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Celebrity Engagement Rings - Top 5 Most Expensive

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When love finds its way into a celebrity’s heart things tend to go public. Very public. But we all know what people are interested in immediately after the couple, right? Money. That’s right. How much money did that ring cost? What’s the worth of that jewel? He asked her to marry her for how much? Celebrity engagement rings have always been and will always remain a subject of interest in the people’s eyes. It’s a huge paradox. Why? Because initially you do not care about how much that jewel cost.


The most important piece of news is that two people got engaged. They love each other and that’s great. But when you hear that their engagement alone cost millions of dollars you want to leave this planet right away. This is what we are going to be talking today. These are not just the top 5 most expensive engagement rings in the world. You might find some of them to be completely absurd. But when wealth and fame are something you deal with every day money does not become a problem anymore. Some think that this is absurd and some understand why this is also normal. The decision is yours. But let’s get back on track and look at what are the most expensive rings in the world.  


Elizabeth Taylor’s Diamond Ring

Girl-has-a-white-elegant-dressThis is officially the most expensive ring that you will every set your eyes upon. It was given to her by her fiancée, Richard Burton. The number of carats we are talking about is huge: 33.9. We all know Elizabeth Taylor and what a wonderful woman she was, but Mister Burton decided to literally add a lot more to her value. How much? Approximately $8.8 million. Ok. Stop. Take a deep breath and let it sink in. Those $8.8 million. People live with as much for an entire lifetime, so how could anyone ever do such a thing? It is simple: when you get to that kind of level you are playing a very dangerous game. Needless to say Richard Burton was filthy rich, so he had two options to actually prove his love to his fiancée: he either dedicated his time to her and made her feel loved, or he bought her the most expensive ring in the world. You see, you can either pay with the soul, which is a great experience and which is a worthwhile investment, or you pay with cash. The second option is a lot easier. And the reason why it works is because, even then, we started living in a materialistic world. You can count cash, you can feel how lighter your pocket is and you can see it. But feelings, feelings are a lot harder to manage. Feelings take time. They are another type of investment: one that lasts for a lifetime. Did she and Richard Burton live happily ever after? No, we cannot say so… She pursued two more relationships after him. Talk about investments, right?  



Kim Kardashian’s Engagement Ring

Woman-wears-a-pair-of-black-glasses Yes, the Selfie Queen actually holds the record for the world’s second most valuable engagement ring ever. Ok, let’s assume that Elizabeth Taylor’s ring is… ok. That one cost $8.8 million. Kim’s ring costs $8 million. Something’s not right here considering that we are only talking about 15 carats, right? Shouldn’t this be way, way, way cheaper? It should, but it’s not. What is even more absurd is that it’s bought on debt. At least this is how it looks like. Kanye West has reported last year that he is millions in debt and that that’s a hole that is very difficult to cover. So those $8 million that Kim is wearing on her hand are $8 million that do not even exist. Cool story Kanye. Although this is the second most expensive ring, we might as well say that it has to get the first place for the most hilarious purchase. Notice how this is actually becoming an issue: Kanye earns a lot more, but he does not struggle to fill the hole. He is actually burying himself deeper. Better make another Life for Pablo, ask the public for support and try to get away with it. Or not. The Kim and Taylor feud is generating more than enough publicity and money right now.  



Beyoncé, Paris Hilton and Jennifer Lopez

Girl-admires-the-lakeThese three ladies occupy the number three, four and five spots. Although we do have to say that things are not exactly clear about Beyoncé. When she and Jay Z decided that they were going to be together, the man in the house obviously made the move. But we are not exactly sure if he made a $5 million move or a $2 million one. Sources are quite vague on this particular subject, but what we know for certain that what Beyoncé is wearing on her ring is an 18 carat diamond. It’s a little bit more than Kim’s, so we are assuming that the $5 million price is, indeed, the right one, but even this is a sold price. The reason why the majority of people were ok with this one out of five celebrity engagement rings was because Beyoncé and Jay Z are a great couple.  It’s a little bit difficult when you spend so much money and people know that you’re doing nasty things here and there, but these two are some really good people. While Jay keeps under the radar, Beyoncé is preoccupied with cool feminist movements and attract powerful women around her.


She doesn’t just do it for the show. She actually wants her crew to be an example. Paris Hilton’s ring is a lot bigger than Kim’s and Beyoncé’s. Those are some nice 25 carats purchased for the good price of $4.7 million. A lot of money? Yes. But cost efficient? You bet! This is the part when the top turns upside down and you can see that you can purchase some great jewels for fair prices. Paris Hilton’s career has always been a controversial one, but in this particular scenario we know that Paris met Paris and they loved each other. Let’s just leave it at that. Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony marked the will of their union with a $4.1 million piece. It was a gorgeous ring. Very delicate, very subtle, a ring of 8.5 carats only. Again, price fluctuation is a little bit interesting, but Jennifer Lopez is the kind of celebrity who can always get away with it because of her personality. Jen’s a cool girl. She always was and she always will be. The fans love her and that’s everything we need to know. These were the top 5, but in order to keep things interesting we are going to look at a few more and see how we drop from $8 million to more reasonable prices. Grace Kelly follows Jennifer Lopez with her gorgeous 10 carat ring of $4.06 million. We are not exactly too far away from top top prize yet. Next up we have Vanessa Bryant (yes, wife of Kobe if you did not know by now), with a spectacular $4 million piece.



Woman-wears-an-elegant-hat This is where the price drops hard: Jacqueline Kennedy. She received a $2.6 million ring from her fiancée Aristotle Onassis. After the 35st President of the United States has been assassinated, Jacqueline continued her life alongside Aristotle. She enjoyed a successful life as a book editor. Want to know something awesome about this $2.6 million piece? We’re talking 40 carats. Now that is a good investment Mister Onassis! And finally, the $2.5 million engagement ring that belongs to none other than Mariah Carey. A small piece of only 10 carats, she received it from Nick Cannon. Although still expensive, we can see how heavily we dropped from the first jewel to this last one. Suffice it to say that love can have a price in this world. Alright, this is the part when you do the thinking and we are casually organizing the exit. What do you think? Seriously, there are some huge sums at stake. We do get that love is a thing, but is it a thing worth $8.8 million? Love does not have a price tag on it, but some people just decide to put one on it because it is a whole lot easier. Actually, there is more to think about than meets the eye if we consider this subject. One the one hand we have to think that love is not at all something that we have to materialize. We do have that need to do so, but you can materialize it into cuter things and more useful things than a jewel that you constantly need to think about. And then there is money. Are celebrity engagement rings worth all that money? To be fair $8 million is a fortune who could help plenty of people on a daily basis. And to think about the fact that it was bought on debt… there is just something off about it.


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