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Beyonce's Childhood

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You will often see that if you want to find out more about one person you want to look at their past, and not their future. Such is the case of Beyoncé, as with many other important celebrities. Beyoncé’s childhood was not exactly one with hardships and difficult events to pass through, but she did have her challenges and, as we all know, the strongest people in the world are those who face their fears and not hide from them. Today, we are not only going to talk about Beyoncé’s past, but how she evolved from a shy young child into the superstar that she is today. The most defining thing about her is her dancing style, which was not exactly easy to obtain in the first place. From a tender age, she knew that singing and dancing would be the way in which she wanted to live her life and, with the help of her parents, this is exactly what she achieved by the age of 21.


At a young age, Beyoncé was already walking down the path to her freedom, but she soon realized that walking down that path would be more of a challenge than just achieving that status. She understood that maintaining herself at the top would be more challenging than just singing and dancing. Because it is quite difficult to cover her entire childhood’s story (because nobody knows it better than her, of course), we will focus on the most important events which we believe led to the shaping of one such great artist. Bear in mind that this can become rather subjective, but we believe that the time that we have spent studying celebrities has given us enough insight to understand who she is and why she has made it thus far.  



It Actually Started with Her Parents

Beyonce-is-happyWe all agree that our parents have an extraordinary impact on who we are, correct? Well, we can definitely that Beyoncé was actually a lucky child when it comes to this subject. Daughter to Mathew and Tina Knowles, she actually had some of the best teachers to learn from when it comes being successful. Mathew Knowles was a sales representative who had been selling medical equipment for years and Tina worked at a bank, only to later release a beauty salon that came to be one of the most successful ones in Houston. You see, both parents had extremely difficult jobs which mold you. If a parent is molded correctly, then so are their children. If you also gave read to our Rihanna's Past - Humble Beginnings guide, you might already know how important we find it if people have grown up in sales or close to those who practice them. No matter what sales you are into, it is always a harsh industry which teaches you how to cope with the magic word “no”. It molds you in such a way that you become immune to it and you understand that you have to press on in life and you have to work for what you want.


On top of everything else, working in sales allows you to understand that, before becoming successful, you must first give something and be patient for the result to build up in time. Having been accustomed to the industry and having performed it well, it would be no surprise to us if part of her father’s influence has helped her get this far. The same thing can be said about her mother, Tina. Working with money is yet another tough job and, above all else, deciding to open your own beauty salon and jumping from one career to another like that is no easy task. We firmly believe that, in order for a child to know what success is, they need to see their parents do it. Children do not need mothers who spend their time behind the frying pan. Children need mothers who win, who move on through life despite their difficulties and who make things happen. Tina was one such mother and we attribute Beyoncé’s success to this very important part of her life. Tina was also the one who made a very important decision about one activity that would change the girl’s life forever and this is why she played a crucial role in the artist’s life.  



It All Started with Dancing

Beyonce-wears-a-red-dress Ever since beyonce’s childhood, she was not known as the most sociable child in the classroom. She was shy, did not talk to many people, did not want to talk to many people and her friends list did not really extend more than just a few people. This is the classic childhood story about a young girl coming into a new world and not knowing where her place was. It’s something that we are all aware of because, to a certain extent, we have all been there. The only difference between us and the rest of the celebrities is the way in which we solved this problem… if we solved it, to begin with. This is where Tina Knowles made a decision that would change her daughter’s life forever: she enrolled her into a dancing class. We know, it does not seem spectacular (and it might also seem awkward after you hear the reasoning for it), but the truth is that this was the decision that made Beyoncé who she is today. Tina wanted her to learn how to dance only to make friends. That was, in fact, the purpose of the enrollment. She was not particularly interested in the girl’s performance, but she did want her to have a social life and get along with more children.


A wise man once said that the only thing standing between you and your happiness is the assumption that you are alone. Maybe she knew this, maybe she didn’t, but the choice of allowing her to have one such performance was above extraordinary. All seemed well. The girl seemed to be pleased with how lessons were going and showed interest, but her parents actually saw what the results were when they had gone to her first performance. Beyoncé was fantastic! She was graceful, displayed an understanding of good rhythm and was one of the most, if not the most, confident children on the stage. Both parents cheered with enthusiasm and they knew that their daughter was on the right path. Now why do we believe that this is such an important event? Because dancing is one of the very few activities which actually give you confidence and self-esteem. It’s not only about learning a few moves. It’s about getting accustomed to your body, learning how to respect yourself and your image, it also helps you mold and understand your body in such a way that you do not feel ashamed with yourself. In short, dancing builds confidence. And, if you want another very important example of how this works, we actually recommend that you take a look at Karlie Kloss as well. She also admitted the fact that dancing changed her life forever. So yes, Beyoncé’s success is based on one decision she made in her childhood: she decided to dance.  



But It Could Not Have Been Just That…

Beyonce-wears-an-elegant-outfitNo, of course not. Beyoncé always knew that she wanted to be a singer and a dancer, so she had to stick to her plan. In fact, dancing alone might have boosted her confidence tenfold, but she might have ended up doing something else entirely were she not interested in this particular industry. But this is the thing with children once they realize that they have an extraordinary potential: they move forward. They are not like adults, they are not weighed down by a ton of no’s and you can’t’s. They just move forward and want to achieve their dreams. We do believe that she was a lucky child because her parents demonstrated that they knew how to educate her well and her sister might have also had a positive impact because she wanted to join her in the industry. This is the particular family that wants to see things done and which strives for success, so a fair thing to say is that she had the exact environment required to become a super star. She knows it and she is very grateful for it. We all know what a kind and generous person Beyoncé is. This would not be possible without proper education. These are the things we believe are most important in beyonce’s childhood. But, as we mentioned before, this is just our opinion. You do not necessarily have to agree with it. Still, we do recommend that you look a little bit deeper into her past and see if you can discover you own patters, the little details that make you believe you could reach her status as well. To be fair, Beyoncé is perhaps one of the many celebrities you can look up to if you want to have a successful life. She si truly astonishing.


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