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Best Online Jewellers In England


Things get a little complicated when you want to shop for jewels online. Even though we live in an era in which clothing can be sent back as soon as possible and replaced with a proper fit (or you can acquire another item of roughly the same value), some people still fear credit cards and online shopping. This is why the best online jewellers should always be a subject of concern for anybody who not only wants to shop online, but anyone who wants to help people get over their fears of shopping. Of course, it’s totally ok and understandable if you want to hang tight to your money. You do not need to buy 10 pieces of jewelry right now.


Most of the people buy two or three at max every season and don’t worry, there are plenty of women out there who look gorgeous with just a few pieces every year. Still, it’s time we looked at some of the most appreciate jewelers in England so that you can grasp the bigger picture. The shops that we are recommending today are 100% trustworthy – they have been around for a long time, they have a well-established clientele and rest assured that you are never going to experience an unpleasant service. And if you ever will, someone is going to solve the challenge for you. We are talking about professionals here.



Welcome to Bottica

Girl-is-outdoorNewsflash: if you want to find jewels that none of your friends have, you had better access Bottica as fast as you can. Really, we are not entirely sure why not many people know about this online shop, but instead of complaining about it we might as well use it to our advantage. You can find almost any type of jewelry you desire here and producer variation is unlike anything you expected. From Turkey, all the way to Taiwan, every shopper who gives Bottica a chance will surely end up with at least one piece that was made across the globe. How is Bottica pricewise? Well, it’s pretty much for anybody who desire s anything. You want a £10 necklace? You got it. Turn your eyes to a £3000 piece… suffice it to say that if you have the cash you can get that as well. It’s a shop for anyone who wants to shop. Did we happen to mention what a user-friendly site this is? Oh yes, it is literally impossible to get lost or confuse things. You have a multitude of search filters you can choose from: country, style, designer and even material. It is really nice and comforting to shop and get verifiable information about the designer. This is a good thing to remember if you ever encounter the friend who is afraid to buy from unreliable sources. On top of all of these cool features, you can also share your purchases for everyone to see. If you like it, we recommend that you have a look around. It is very likely that you will find some items that you will enjoy and, if you don’t (although we highly doubt it), there are also men’s items.



Expand Your Universe with Astley Clarke

Girl-stands-on-the-grass Astley Clarke is a London-based jewelry shop which has all its designs created upstairs. Literally. Everything you see in the boutique is crafted in the studio just above it. This is not your average studio, might we add. They are working with international designers and also partner with other collaborators in order to sell pieces via the shop. Just to make things clear: whenever you see the word “fine” you should know that these guys mean it. The least you should expect to pay for a jewel you purchase from Astley Clarke should be around £30. The most is only £20,000. So yes, do take your time. The good news is that whatever you find here is actually worth it. If you are already checking it out, you might notice that the site is not all too glamorous, but the people behind it understand that it’s all about product quality and not the image that you are trying to display. The majority of online jewelers struggle to create a cool and popular image for themselves, but one that has absolutely nothing to do with expectations and reality. So they emerge, stay close to the top for a few weeks (months/perhaps a year or two) and then they disappear. Why? The demand that they created does not actually exist and the brand’s image was a total fake. This does not apply with Astley Clarke. This is one of the best online jewellers around and it is going ton stay that way for a long time.  



Other Faithful Names That You Should Consider

Woman-wears-an-elegant-red-dressAlthough Bottica and Astley Clarke are names that have probably gained great reputation until now and people actually know about them, they are not the only players on the field. There are plenty of other stores that really deserve the spotlight because of the hard work that people have put behind them. Here are some super reliable names that we would like to approach and recommend wholeheartedly: & Other Stories, the Individual, Browns Fashion and Folski. We will tell you exactly why each and every one of these shops is worth checking out and we seriously recommend that you at least access their sites. The results that you might experience could be fantastic. & Other Stories is a rather new competitor on UK’s market. Nonetheless, this was not a thing that drew it backwards. On the contrary, being small nowadays is the equivalent of being a titan. All you need to to push hard through the competition and get yourself out there. This brand is accessible for everyone and it is quite interesting to know that because everything costs in between less than £10 and £60 at max. It’s a cost-efficient brand dedicated to everybody, and while you will not find accessories made from precious metals, you will definitely be able to stand out with anything you buy from here. The Individual is a great alternative if you want to support fellow Brits in their passion.


The site is also London-based and it only sells pieces forged by passionate contemporaries. You can search based on jewel price and bear in mind that the under £50 is extremely vast. You are very likely to find something here that is either suited for yourself or for a close friend. If you are into unique gift scouting then this might be the place you were looking for. Completely under the radar, good quality, prices are great and you can keep coming back for more because these guys are super trustworthy. Fine jewelry… everybody promises it, but not many can offer it the way Browns Fashion does. This is fine jewelry done differently and it surely caught our eyes. The only challenge that some people might encounter is money. Yes, some items could make you cry. But this particular shop has been around since the 70s, so if it is still around it means something. People value it, they trust these products and if they keep coming back, well, they keep coming back for a reason. Going for a £10,000 bondage ring can burn your wallet a little bit.



Girl-wears-a-blue-t-shirt Lastly, let’s talk about Folsky. This is an alternative for The Individual, if you will. It was set up for independent UK crafters so that they could stand out in an accessible way. Do not mind if you see clothes and homeware on the site. Jewels and accessories account for the majority of items that are being sold via the site. Filter your search however you like and take a look at the seller as well. You will see everything that they have sold and be able to establish whether you would like to start a trade with them or not. Everything is transparent, easy to use and at your disposal. That’s about all the online shops that we would would recommend in England. Of course, there are plenty of others that you can choose from, but we feel that these are safe and reliable opportunities that you should take advantage of. You will notice that most of these shops, with the exception of Browns Fashion, are super accessible. Anybody can click and shop without worrying about money too much and the promised quality is way above great. Just remember that the best online jewellers take plenty of things into consideration: the type of public they appeal to, the materials they are using and the quality of their jewels and, of course, the price. Most of these shops are pretty much open to anyone and this gives them a great advantage because they can build their notoriety as quickly as possible. They pay very close attention to your needs and solve any challenges, should they ever appear. So do not be afraid of online shopping and credit cards anymore. Shop confidently. These stores are exactly what you need.