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Blue Topaz - The Stone of the Future

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There are plenty of reasons as to why the blue topaz is deemed as the stone of the future. There is something about this stone that transcends pure beauty and what is so awesome about it is that it comes with a great number of advantage nobody is aware of. If you are planning to expand your jewelry box, then be sure that you keep some extra space for this jewel. It is literally going to rock your world. Apart from its unknown characteristics, you might be aware that the topaz is the second most popular gemstone in the world. The only gemstone that is is above it is the sapphire. Topaz is an extremely hard material, scoring an impressive 8 on Mohs hardness scale and being available in various vivid hues. On top of everything else, topaz is one of the most cost-efficient gemstones out there. Its price per carat is nothing compared to aquamarine or other, more expensive gemstones. So you now know that it is the second most appreciated gemstone in the world, it is as hard as steel (well, not really, but it is really hard!), that is available in multiple colors and that it is quite cheap. What other possible characteristics could there be to outmatch these? Trust us, the journey has only just begun.  



A Change In Communication

Girl-has-a-blonde-elegant-hairThe topaz is known throughout the world for having extreme impact on communication. Of course, this subject could be up for debate for some. The weaker argument is that “that’s not possible” and a more interesting one would be that “we are talking about Placebo here”. Fair enough, but there is one answer to both these arguments: belief. Topaz has been taught for generations to be a stone that improves communication in many ways. It resembles a superstition. If people believe in it strongly enough, then it means it’s real. And since so many people around the world have a strong belief that this is a communication stone and they feel great about it then, well, it is a communication stone. What does it do exactly? First of all, it is said to improve your way of communicating effectively, both in writing and verbal. It allows you to express yourself in a way which is meaningful, not only to you but to those whom you speak to as well. It helps you establish a better connection, leading to empathy and thus understanding between you and those around you. It also appears to be good for the people who do not really feel comfortable with public speaking. We all know what a horror it must be for some people to walk up on a stage and start talking… or not start talking at all. Topaz is a stone that gives you the confidence to move forward and past your fear of the stage.



Girl-has-a-beautiful-smile Another key factor that people speak of, and it seems to reoccur, is the fact that topaz can help you choose the career path you want to follow. It is said to have some sort of vibration that will ensure you whether you are following the right path or not. While this might not sound reasonable in the beginning, everything changes if you add the word frequency in the entire picture. If find the same frequency which you resonate with, you practically found the job you were looking for. And you can extend this train of thought to any other important part of your life. The last important feature that topaz presents itself with is the ability to be more open to those who are most dear to us. It often happens that we do not know how to communicate our feelings appropriately, in a way in which others can understand and empathize with us. Topaz helps us pass this obstacle, and communicating better means that people will be able to understand what we want and help us achieve our goals. So why can we consider that a stone that enhances communications skills is a stone of the future? Quite simple: it is because we live in. Technology makes us more impersonal than ever before. Even though we can easily connect with anyone online, it is easy to forsake the joy of having a face to face conversation. Blue topaz brings us back to where it all began and this is why it is a jewel that we should always keep close to our hearts.



This Is the Writer’s Stone

Girl-is-inside-the-cave Oh, yes! If writing finds itself amongst your passions you definitely need to grab a topaz for inspiration. It does not matter what kind of writing you are into. Whether you simply go for short stories from time to time, attempting to write great novels or just writing a blog, topaz is always a jewel that you should have around. It is said to inspire creativity, but why is this in the first place? People believe that a blue stone, especially topaz, resonates well within the throat chakra. It helps you express yourself more accurately and it also enables your empathic abilities. After all, the best writers are those who find the right words that move and inspire their audience. We can even take a deeper dive into spiritualism and assure you that this stone will come to great aid should you be a psychic reader or if your work field has anything to do with the psyche. Any job which demands that you speak from your soul practically demands topaz. There are also rumors that the topaz works through the third eye chakra, unshackling your mental abilities and giving you clarity. If you are familiar with the concepts of mind, body and spirit you will be pleased to know that topaz has a very interesting effect on them all. Many gemstone experts agree upon the belief that topaz unites all three selves, giving you a complete vision of life. Society often forces us to detach all of them. Thus it is only normal that we attempt to unite all parts of ourselves so that we can get in touch with who we really are, what our purpose in life is and how to make the world a better place both for ourselves and those around us.  



So When Should You Wear These Gems?

Girl-has-a-beautiful-red-dressSo we know that topaz enhances communication skills, it’s good for writers and it boosts your creativity. Needless to say, any situation in our lives that demands either one of these qualities is a good opportunity to wear topaz. They are also a December birthstone, so if you see people wearing topaz around Christmas you will know exactly why they are doing it. You have a difficult presentation that you do not know how to manage? Topaz might be the answer you are looking for. Maybe you have to speak in front of a large audience and you are not feeling confident enough? This might also be a good opportunity. And maybe you have to talk to someone in your family about an important issue. You are not sure how they are going to react to it, you are not sure how to express yourself and you are not sure whether to conversation will end one way or the other. Wear topaz. The most important feature that this jewel provides is belief in yourself. And if you need to materialize your belief into a gemstone in the beginning that is totally fine. People need to believe in themselves if they are ever going to succeed in life and if topaz can do this for you then you should definitely use it. It’s a characteristic that is hardly ever achieved and belief is not a concept that you can toy with. It is safe to say that, despite having plenty of positive characteristics, topaz is one of the most reliable gemstones out there. Now it’s time to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Why is topaz, in fact the jewel of the future? Is it only because of social constraint or is there something else to it? Well, it’s a little bit about society, a little bit about your energy and the impact you have on the world.



Woman-has-an-elegant-shirtWe are all socially constrained in some way, at least we feel that way. There are always some things that we can do and others that we cannot; things that we can say and things that we have to keep for ourselves. It is important to understand that we cannot be bound forever. As long as we continue to maintain the same habits nothing is going to change, so we might as well try chancing something. This is where belief comes in. As long as we can believe that we can make a change we really can. The only challenge is that we need to find that belief somehow. It lies within us, but we often rely on something else. Blue topaz is a jewel that we can rely on and if this is the gemstone that allows us to have great impact on the world around us, then we can certainly call it the gem of the future.


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