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The best necklaces for women subject is always a debatable one, mostly because of the term “best”. When we think about the “best”, the majority of us are entering a vague field in our mind, trying to sort out two very important details: the best needs to be socially accepted as the greatest necklace everyone should wear, yet it also has to be the most unique one that you can wear. So we just need to make up our minds. Are we going to wear something that everyone is wearing or will we wear something that nobody knows about, but it makes us feel really cool? This is the paradox that we are going to try to tackle today.



Breaking the Paradox

Woman-with-elegant-black-hatIt’s all about how you perceive yourself and how you look at the market. First of all, you simply need to feel ok with whatever necklace you are going to wear. Social perception does not concern you at all. The first instinct that we all have drives us to try to impress others. It is natural, yet not efficient at all. Are we actually impressing anyone by entering a room wearing some fancy necklace and saying “ohoh, look at me. Look at my pretty necklace, I paid so much for it. I am so fabulous”? No. We would actually make a fool of ourselves. But what is sad above all else is that we are attempting to fool ourselves. We need to eliminate the money from our equation.

Many people believe that they are better if they spend more money on necklaces for women, but that is not the case. In fact, you should know that the majority of wealthy people in the world do not buy these jewels in abundance.

They maybe get an expensive piece once every few years, but modesty plays a very important role in how you choose necklaces as well.



Nothing needs to be too fancy. You do not really need 200 diamonds on your necklace, you don’t need 24K gold and you most certainly do not need to buy what everyone is wearing because, well, you would just be like everyone. And that’s not your purpose now, is it? Now let’s move to how you should view the market. It is quite obvious that all the people will be searching for the best of the best. When everyone is heading in one direction, do you follow? In this case, it might be a great idea to turn back and see what everyone else is leaving behind! There are plenty of jewels out there that are exceptional, inspirational and, above all, simplistic. Simplicity always works if you want to impress. Why? Because the best necklaces are not those that impress others. They are the ones that impress yourself. What’s the technique behind finding the best necklaces? Look at the bottom of every top you can find. It sounds insane! How could one aspire for more when we are looking downward? It is because we look at everything that is already being overlooked.

Most people stop within a top 5 necklaces for women and only desire those.

Yet most people also fool themselves. Not everyone can get their hands on the L’Incomparable or the Heart of the Ocean, but if you look in the right places, you might just find what you are looking for.




Where Do We Look for the Best Necklaces?

Girl-watches-the-waterfall As contradictory as it sounds, you want to access the sites that most people do. Amazon Fashion is a good example. But why do you want to find the best jewels in a place where everyone can buy them? It is because you cleverly cover the social perception part. You know that people trust this seller and you know that you have a variety of items to choose from. Once you get this important detail out of the way, you proceed to the best seller category. We know what you’re thinking: “Best seller?! You just told us that you need to go for something unique and you are suggesting Amazon and best sellers?” Yes, this is the approach you need to follow. In the best seller section you will not look at the top of the list, obviously. Those are the most purchased items around and you are 100% likely to find someone else wearing them. This is the part when you start researching. You look for what catches your eye, whatever you consider the best item and the most beautiful. Here is a simple example: in the best sellers in Women’s Fashion Necklaces (Amazon Fashion), the first three items are the Lovav Party Prom 2016 necklace, the Lovav Party Prom Inlaid Oval Crystal necklace and the ALOV Jewelry Sterling Silver "I Love You To The Moon and Back" Love Heart Pendant necklace. They are all great necklaces, they look fantastic, they are quite cost-efficient and you are bound to take center stage with them in whatever room you may decide.


The only challenge is that, if they are the top three items on the list, everyone buys them. We’re not here for everyone’s best. We’re for your best. But if you look lower on the top list you can find two exceptional items: the Sue's Secret "Teardrop of Angel" Pendant Necklace and the Fashion Jewelry Heart Pendant necklace. Their criteria: out of the ordinary, beautiful designs, they come in shades of purple (which is not a color that everyone is easily willing to wear) and, of course, you know that only a few people will purchase. The risk of running into a person wearing the same necklace during tonight’s party is minimized (although life can be really surprising, that we can all agree on). How did we find the actual best necklaces? We simply looked among the pieces that nobody looks through. Apply this method whenever you shop for necklaces for women (and not only online). If you ever see a region in your local shop that seems to be rather unpopular or unvisited, go there. You never know what you can find. Trust us when we tell you this: the most awesome jewels are often found in all the places you never even considered visiting. Do not miss your chances. Everything is worth a shot.



If You Want to Up Your Game a Little

Girl-with-red-backpackShould you be interested in other necklaces that you consider “the best”, we actually recommend that you take on your local shops. This is because the experience of touching, feeling, wearing and seeing a necklace is a more complete one for anybody who desires one such accessory. The experience that the internet has to offer can sometimes be more diverse and some jewels are a lot faster to spot than in a regular shop and. Above everything else, if you order from an online shop and you do not like the final product, it takes time to send the item back or you could be faced with the reality that you cannot give the object back. The necklace’s length and design are entirely up to you. You can even check some of our previous guides on top necklaces so you can get an overview on what options you have. We actually recommend that you look at gold, silver, platinum and pearl necklaces every time you want to buy something new. You would be surprised to find out how well they work with a variety of clothes and how you can adorn yourself in the best possible ways. As a pro tip, you should know that pearls and platinum offer a great deal of freedom when it comes to how you adjust them to your clothes. But, in the end, the best necklace is the one that suits you, not one that should be suggested to you. Let’s take a moment and try to recap everything that we have learnt today. First of all, we need to understand what the “best necklace” means for us.


There are many people out there who are stuck in between social perception and being unique and the easiest way to get out of this is to change your perspective. Do not think about how much money you need to spend on a necklace that looks good and do not buy the top sellers that you see in every shop. Research your way through everything before you make a final decision. You will find that a well sought-after jewel is very precious compared to the same piece that everyone else is wearing. Take the shopping experience to a nearby shop if you want to impress yourself. Touch the necklace that you like, wear it and experience it. You have all the freedom you need to make a decision that will actually please you. Solely relying on the internet is not always the best option, yet you should bear in mind that it can bring greater diversity to the table. In the end, getting your hands on the best necklace will take time and a little effort, but it is going to be worth the wait.



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