself in the right way. Take some time to understand what your most beautiful feature is and use the jewels you have at your disposal to enhance this wonderful feature. If you want some extra pro tips, you should mind color as much as you can. Do understand that you will most likely wearing two or three colors: a dress or an outfit color, your accessories’ color and your skin tone. Yes, your skin tone does count as an overall color, if you did not think about that before. So if you want to master the art of the best jewelry matching all you need is a color wheel and to play round with your skin tone. Do give yourself all the time and the attention you need. You will find that it is one of the most precious investments you can make in life.