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Britney Spears and Her Fabulous Necklaces


So you’re a Britney Spears fan, aren’t you? Here to find some Britney spears necklaces that could bring back the 90s in your life? You are at the right place and at the right time. Our purpose today is to go through some of Britney’s most fabulous necklaces. She is actually known throughout the world not only for the way she sings and how well she performs on stage, but also because of the fact that she was never shy with her necklaces. They are a part of her, a part of who she is and they will always remain with us, the ones that were born in the 90s and some who were born before that. Before we move on, we have to acknowledge that Britney’s necklaces are some of the best jewels that we have ever seen. It is rather difficult to make such assumptions in a world that moves as quickly as ours does.


Every new celebrity is trying to come up with something new, unique, completely out of the ordinary that will make everyone look at them. The perfect examples are Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus, who clearly knew what they were doing with their looks, but seemed a little bit silly at first. Britney is a little bit different because she had a different context. Music marketing was something that was done a lot easier in the 90s. Music was in demand. You had to be a good performer and you just had to wear something that was a little bit sexy(er) than usual to land amongst the stars. Nonetheless, this celebrity took necklaces to a whole different level, even back then. They made her confident. They made her feel better about herself and they helped tailor her undying image that many still aspire towards today.  



Long Strands and Pearls

Britney-Spears-has-a-black-dressIf there is one thing that we will always remember Britney for, those are pearls. She is a great pearl fan and has always had stylists backing her well with some of the most interesting things available on the market. We can never stress this enough: pearls are just wonderful. Because they are timeless, they can be worn in almost any situation and under any circumstances. The fact that they are white and round makes them an excellent addition to your jewelry collection. It does not even matter if you are a Britney fan or not. This is not the kind of jewel you make decisions about. You just say “yes”. Small or large, modest or bold, you do not have any excuse for not owning at least one of these beauties. If you want to also look very sexy, you might want to stick around. The pearl necklace that is perhaps most famous because of Britney is the long, multistring “nude” necklace. Come on, you have to remember this one in case you forgot! How could you forget?! She practically wore it on her breasts. This was perhaps one of her boldest moves. Back in the 90s, wearing jewelry over your naked breasts was sheer madness! A very risky move, but also one that attracted everyone. Literally, everyone. Admit it or not, but she was a pioneer in feminism simply because she decided to wear this specific jewel. Beauty was redefined through this very move and we are thankful for it. It practically gave many other women courage throughout the years to expose themselves more and show their true beauty. At the same time, many people discuss about the fact that this move also led to a stronger objectification of women. Both Britney and the necklace were criticized. We understand the frustration and that there might even be a truth to this, but the truth remains the same: Britney made history with this necklace and we are still talking about it years after the event occurred. Some people just perceive success differently.  



Her Love for Cross Necklaces

Britney-Spears-wears-a-gray-dress Some people say that cross necklaces are Britney spears necklaces. We wouldn’t exactly say that, but it is quite true that she likes wearing bold cross necklaces. She appeared with a lot of them after her drug issue and we can perfectly understand why this occurred. We all have our angels and our demons and what nobody tells us is that none of them is better. We all do the right things and we all make mistakes. We hurt others, we hurt ourselves and we end up disappointing a lot of people. But a very important aspect of our life is related to choices. We choose what side we want to act upon. And Britney clearly demonstrated which side she decided to act upon. Her crosses were heavily disputed in the media and amongst fans because they were thought to be a means of manipulation. It is only natural. In the end, there are plenty of people who use religion to manipulate us on a daily basis. There is nothing wrong with displaying your faith as long as you do not force others to believe it or you do not use it to your own advantage. Britney, just like anybody else, has her own right to believe in what she desires. She made it very clear and she demonstrated numerous times that she likes to do good in other people’s lives. A lot of her fans were convinced, many were not. This is what happens in a free world, in the end: you see someone wearing crosses and you can think about anything you want. We do have to make an interesting observation, however: Britney always like her crosses big. There are numerous interpretations as to why she might have had this preference. She usually goes for big jewels but, at the same time, it could mean that she considers religion a very important part of her life. In the end, it’s all speculation. But the most important thing that we should always remember is that she tried to be both fashionable and attentive with the way she displayed this part of herself. We have a good person standing in front of us. We should learn to look up at people like these.  



If You Are a Fan and Want to Show Your Love

Britney-Spears-won-a-trophyNeedless to say, you do not necessarily need to buy multistrings or show up with super big crosses at your neck in order to display that you are a Britney Spears fan. You have endless opportunities through which you can show your support or appreciation. There is so much variety that it is impossible to say that you did not find a way to do it. You can always opt for necklaces found on Etsy or Amazon. These are usually children’s necklaces which are, in fact, pendants with Britney’s portrait. Although they might seem silly to the average fashion enthusiast, it is always good to consider that every age has its own jewels. These pendants are excellent for anyone who is in between 10 and 16 years old, maybe a little bit older as well. Britney is both a singer and a fashion icon. Showing your love can always get you new friends, lead you to great musical experiences and help you develop a great social life. At the same time, if you want to take your look to another level, you can always look at her most iconic necklaces and purchase imitations. Imitations, although inexpensive and less durable, can fulfill both your needs to look like a 90s icon and have a groovy look. Britney is mostly knows for pearls, strands and crosses, but this doesn’t mean that the rest of the things that she has worn in the past have been forgotten. It’s only a matter of research, dedication and finding what you seek. You are looking for something that you want, right?


So putting a little effort in is nothing that should trouble you too much. And that pretty much sums up what Britney stands for. She has worn thousands of necklaces in her career and it would be virtually impossible to cover all of them within one single guide. Now it’s only a matter of what you want and how fast you want to get your hands on it. In an era in which we have Google we can guarantee that you can find anything. If she wore it, it’s out there somewhere. So you go get it! But before we end, we should advise you that Britney spears necklaces are not for Britney. They are for you. Sure, imitation is a good thing. It’s necessary, it helps you find yourself and it gives you perspective. But when you’re thinking about a Britney necklace do yourself a favor and think one step ahead: “how about a me necklace?” This is not being greedy or selfish. This is about being happy with yourself, about establishing your own style, your own look and your own confidence. Do not buy a celebrity necklace. Be your own celebrity instead. You will be a lot happier with that.