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British Fashion Taking Over the World


Whether british fashion is taking over the world or not is a little bit of a mystery. The truth is that nobody can tell say for sure whether this is happening or not. It is a matter of opinions, more opinions than facts. While we can say that Great Britain can pride itself with great social power in the world, one can never entirely be sure how many people approve of this or not. If we really are to understand how this process works, we need to take a good look at how the rumor is spread and why people believe this is happening. Let’s establish this from the beginning: the fact that Brits are taking over the world in terms of fashion is something that we do not yet know and we cannot confirm. The only way we could truly know about this phenomenon is if we tracked every (big, at least) fashion designer in the UK, looked at how many clothes they sold, look for all the celebrities who are wearing them and measure the impact they have on people around the world.


Doing one such thing wouldn’t only drain any research company of all their money, but it would be impossible. Still, many people that this is happening, and they might be right. But the best way to look at the issue is to study exactly what happened and what triggered this effect. If British designers are, indeed, making a huge impact on the market, it all had to start somewhere, right? There is an entire process behind it. We will take a look at it and try to establish whether it is true or not. Still, we have to mention that, even if we look closely at everything that is happening right now, there is still no proper way to determine if this is the global trend. There are way too many variables that we need to consider: the designs, whether people like them or not, who is wearing them, if the celebrities wearing them have huge impact or not and whether some countries are paying more attention to what the British are doing compared to other strong fashion countries.  



So Where Did It All Begin?

The French got bored. Take this hWoman-has-a-black-elegant-dressowever you want: madness, a joke, shocking news, anything. But this is pretty much where it all began. The French decided that it would be a good idea to invest in British designers. The exact reason as to why this happened is a little bit unclear. We suspect that the world of fashion has been too tied to France in the last centuries and it needs some sort of change. We all know that anything “fashion approved” needs to go through this country first, but this sort of pressure that you cannot take after 3 centuries. If you have read our La Fashion - Born in France guide, you already know a little bit of something about Fashion history and the impact it has had on France. Maybe it’s about time we moved away from the French mentality to another one? Great Britain is considered by many to be the second fashion country in the world. Designers and their work are quite aspirational in the region and it would not be a surprise if France itself turned its eyes towards it. And imagine what a big thing it is if France decided to do so. Leaving fashion aside, we are all aware of what a proud country this is. They also have plenty of reasons to be. If France wants to establish a proper partnership with the UK we might as well witness one of the greatest changes in the world of fashion since the 17th century. Now the only issue is that this is pure speculation. France has been showing great interest in the UK ever since 2014, but things have changed dramatically since then. With every passing year fashion moves faster. People demand more, the industry obviously has to produce more, so we also have to take other issues into account. Some of these issues were unpredictable a few years back. We do not know what France’s intentions are, but we can also be sure that, even if they decide to partner with the UK more vigorously, they will most likely not give up their fashion throne.  



How Brexit Changed Everything

Woman-touches-the-water Whether we like it or not, Brexit has changed the rules of fashion forever. It is not necessarily something that everyone can see or understand right now, but the UK has achieved a new standard of excellence because of this move. You might be wondering what we are talking about. How can Brexit influence the impact of british fashion over the world? It’s quite simple: we are talking about a change of prices and a certain mentality that both we and the rest of the world will have from now on. Because we left the UK, the economy is slightly not in our favor right now. Prices for production (yes, that’s creating designs) is going up a bit. This means that not every country in the world would be willing to partner with our designers right now. It’s not anybody’s fault. It’s mostly about economics, investments, understanding assets all kinds of financial terms. The bottom line is that things are becoming a little bit more expensive in the country because our economy is torn apart from the European one. That’s the bad news. The good news is that, right now, we are 100% exclusive. The fact that we chose Brexit makes us unique in Europe and for America. The things that you buy are not “from Europe” or “from America anymore”. Now we have the extra “from the UK” category. What does this mean? Despite the fact that we are already producing high quality goods, we can also use our exclusivity to our advantage. We have super good products, extremely talented designers and we are a one of a kind country. A lot of other states in the world would give anything to be in our position.  


So Can We Take Over the World?

Woman-wears-an-elegant-dressWe have the support of the world’s number one fashion country, but we are unique…. It is difficult to to tell. We are fighting with both principles and money and we know where these fights usually take us… The main difference between the UK and France is how we see fashion. The French have always had a keen eye for history. Many of their designs are somewhat repetitive, but not in a bad way. They are very romantic, their works resemble those of older, better times, times that people enjoy and that they are very fond of. Our designs are are rather futuristic and this is what gives us the edge. It’s what French fashion has the power to appreciate. It’s bold, it’s daring and, well… it’s the future. But there is something very tricky about futuristic designs: they are as much desirable as they are undesirable. This doesn’t make sense either, right? Don’t worry. This is an easy one as well: it’s because people fear the unknown. Futuristic designers are always trying to come up with something unique, something that people have yet to see. Why do you think that most fashion enthusiasts are passionate about French designs? Because they are familiar. You know them, you know what to expect of them. You always know that, whatever a French designer will release, it is is going to have some sort of correlation with history, it is going to be romantic and it is going to have a certain… air about it. You cannot say the same about English designs. Fear of the unknown keeps people wondering what things are going to look like and this is why celebrities are essential in pushing designs forward. If celebrities won’t wear it, no one will.


Let’s take a step back and look at the entire picture. We cannot know if we can take over the world or not, we have support from the right people, money can be a little bit of a problem, people are not exactly embracing what we create, they are not sure if they should refuse it either, but we do have massive potential. If we really look at these variables, which we do know a thing or two about, we can clearly say that we are not there yet. But the future does look bright if we take the right steps. British fashion has always been second to the French one. Now that we know why we can also understand why it has been this way, but why not aspire towards more? If you have read some of our previous guides you might already know that fashion requires a different mentality, a better one, one that aspires towards the future. Progress is not made by looking back, but looking forward. What if we became the next leading fashion country in the world? We proved that we can be unique in one way. Let’s also do it in another.