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Black Cufflinks - How to Wear Them

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Dear gentlemen, if you are not yet aware of the importance of black cufflinks, this is the perfect place for you to begin your immersion into this world of men’s jewelry. Think about it for a moment. Women have it all: earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, anything. What do men have? The necklaces that are quite rare, earrings that simply do not work and the rings needs to be super stylish and can only be worn on rare, special occasions (plus the wedding ring, but there are plenty people who choose not to wear them either). What else is there to make men a little shinier?



This is your must-read guide to black cufflinks

. If you have never considered using these stylish, elegant and yet subtle accessories, it’s about time you opened your eyes. There is a whole world of spectacular black cufflinks out there just waiting to match your style and make you feel wonderful. The era of buttons has come to an end. Black cufflinks are the new elegant. But where do you begin? You might be here because of two reasons: you either know absolutely nothing about them and you need to be informed or you might know something, but you are not even sure that what you know is accurate. Rest assured that you are on the right hands and let’s start with the basics.



The Basics


Man's-white-sleeve-with-black-cufflinksIf you truly want to get into the black cufflinks - how to universe, you must begin by crossing off the socially implanted idea that black cufflinks are only for men’s semi-formal wear. If you have a long-sleeved shirt with the required holes, cufflinks can pretty much work with anything. They are meant to fasten any cuff and they are a great alternative to old-school buttons. Just take a moment and think that the sown-in buttons are stuck there forever, and you do not want to bother with buying any buttons now, do you? You can buy three different cufflinks for one shirt and you can match it with 3 different outfits.


They are not only chick, they actually give you options.

There is no other male jewelry piece that can offer you the same perspective as black cufflinks do.

The only thing that they have in common with buttons is that you can choose different shapes, sizes, colors and materials. Apart from that, they are everything you want a button to be and more. The most important thing to know about them is that they are not necessarily normal. They are meant to give you freedom, not constrain you. There is not much theory that you need to know about cufflinks. You only need to know that it’s comprised of 3 major parts: the face, the post and the toggle. The face is practically what you are looking for in terms of style since that is the part that needs to match the rest of your outfit (along with the material). The post is the connection between the face and the toggle and the latter is the part that ensures that your cuff stays connected. In order to properly place a cufflink you need to ensure that the toggle goes through all the cuff holes then just place it in a horizontal position. There is no rocket science about it.



Types, Materials and How to Use


Black-cufflinks-on-white-background As for types of cufflinks, they have to suit your preferences. There are a total of 8 types of cufflinks which we will go through briefly so that you can gain the proper knowledge about them. The types are as follows: bullet black cufflinks, whale back, stud/buttons, chain links, ball return, locking cufflinks, silk-knots and fabric cufflinks. Don’t be scared about the list’s length, they are all quite simple. Bullet Black cufflinks and Whale Backs are quite similar because of the flat heads. The former’s post is straight while the latter’s is a hollow frame. Whale Backs are the easiest cufflinks to work with, but the Bullet Blacks seem somewhat more comfortable since they take up less space.



In order to lock the links in place, the cylinder needs to be flipped outward.The Stud or the Button style cannot be hinged. They simply have a larger head and a smaller interior head. You need to tilt the smaller one and then straighten it so that it can be locked in place. What is very convenient when it comes to the Stud/Button style is that the lack of moving parts makes it exceptionally durable. The chain links: two identical heads that give a looser sensation when worn. They are also a very pleasant to look at decoration since you can actually see the chains while wearing your shirt. Gives off a very young vibe. The Ball Return style is somewhere in between hinged cufflinks and chains. They feel a lot looser than hinged cuffs, but a little big tighter than chains. They can prove to be expensive pieces if chosen to be made out of precious metals and ball weight also adds to the overall cufflink cost.


The locking cufflinks are almost the same thing as opening and closing a watchband. The post and the hinge are one in this style. It is contemporary and it does take some practice to learn how to operate properly, but it can easily turn from a learning experience into a very pleasant sensation. The knots are the cutest cufflinks out there. It is impossible not to like them, but they come at a rather high price: they are not at all durable. This is because they are made of silk in most situations. They are the perfect example of why cufflinks are not entirely formal. Having many colors and a silky look, these are the perfect accessories to take in casual situations. Fabric cufflinks can also be used in the same situations.


Elegant-man-is-watching-the-viewSince these accessories can be adjusted to different styles, we recommend that you look into the material that you are going to use. You can literally choose anything: gold, titanium, platinum, enamel, crystal, carbon fiber, Mother of Pearl, glass, gun metal, precious stones, onyx and the list can go on. Some materials like titanium and carbon fiber can be used for any kind of event while Mother of Pearl and Gold demand more formal events. And remember that some materials require more care than others. You really want to keep glass and crystal out of harm’s way. Now that you know about the types and materials, the obvious next step in the cufflinks - how to journey is to know when to wear them.


As you might already know, the formal and semi-formal alternatives are always there for the taking. There is no way you can strike a bad chord with this decision. Unfortunately, your entire wardrobe is not comprised of formal wear. The good news is that it does not need to, because you not only know that the cufflink-formal connection is just a perception, but you now have the tools to make them your informal weapon. Fashion is not all about what most men do, but about what you do to stand out from the rest of the men. Most men wear black cufflinks with something formal, so if you can find a way to wear them with that old flannel in a very cool and casual way, do it. Colorful shirts work with colorful knots. Improvise, find out what makes you feel exquisite, special and go out into the world. There is also no shame in getting it wrong a few times. The neat gentlemen you saw in that ball room might have gone through a dozen tries until they finally sorted out what style sorts them best. If they did it, you can do it too.


All the Goodies in One Place


Cufflinks-with-tie-and-watch So let’s recap and make sure that you have all the cufflink know-how. Don’t get fooled about socially perceived formality. You can weak cufflinks at a regular go-out or at a picnic if you want to. Think about the clothes and the colors that you want to wear and ideas will pour smoothly. Cufflinks come in different sizes, shapes and materials. Explore. Find out what you are looking for and what suits you best. You need to take into account how comfortable you feel about them. Cufflinks are only scary if you do not know anything about them. Once you find out how easy it is to put them on and how to combine them, they turn into one of your greatest allies. Your only goal is to reach the perfect look for you.


The material is a must-know. Do not forget that certain materials go hand in hand with certain events. You might not want to pick up Mother of Pearl if you’re going to a walk in the park or a movie. Keep things simple and elegant. You are now officially initiated in the art of the cufflink, so the only thing that you require now is the willingness to experiment. Trade confidently, your best look is only a few tries away.


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