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Celebrity Jewelry Trends


Now that we have a proper view of celebrity inspired jewels and the basic trends they started, it’s time to go a little bit more in depth. Understanding the basic trends is one thing, but knowing how they evolved from a simple idea into a multitude of designs is like comparing an amateur to a professional. We already know why we are following celebrity jewelry trends: we either need to look like them and represent what they stand for or we comprehend that their position demands that they always come forward with a great style, something that both defines them very well and makes them look really good. Their status and the fact that everyone is looking at them is what pushes them forward into thinking about new ways to define themselves. It is not at all an easy task, and neither should it be. Just like with celebrity jewels there are plenty of myths around when it comes to trends and how they evolve as well.


Don’t we all have that friend who thinks about conspiracy theories all the time and believes that the Illuminati are giving celebrities jewels that that hypnotize the audience? Well, ok, maybe it’s not that bad, but we surely do have at least one friend who thinks that celebs wear expensive jewels on purpose so that they can force people into buying more expensive products. There are those who think that these trends do not mean anything and that we should not even take them into consideration and, of course, there’s always that one friend who thinks that believes that those jewels are fake. Not to worry, it’s not that bad actually. In fact, celebrities do not even give too much attention to these sorts of myths because they simply want to look chick when the time is right and… that’s about it. So in case you have one of these friends, just sit down with them for a couple of minutes and explain the situation. Let’s take a moment and see who and what trends started. Not only are we going to look at the initial jewels, but we are also going to see what others people have come up with in order to move away from imitations to something a little bit more out of the ordinary and catchy.  



The Power of Necklaces

Girl-wears-a-long-beautiful-dressAlthough there are many people who debate this subject on a regular basis, necklaces are the accessories that are most visible on women. It is only natural that this occurs. They come around the neck, very close to the head, they fit into the initial “first impression frame”, and they are not the sort of accessory you would hide. It’s meant to be bold and out there. But the truth is that, even if the chain is rather small, a necklace is always going to be more observable than earrings or a ring. Let’s talk about the chunky chains. We established that they were launched Lilly Collins when she decided that the chains and a simple dress would suffice for a great impression. The trend jumped form “normal” to phenomenal because of how she wore those two specific pieces. And it was just a black dress with a rather large golden chain. What could be so spectacular that it drew so much attention in the first place? You would be surprised to know that the answer does not lie in what she wore, but who she was. Lilly Collins actually just looked fabulous and this made big chains a thing, but this was only the beginning of the trend. The use of gold and a large chain were only two variables that people had to play with in order to get their perfect looks. After they figured out that only a certain colors and skin tones worked with what Lilly wore, people quickly started to diverge to other secondary trends. What do you think about when you consider “large chains”? Large can man big clasps, but it can also mean more inches added to the length of the chain. Large can also mean three or more smaller chains paired together to make a statement. These were all secondary trends that emerged. The only thing that stuck was the black dress.


Why? Because black looks well on everyone. And combining black with gold… that’s always a good call. Bib necklaces were the next best thing. Olivia Palermo showed that she had great taste when she matched bibs with this perfectly when she decided to wear a bibs with a buttoned-up buttoned-down shirt. But what was it exactly that drew more attention? The bibs or the shirt? Well, both. This move did not only launch a necklace trend, but a shirt trend as well. The idea of tackling with a necklace and a shirt is always interesting, but hard to master, especially if we are talking about summer trends. A shirt is very formal and sort of weighs down onto you. You know exactly what kind of feeling we are talking about. Then there is the necklace which is also pretty heavy. And so the trends blended and were eventually associated with the seasons. During summer you can always wear a light shirt with a very light necklace, but in autumn or spring you can always go for a shirt that does not seem too light and a statement necklace because you perceive weight differently then. It keeps you warmer.  



But What Happened When They Resorted to Smaller Pieces?

Girl-wears-a-red-elegant-dress We have always loved this part. Beauty is in the details and it is fascinating how celebrity jewelry trends backfire when people just don’t like things or when they decide that they are going to use something cooler. Take Kate Blanchet’s statement studs for example. This trend exploded when Kate wore these studs. The only problem was that they were perceived as being very expensive ($200). While this is not the highest price in the world, we do understand that some people just think that these jewels are not worth the money. After these studs got out people literally started buying every big earrings they could find. It was that sort of “I know what I am doing” attitude as a form of rebellion towards these statement studs. The trend stuck out pretty well, but it also led to some really funny secondary ones emerging. It’s ok when you want to wear big earrings, but wearing huge skulls on your ears does not always look sexy, you know. Remember when Julianne Hough reptile bracelets? Everybody think about the “well that escalated quickly” meme. Reptile bracelets are some of the few jewels who get scolded a lot. The main argument is because they are total clichés, so people decided that they are going to do their own thing and become original. Guess how that turned out? Animals.


Yes, animal bracelets all over the place. If your friends are wearing animal bracelets it is most likely because Julianne Hough wore that reptile bracelet a few years back, everyone complained that it’s not cool and your friend wanted to get some extra acceptance and wear something that she likes and her friends like as well. Classic high-school scenario, right? Scripted love rings were also a good subject of controversy.  It really did not matter that Jennifer Lopez wore them. They were simply not cool and unworthy of attention. This is how nametags and other jewels that were crafted in a certain shape emerged from the background. At least if you have something written on you it might at least be something cool and not love, right? People usually resorted to writing their names because that is the easiest thing to do. Names are unique and they can be used for starting good social interaction. So if you are wearing a name tag (because you know they are rather popular) now you know where it all started. Lastly, we have ring bracelets. Rashida Jones is to be thanked for this wonderful trend which we could say is a “perpetual trend”. This is not the sort of trend people are too aware of. You know we said that it’s pretty much under the radar. It’s beautiful to behold and these are not the kinds of accessories who suffer any kind of changes. They remain the same, they are right in between mainstream and unknown of, and they can easily be fitted into any wardrobe  



So What Is It About These Trends That Stands Out?

Woman-is-walkingAs you can see, celebrity jewelry trends are all about imitation. People either like what celebrities are wearing or they don’t, so they imitate exactly what they see or… they imitate it in a different way. Let’s be honest, if you do not like serpent bracelets and you are going for another animal, like an eagle for example, you are still wearing an animal bracelet. The only thing that you are doing is that you went from earth animals to air animals (which is pretty cool, if you think about it). But do learn that it’s all about imitation. Know the game and you will be able to spot the trends that emerge and the ones that will follow.