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Birthday Gifts: Letter Pendant Necklaces


There are two reasons as to why you might be here: you are either looking for advice on letter pendant necklaces or you might be a gentleman who either wants to buy one or make it yourself. There is only good news on this subject. Firstly, you are in the right place, and secondly, we will teach you how to properly look for these pendants and give you instructions on how to craft one yourself. We also need to congratulate you. Choosing to gift one such pendant as a birthday item is extraordinarily thoughtful of you, especially since letters can create a very intimate relationship between two people.


First things first, you are obviously aware of the variables that you have at your disposal when it comes to the letter that you pick, correct? You can pick the first letter of your friend’s name, perhaps family name, the first letter of a secret word that only you two use in very specific situations and it can also be the initial of something or very dear to your friend. We are saying this because there are plenty of people out there who are actually unaware of how many things they can choose from. The majority obviously gets stuck at their friend’s first name letter and do not like to keep things original. So ensure that you have a variety of letters to play with.  



Letter Pendant Necklaces: Where to Shop for Them

Girl-is-walking-in-the-woodsNow that you have thought about what letters you can choose, it’s time to take the action to the closest shop, or even online if you wish. Although online shops might be able to provide you with more design variety than local ones do, we always encourage our readers to visit local jewelry shops, especially if they are looking for birthday presents. There are two main reasons why we recommend this. The first reason is obviously related to the ease of finding what you are looking for. There are many situations in the world every day when people keep looking for something online, they do not find what they seek, so they take a 15 minute walk and realize that the jewel they needed was just a few blocks away. In this particular scenario let’s say that you would not be frustrated because you found the thing your friend most wanted, but there was a lot of time spent in the process, time that could have been properly spent looking for a jewel for yourself, for instance!


The first reason is a little more indirect and it is related to how your expectations can rise unexpectedly. Since you are likely to find more diversity online, the more you go through all the jewels, the more your expectations grow, the less likely you will be to find a suitable gift. And that is the good news, the bad news is that the more your expectations grow, the more expensive these gifts will get. It’s all in one’s head and it’s all very natural, but you do not want to make the process a lot harder now, do you? The key is to find the perfect pendant necklace within a short period of time and within an affordable price. But if you decide to shop for them online, do not let us get in your way. If you are shopping ahead of time you might actually be able to find what you need, for a price of your convenience, it can be delivered to you and you might even be able to send it back in case you are not sure about measurements. Online shopping obviously has its advantages and, if you so desire, then look for pendant necklaces as much as you like.


Woman-wears-an-elegant-black-hat Now let’s talk about pendant designs. When we are talking letters, we are usually referring to three specific designs: the minimalistic carve into a metal or alloy, the letter craft and the covered pendant necklace. The minimalistic carve is the usual letter pendant that we see on plenty of people’s chests: a letter carved into a metal. The letter can be carefully carved or intentionally carved to look rugged and you can choose what style fits best for the friend you want to buy it for. As for the letter craft, this is the more artistic approach: round letters made of a precious metal such as silver or gold. They are quite beautiful to behold, discrete and, trust us on this one, they are perhaps the easiest letter pendants that you can gift because their looks are so gorgeous. We have met anyone who was not delighted by one such gift, so if you want to buy a 100% viable letter pendant that can be used in any situation, go for it. The covered pendant necklace is the sort which always has something over the letter. It’s either a little lock or a door-like mechanism that covers what lies within the jewel. This is the most philosophical approach of all simply because the letter is not meant to be shared with just anyone. In most of the cases, these pendants also come with a picture. They are relatively rare, but much cherished. You might want to buy this for a philosopher or a very profound person. Although the crafted letter is always a good option, you should carefully consider that profound people will consider this type of pendant more suitable for their style, thus you will be rewarded with much appreciation.  



Crafting Letter Pendant Necklaces

Black-girl-is-beautifulAgain, good news everywhere: if you decided to make a letter pendant, whether it is for a dear friend or for your beloved, you are an awesome person. Above all else, a gift is always great to receive, but once you tell her that it was you who made it, that’s scoring 1000 points in one shot. To top it off, we need to tell you that it is not difficult at all, so let’s show you what you need to do. First things first, you will need a hammer, a jeweler’s bench block, some letter punch stamps, a masker tape (or a painter’s tape), a black marker, some rubbing alcohol and stamping blank. What you need to do now is to apply the tape over the stamping blank over the jeweler’s bench block. Use the letter punchers and slap them nice and easy with the hammer. Remember to have a metallic jeweler’s bench block. This is really important because of how the final jewel will turn up. If the surface is too soft two things can happen: you will either break the stamping black or, if you do not, the letter will not come out as clear as it should. We also recommend that you buy a few stamping blanks so that you can practice hitting them and getting the right feel. Getting a letter sunk in usually requires 2 to 3 hits at max, depending on how solid the stamp is. So in order for you to get that right feel, you need to know how hard your second strike must be. Ok, now that you got those letters engraved nicely, we have to make them stand out. Use the marker over them once, or twice at max. You can draw a marker line over all of them. That’s why you have the alcohol in the first place. Now that everything looks black, it’s time to apply some of that alcohol on a soft sheet and start rubbing. Do not try to rub into the letters, just the stamping blank’s surface. Once yo are done, you should have a nicely crafted letter pendant that you friend will be wearing proudly around their neck. And the good news doesn’t stop here: now you can officially craft phrases and bigger letters since you are the master of basics. Gentlemen, we guarantee that your ladies will love this.  



Summing Up the Basics

Fashion-clothes-on-a-girl Now that we have it all laid out for you, it’s time to make things simple so that you don’t have to go through the wall of text again. There are two ways in which you can acquire a letter pendant for yourself, your friends or your dearest half: you can either buy them at a local jewelry shop or you can make them yourselves. Remember that resorting to local shops can be a great timesaver and it can also help you avoid raising your quality and financial expectations. Just keep it as simple as possible. You are buying a lovely birthday gift, not the latest Cartier collection. It is really sweet of you if you decide to make these pendants yourselves. They are not at all difficult to create, but you might need some extra stamping blanks so that you can get accustomed to hitting those letters in the right way. We are not exactly sure for ladies, but for the gentlemen this process can be quite fun. By doing this you will save time, money and you will have acquired a great skill that you can use in future endeavors as you please.