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Bradd Pitt's Controversial Life

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The main reason why brad pitt’s life story seems so controversial is because of the fact that he never seemed to know what to want from life. We all know Pitt for who he is today: a married man, a true lover, a dedicated father, an extraordinary actor and a businessman. It is safe to say that Pitt has everything that a man could ever dream of. But how did he do all of that? How did Brad Pitt come to have one of the most successful lives in Hollywood history? Be married with one of the most beautiful women in the world, be a good father and a businessman at the same time? Most men get distracted by all of these and end up in a terrible situation. But not him.


First of all, if we should properly understand Pitt’s life, we should definitely start with the fact that he was uncertain. Yes, there is not rocket science to a celebrity’s life: they were either really undecided, did not know what to do and had to experiment a lot, or they knew exactly what they were supposed to do and failed 1000 times until they got it right. This is the only life philosophy you should be aware of. Nonetheless, as years passed over him, Brad finally came to understand that the only way of living a successful life was selling. “Selling? Brad Pitt’s an actor! What is he selling?!” We are very glad if these two sentences have gone through your head. Not only will we go through parts of his life, but we will also elucidate how Brad Pitt is one of the best and most convincing salesmen in the world. Not many people can see it, fewer even believe it, but if you decide to stick around and find out, you will learn his most precious secrets.


An Undecided Child

Bradd-pitt-wears-a-suitAs we previously mentioned, Pitt was not exactly... settled when he was younger. He was not in the best of terms with religion, he attended a few different schools in which he hung out with different children and was always looking for something a little more interesting and “for his taste”, should we put it that way.  He liked, golf, swimming and tennis a lot and he actually dedicated a great part of his childhood to clubs of these types so he could better learn the sports and make good friends. Although these things seemed trivial at the time, they did nothing more than expand a young Brad Pitt’s perspective of the world. They also helped him tenfold because he was raised in a rather conservative home. Only accustomed to the traditional ways, Pitt knew from a tender age that he could not linger with old views. The only way for him to actually emerge and embrace the new was to discover it. And this is exactly what he just did. In 1982, he somehow ended up in a university which taught him journalism and advertising. Can you actually believe it? Brad Pitt studying advertising? Nonetheless, this was the truth. Bitt knew that that was not his calling. And since he was really passionate about acting, he tried giving it a chance as well. Back in 1987, when a young Pitt was literally struggling to make a living in Los Angeles, he also dedicated some time to learning the craft. He even ended up leaving university and working some out of the ordinary jobs to sustain himself. Luckily, that was enough. Between 1987 and 1993 he did nothing more than appear in films that would only add to his experience, yet none of them (with the exception of Thelma and Louise) made it to the spotlight in such a way that would give Brad Pitt into the spotlight. It was after 1994 when he actually got the parts that truly made him famous. Movies such as Interview with a Vampire and Fight Club made him huge and Pitt finally got the results for all the work and effort that he put into acting in all the previous years. This is why part of his life is controversial. People do not understand how an actor who has done more than play in some “minor” movies can end up exploding in popularity like that. The answer is simple: you just keep working until you get things done.  



What Does Selling Have to Do with All of This?

Bradd-pitt-wears-a-hat Brad pitt’s life story is a story about sales because it is a successful one. We know that it doesn’t make sense, so we will elaborate the theory for you. In life, if you truly want something, you need to learn how to sell. This is way beyond basic business knowledge, this is a principle of life. If you want more, you need to sell more and this is something that Pitt understood clearly. This is why he walked out of university in the first place. He knew that if he was going to achieve the life that he wanted he had to sell something. So he sold acting. We know, it doesn’t seem to spectacular in the beginning, but if you take the entire process and tear it down brick by brick you will easily understand it. Acting is sales done with one person. He knew that he first had to sell his soul to the industry. He had to become better and he needed to do it in such a way that he would be recognized throughout the world. Once he sold his soul, he had to see his time. You do not learn how to act overnight. You need to do so in a consistent matter, over a certain period of time and with dedication. In the first 6 years of his career, Pitt did not really sell anything apart from his time. He did not sell the best movies of his career and he did not sell the greatest acting the world has ever seen. Only after he got out of his rough period did he start selling better movies. But acting has not always been Pitt’s only sales craft. His relationship is a sale. He sold the rest of his life to the woman he loves and to the children who he is a very great father to. His company, Plan B, is also a sale, his participation in charity events along Angelina is a sale. Everything he does, he does it to uphold the values of a respectable world which he wants to make better. Why is he such a successful person? Because he sells honesty and he sells it right. There are very few people in the world who do it in this manner.



The Latest Controversy

Bradd-pitt-has-an-elegant-suitThere have been some rumors going on recently which say that Brand and Angelina are going to divorce. But while this is great publicity, nobody is actually sure whether it is true or not. The fact that it is being used in this manner just demonstrates that this is juicy news. There are people who are saying that the two are spending their time apart from each other (actually on different parts of the planet) and that Angelina has made some attempts to save their marriage. The news is quite abrupt if we think about what a close relationship these two people have. Brad and Angelia have been married for years, they are raising 6 children together and there are one of the most successful families in the world. Wherever they go, they go together, whatever they do they do together and whatever decisions they make. They make them together. There are many people who would profit from one such break-up (especially the news agencies that are covering the story), but we do not believe that this is the case. That’s everything there is to say about Brad Pitt’s “controversial life”. He is actually an undecided child who has finally found what he is looking for and what to do with his life.


Some question his rise to fame, others say that he may have cheated, but the truth is that this man is an educated man. He knew how to make money, he knew how to invest and reinvest it, he is married to the woman of his dreams and he has a big and happy family. Who wouldn’t give anything in the world to have everything that he has? Looking for a celebrity who can inspire you? You can check out this man right here. An actor, a seller and a family man: this is the recipe for success. Oh, and you can replace the actor part with whichever career you desire. Everybody has to start somewhere, right? Let’s put it this way: a lot of people find brad pitt’s life story controversial for different reasons. Why is that? Because they cannot see the amount of work he has put in his life. This is a man who has dedicated all of his life to being better. And it looks like it’s paying off quite nicely.


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