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So you want to look like the celebrities now, don’t you? That’s great! We understand your passion for celebrity jewelry and why you would like to follow these trends. The truth about this is that most of us choose to wear jewels that celebs do for two reasons: we respect them very much and we want to look like them or we understand that their status demands that they pay attention to everything that they are wearing all the time. The status practically forces them into choosing the best jewels and trends that they see fit for their own style, creating larger trends amongst all their admirers. There are a lot of myths related to these kinds of jewels. Some believe that celebrities buy the most expensive jewels on the market, others think that they wear them all the time and some even believe that celebrities buy a few of these expensive jewels every month. Rest assured that this is not what happens.


Celebrities are very careful with their money. Most of them, anyway. But the trick is that if you want to become rich and stay that way you need a specific set of habits that will ensure that you stay there. Proper money management is one of these habits and spending thousands of dollars on jewels every month is not at all good money management. This is why celebrities resort to some simple, yet catch jewels that they wear from time to time. No, they do not wear them all the time and they do have make sure that their wardrobe is various for different reasons, but you will see that the majority of trends that celebs establish are rather simplistic and beautiful. Sure, we have some bling-blings here and there, but the truth is that trends like these barely make it far today.  



Big Statements

The-woman-with-cute-eyesYou are perhaps thinking about what this means already. It’s when celebs decide to go for the big, fancy jewels that everyone can notice. Nothing discrete, nothing hidden or very difficult to spot, just plain old out there. You will see that these trends usually revolve around necklaces. It’s a really good way to stand out with a fancy look, not look too aggressive or too attention-seeking either. These are statement necklaces that made a stand a few years ago and they look like they are about to make a comeback this year as well. First of all, we have the chunky chains. Lilly Collins first launched this trend back in 2013 when she wore a chunky chain necklace with a very simple dress. The trend went nuclear because of the simplicity of it all. It was a black dress with a big golden chain. Nothing too spectacular about it, right? After all, designers all over the world are constantly trying to come up with innovative designs that can become super trends and the majority of them end up as being “just great jewels”. It is fascinating (and a little bit frustrating) when something so simple and effortless becomes an overnight success. But the key ingredient in the success recipe is not the jewel, it’s not the dress, but the person. Lilly Collins actually managed to pull off an exquisite look because of highlighting her greatest features. It was all about adding the third golden color to her white skin tone/ dark hair and clothes combination. This was one of the main reasons why the chunky chains became popular, but did not “work” for many people across the globe. As long as the chain does not manage to highlight your most beautiful details, well, it’s “just another jewel”. Secondly, we have the bib necklaces. Unlike the chunky chain, bibs are cool because you get to wear them with a shirt. Olivia Palermo demonstrated this perfectly when she decided to wear a bib necklace on top of her buttoned-up buttoned-down shirt. Bibs capture the eye very well because they are round and they create this odd visual paradox of being too much, but just about right! This is not an effect that any jewel can create. In fact, it is quite rare and that’s what makes it such a great trend and an excellent celebrity jewelry that anybody can wear. If you are a shirt passionate you had better get your hands on one of these right away.  



When They Decide to Keep Things Small

Woman-wears-fashion-earrings Now this is the interesting part. It’s not because it is more beautiful, but because it is more diverse and we all love a little touch of modesty in the jewels that we wear, right? In this section we are going to be talking about the little things: earrings, bracelets and rings that are not that easy to spot, but when you do you go 100% “oh my god”! Let’s start with the statement studs. These little beauties skyrocketed when Kate Blanchett first wore them. They are relatively easy to spot because they are pretty big, but you can rarely say that earrings have the same effect as a statement necklace has, right? Nonetheless, Blanchett managed to nail the perfect look via total simplicity: just a simple light pink dress, a gorgeous smile and this pair of goodies. Clusters of intricate details make this earrings a one of a kind addition to your jewelry collection, so if you prefer the real deal you can find them for the price of up to $200. But don’t you worry, there are plenty of replicas and handmade jewels that can be found for as little as £10 to £15 if you look for this model. Then there are reptile bracelets. Sadly, these fine pieces are always a subject of controversy. The reasons as to why this occurs are quite various: they’re a cliché, some consider that some reptiles look better than others (the truth is that a snake jewel looks quite different from a usual reptile one) and, well, there are more than enough people around who simply “do not like them”. We get the controversy around them, but we beg to differ, especially fi we consider how Julianne Hough wore her reptile bracelet a few years back. The key to wearing reptiles is, in general, to match the metal to your skin tone. The second you add another color, say a bangle or something similar, things can get complicated (but not impossible to handle).



Girl-has-an-elegant-shirtDo we have any admirers of ring bracelets around here? Sure we do. These are perhaps one of the most exotic jewels humanity has ever come up with. They are so sexy it is impossible not to give them the attention their owner demands. Everything started with Rashida Jones. She wore a ring and a bracelet which she perfectly matched with a golden chain. The rest is history, and it’s pretty good history. The ring bracelet has always remained an “under the radar” trend. It’s not extremely popular, but nobody has an ill opinion about them either, which makes them a perfect addition to your summer collection. You love them, everybody loves them, you look great in them and your confidence level is off the charts. What is there not to like about these jewels? Lastly, we just need to shed a little light on the scripted love rings. These, too, share a controversial story because of how simplistic they are. Many people consider them a cliché. You know, the usual “come on, is that the best you can do with your jewelry” kind of talk. They are very basic, but the purpose of fashion is to celebrate our beliefs, not judge them. Thus, if you feel like wearing a scripted love ring, then by all means wear it. Jennifer Lopez wore them, so it’s only fair to say that haters are going to hate. You can stand out from the crowd if you decide to pair them with another ring. The combination does not need to be complicated in any way, but you do need to figure out if your hand becomes overcrowded and you do need to need to know if whether you can mix gold and silver. But the good news about this is that your eye will suffice for you to know if you can afford these things or not. The trick is to stick to your first thought. If you are not sure, try again. If you like it from the very beginning, then that’s the key to the kingdom.  



Things to Remember

Woman-with-white-undershirt If you are interested in celebrity jewelry we recommend that you start with these. They are really easy to spot and use and, with the exception of reptile bracelets and scripted love rings, you are also going to be having a great social time. And this will only occur if you wonder about other people’s opinions about you. Do not fall into this trap. Dress to impress… yourself. If you are doing it for someone else, know that you are doing it wrong. If you feel comfortable with your jewels you can call that a jackpot.



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