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You might have come here expecting the usual celebrity gossip news: what happened to who? Why did it happen? What else do we know? All those sorts of things. We have decided that we are going to take a different approach, just like we are doing with the rest of our subjects. Today we are going to talk about why celebrity gossip doesn’t matter. Don’t worry, we will have to talk about why it does and give appropriate examples as well, but the purpose of a guide should be to expand your horizon and make you see the world with different eyes. If we were just going to give you extra vague information that you would have nothing to do with except fantasize about. If we are going to talk about celebrities, at least we might talk about the facts that we know and teach you a few tips and tricks that they know.


What is most important to you? Becoming a celebrity or checking out things about them? Sure, checking things out can be cool. But you do not know if they are real or not. This is why it is called gossip in the first place: everybody knows something, but nobody knows if it is real or not. So we are going to talk about gossip and the effects it has – on you, on your friends, on everybody, really. At the end of this guide not only will you realize that gossip is, practically, pointless, but you might also see some interesting facts that might help you become a celebrity. Consider that our bonus. It’s always nice if you are able to bring a little something else to the table. So, are you ready to see why celebrity gossip is completely irrelevant?  



The Truth Is That You Will Never Know

Woman-sits-near-the-lakeWhat happens between celebrities usually stay in between celebrities. If you want the appropriate example for this kind of situation, look at the Hiddleswift movement. Seriously: nobody actually knows if these two people are together or not. They have appeared in numerous occasions, they’ve been spotted while kissing, they’ve been spotted while travelling together, but the truth is that we have no clue if these people are really in love or if they are just trolling the rest of the world. And despite the fact that this process is completely random and confusing, it can be downright evil if you think about it. So why did Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston get together in the first place (were they? Are they?)? It was Taylor’s revenge on Calvin Harris, right? Or did Taylor somehow fall in love with Tom while she was in a relationship with Harris? God, this is confusing! Coming back to Hiddleswift: they got together, they have been spotted several times, but now it seems that Taylor is spending her time without Tom. Rumors even circulated that Tom made his Instagram account, followed Taylor and then unfollowed her.


How can we know if this is world-class trolling or not? Let’s get to the point: we know for a fact that these people do not care about what we think about them. In fact, this is just great publicity for them. Taylor and Tom are two very successful people in their industries. Because they got together people will listen to more Taylor Swift songs and watch more Hiddleston movies. When they break up (if they break up? Wait, were they ever together?), people are going to feel sad about them and they will listen to even more Taylor Swift songs and watch some of Tom’s movies. Bottom line: we are being played. And we are being played so well that we can call this a genius move if it weren’t so obvious that their relationship works as bait. So let’s settle it once and for all: whatever happens between celebrities stays with them. They know that. The media knows that, but both media and celebrities make a lot of money because they know things are vague and anything that happen. As long as you click on every gossip piece of news you see, as long as you buy songs from iTunes or you watch a movie, everything is working according to plan!  



Celebrity Gossip News Takes Your Eyes Off the Actual News

Woman-is-in-the-water The perfect example for this situation is the Taylor-Kanye feud. That piece of news was super laughable because of what was happening in the world at the time. You know that Kim Kardashian released a video in which she showed the world that Taylor actually agreed with the lyrics used by Kanye in his Famous video, right? Well, at the same time, there was a military cue in Turkey that drew half the world’s attention. While the things that were happening in Turkey were horrible, people were way too busy with figuring out whether Taylor Swift was lying or not, whether Kim’s video was fake or not and who picked what sides in the Taylor-Kanye feud. For some this is the funniest thing that can happen. For others, it is completely sad and shocking. How could a country on the other side of the world be suffering, suggesting that it should people, while the other side of the world even bother with one telephone conversation about something that, more or less, does not even matter. Well, the truth is that this is a debate on a subject that is a little bit too large for us to fully tackle today. Now here’s the thing: this is the effect that celebrity gossip always has on the world. Whether we want to think about it or not, the fact that two celebrities are fighting is irrelevant compared to some issues that the world is facing today. They are even irrelevant compared to our own personal issues that we see every day. But one fact always remains the same: people are always on the lookout for information which proves that they are not different from each other. The reason why we look at celebrities and engage in gossip that involves them is only a means of telling ourselves that we have been through similar situations as well. It’s only normal. We want to feel human, all of us. We want to know that there are other people out there who are going through the same struggles that we have already experienced. We either learn from them or we bathe in the feelings that were left behind. Either way, we just want to feel the same.  



What We Recommend

Girl-wears-a-black-dressDon’t do it. Gossip is a waste of time. You know it. You have always known it. Why gossip when you can do something more productive with your life? We are not saying that you should quit talking and go to work. On the contrary: do something that you like, something that you enjoy, something that is going to change the world. You can see now how misleading this activity can be. And, god, it is so pointless! It’s as if people want to waste the valuable time that they have thinking about people who do not even know if they exist or not. It’s a matter of how you perceive opinion. Let’s be fair: we already know that celebrities do not think about opinions. It’s actually worse than that: they do not care. So why bother creating them in the first place. You certainly have some sort of idea as to what you might want to do with your life. It might be vague, you might need a better plan, you might even need a little bit more help. But that doesn’t mean that you should waste your life talking about people who do not know that you exist. If you are here, you are clearly interested in celebrities. Don’t you want to be one?


This is the type of thinking that we encourage. It’s just that the world is moving at too fast a pace for us to linger around and do nothing. Celebrity gossip news is the equivalent of nothing, by the way. Isn’t it about time you stopped doing things for other people and started doing them for yourself? Start looking at celebrities’ way of life. Learn their habits. Search for the ones you like and start practicing them. You will see that, if you are dedicated enough, you can make some great improvements in your life: things that you never thought possible, things that are going to make you happier. Before we finish, we actually recommend that you try one more thing: participate in your last gossip group and think about the way you are feeling. You are, in fact, in a group that talks poorly about someone who is famous. How does that make you feel? Does it make you happier? Or does it make you feel mediocre, tiny and unworthy? In most of the cases, you will feel the latter. That’s a clear sign that something is wrong. You should never feel tiny and unworthy. You should feel strong and independent. It’s a sign that you should change the atmosphere.


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