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Celebrity Choker Necklace - When and How?


We’ve talked about the celebrity choker necklace before, but we have never had the chance to properly dive into the subject. Until today. Now we all agree upon the fact that chokers are the sexiest necklace a woman can wear, right? Well, even if not all of us agree, we can surely say that they are one of the few accessories that make women really, really attractive. Don’t misinterpret this, ladies. Men do not really love us for how jewels and clothes look on us, but how they look when they are off us. Now leaving this sneaky subject aside, let’s take a look into some basics about chokers.


First things first, the subjects of when and how are somewhat irrelevant. We are talking about celebrity necklaces, so we are clearly about red carpets, galas and any sort of event that demands a good choice of clothes, something completely out of the ordinary. The subject of how is based upon a few variables that we have talked about in the past and which we shall address briefly. In fact, there is only one variable: color. Now it all matters whether you decide to play with your skin tone, the color of your hair or your eyes, nails, dress and other jewels you might be wearing. Let’s admit that the ladies are also interested in matching their colors with those of their partners and husbands, but that’s still color we are talking about. Another little thing that we will be covering is the level of comfort, but we really need to take to the details so we can sort that out. So now, without any further delays, let’s look at the top of the most worn necklaces across the world.  


Non-Metal Chokers

Woman-is-happyThe name is pretty much self-explanatory, although we have to mention that a leather choker with a metal strapping mechanism is… not entirely made of metal. Now that we got that one out of the way, there are three chokers that we need to talk about in this section. Let’s start with the Lili Claspe Stella Choker. This is practically a larger bracelet that looks great on the neck. We are talking natural leather here, so feel free to get in touch with your spirit animal if you wear this beauty. The Lili Claspe is an excellent addition to anyone who has a warm skin tone and enjoys summer colors. The pioneer of this sexy movement is none other than Gigi Hadid, spotted several times wearing this sexy thing in Los Angeles. The Lili Claspe can amount to somewhere around $225, but with a little bit of luck you can find it for less than that.


Next up we have the Arthlin Extra Wide Velvet Choker. This is the perfect combination between a scarf and a necklace. If you are not exactly sure what to wear, go for this baby. It costs approximately $20. Cost-efficient? Yes. Sexy? Yes. Good for any casual weekend out? You bet. Several celebs have been seen wearing this gorgeous thing including Kendall Jenner and Kim Kardashian. What’s the secret? Black works with black and with warm skin tones as well. Jenner actually declared that this chocker helps her tine in to her “weekend vibes”. If that’s the case, we’re in. We want weekend vibes every day. Last, but not least, let’s talk about the Urban Outfitters Vegan Leather Circle Choker Necklace. Again, Kim Kardashian was seen wearing this beast and it quickly became popular because it is only worth $40. Kim declared to her fans that she loves involving the words choker and kinky in the same sentence. She even said that she is interested in the “BDSM lite” jewelry trend and that she thinks it can be a thing. Whether this chocker would have made it to the top or not is kind of unsure, but now that Kim promoted it it’s safe to say that the sales will go up,  



Metal and Material Combinations

Woman-is-admiring-the-view These chokers are the ones that usually have a material and some sort of metallic item that practically dictates the wearer’s style. Most of these chokers are quite vintage and savage in general, so let’s look at what people prefer today. Among the celebrity choker necklaces from this category that we spotted we simply have to credit the Vanessa Mooney Cross Pendant Choker. Kylie Jenner is fascinated with this gorgeous little thing and she literally cannot stop wearing it. She declared that she is “SO into” and that was more than enough to get the sales up and going. It’s a really accessible choker available for $35. Jenner also believes that if you automatically want to enter The Craft crew you have to get your hands on one of them. But what’s so special about it, anyway? It’s a cross pendant, after all. Well the contrast between black and grey looks very good, the cross design has that rugged feeling about it and that is no ordinary clasp. It’s a chain clasp that makes the necklace look sexy form behind as well.


Then we have the Alexis Bittar Liquid Hinge Collar Necklace. Now this is a particular piece of work! This is another statement necklace that has been promoted by Kim Kardashian and it is completely out of the ordinary. The choker is practically comprised of two parts: the first is a golden metal frame and the other is a material that resembles the metal frame. If you want to stand out at a party you definitely pick this particular jewel. It’s stylish, very sexy and it demands all the attention in the room. Since we are dealing with white and gold colors you might want to make sure that you match it with the appropriate dress. But if you want to keep things simple and wear it as a statement necklace we warmly recommend that you just us a black dress. You will love it. And your partner will enjoy it as much as you do. It is available for $295. The end of this chapter is marked by the Fallon Monarch leather Wrap Choker. This is one got close to the most expensive piece that we have found, but it’s not quite there yet. The proud wearer of this superb accessory is none other than Rihanna herself. It’s quite an edgy necklace should you consider the bold floral design, but the leather seems to give it the exact balance it needs. Bold and sexy work well hand in hand and Rihanna is no stranger to both these styles. The only challenge that you might face, should you be interested in this piece, is that it sells really, really fast. So if you decide to buy one right now you might be faced with waiting another few weeks before wearing it. It is still a good deal and we advise you to take the extra step if you feel like it.



Exquisite Designs

Girl-has-a-beautiful-braceletWe kept the best for the exit stage. First up we have the BaubleBar Phoebe Choker. If you remember the good old 90s tattoo necklaces, well, let’s call this version 2.0. It is a very inexpensive $38 necklace that can easily be paired with others. Bella Thorne and Shay Mitchell both seem to like it very much. It’s not super trendy or anything, but it is a delicate piece that is worth your attention. We are not saying that you should go and buy it right away, but it is definitely something that you should give a try. The only bad thing that can happen is that you decide that it’s not your thing, but we have seen people fall in love with it instantly. The last piece is practically showoff:  the Henri Bendel Gala Collar. It tops our list as the most expensive choker that rules the market right now. Just like Rihanna’s Fallon Monarch, this thing sells like bread. Ariana Grande brought the trend to life and it does not seem like it is going to stop anytime soon.


In fact, you can see her wearing it on her latest album: Dangerous Woman. It’s right there, on the cover. Enjoying what you see so far? These are the super chokers that have been dominating the 2016 market. As you can see, Kim Kardashian, Rihanna and Ariana Grande have a tight grasp over it. It only takes a few appearances to get a choker up and going, but we do suspect that it’s a little bit more than that. Sure, we are talking about the celebrity choker necklace but, as Kim said, there really is something kinky about these jewels. Chokers give that impression of domination that goes both ways. “I both like to dominate and to be dominated.” It’s a taboo subject that nobody actually talks about, but that’s why we have personalities like Kim Kardashian out there, right? She is not afraid to call things for what they really are and that’s why we have to give credit where credit is due.