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Celebrity Pendants - Diamonds and Gold


Today you are in for the life hack of your life. Celebrity pendants are always a sought after subject. Everybody wants to know who and what they are wearing for specific reasons, but we already know that that’s an imitation game. The only issue is that the majority of people start looking at each and every one of their favorite celebrities and try to figure out what they are wearing, when, how, all those sorts of details. Of course, it’s always a great idea to keep up with the trends and see what everyone is wearing, but is that an efficient way to do it? Whether we like it or not, looking at celebrities takes time. Let’s give a moment to the people who feel like laughing because “it takes a few seconds to look at someone”.


Sure, it’s true, but a great fashion enthusiast does not just look at someone. And whether you are new in this field or not, you know that’s not a statement you cannot agree with. An eye for detail is paramount in fashion. If you want to keep things at a superficial level you can freely choose to do so. You will get results, but will they be the accurate results that you are looking for? Most likely not. So it’s time for us to share our little secret with you. Fashion is all about patters. Everything remains the same with a few different variations. Make no mistake: whenever you see a pendant, a ring or a piece of clothing that has “new” written all over it, or is being promoted as new, it’s just that it barely got out of production. The odds of something being completely new are close to impossible. So you have to know how to look for patters. And in this case there is one specific pendant that rules them all.  



The Reoccurring One

Woman-drives-the-carSupposing that you already looked at all your favorite celebs, you might have a list with necklaces and pendants that they have been wearing. That took you some time, you have them all lined up and now you have to go through them again so that you can make a proper choice for yourself. Here’s the secret: there is way too much information in there for you to notice patterns. Maybe it’s easier for someone who has 3 or 4 celebrities that they are watching, but what about the people who watch around 20? Each and every one of them wears at least two or three types of jewels and that automatically boosts you towards 40-60 jewels. What if we told you that there is one reoccurring pendant? Something that everybody is wearing and that you might have missed if you searched for every pendant individually. There is one necklace that most celebrities have appealed to in the past (they still do) and that is the bar necklace. Although not exactly expected, the bar necklace has always been a safe and stylish choice for anyone who wants to look chic. But what does it have to do with diamonds, pendants and gold. The simple answer: everything. The complicated answer: it gives you enough freedom to wear whatever you like and that is something that almost no other jewel can offer you. Think about it: you can wear the bar with another chain of the same kind, with multiple chains, with diamonds, small to medium pearls and with any type of pendant. This is way above awesome. If you can think of any other jewel that can offer this much please give us an idea in the comment section below. We actually challenge you to think of one because you’re not only helping us. You’re helping yourself. More freedom gives room for more beauty.  



What Options Do You Have?

Woman-wear-a-blue-shirt Now that we know what the pattern is, we might as well turn our attention to celebrities and see how they decided to match their necklaces. We are going to start things slow, simple and we are going to gradually advance towards more complicated mixtures. The first celeb that we want to commend on this choice is Doutzen Kroes. Kroes knows exactly what she is doing with her bar necklace. One single diamond made her shine tenfold. Was it complicated in any way? Not at all. Some red lipstick and a black dress were more than enough to make this little thing a statement jewel, but what really makes it fantastic is its simplicity. You would think that celebs need something relatively big in order to match with their personalities, but no. Simple and casual is the way to go. You want true celebrity pendants? You should have seen Blake Lively a couple of years ago wearing a colored bauble bar. That was also a very discreet little thing, the only challenge was that it cost around $3,750. Yes, that was a Lapis Inlay and Diamond Bar Necklace. Not many people can afford such a thing, but Blake chose quite a lively way to adorn herself. Well matched with a multitude of blue shades, this bar was a total blast. Another lady who chose to go full understatement was Elle Fanning. She also preferred just a diamond bar necklace, only that she (almost) made it a chocker. Despite the elegance, we brought sexiness to the table and we all enjoy a little bit of adventure, don’t we? Let’s up our game a little and see some combinations. The first important lady that we need to witness is Julie Sarinana. She brilliantly matched this bar beauty with a little heart pendant. This the first combination that looked quite successful and what is also very interesting is that she somehow made gold and pink gold look very well together. You can get very original with the right skin tone and the proper use of a mild pink shirt, right? Not only was this bold, but it is one of the best looks we have seen in a while. It would be a pity to let it slide and not promote it for its awesomeness.



Girl-wears-a-hatAnd we cannot mention bold without Jessica Alba in this particular scenario. She really nailed the bar with two additional pendants: a horn and a simple V design. Notice how each and every one of these are very simplistic, but when you put them all together you tailor the ideal “complex” image. We wish more celebs were a little bit more daring with their choices because we would get more of these exceptional combinations and fashion would be even more diverse than it is today. Still, if people like to take it slow it is equally important. Maybe Jessica Alba would not have started with something like this in the first place, but if she took her time she definitely learned how to use jewels to her advantage. And then there is Courtney Trop. Courtney decided that she was going to teach everyone how it’s done and she paired the golden bar with other multiple chains. She made things interesting with a lightning pendant, but what was really sexy about her combination was the fact that she opted for long chains. It is a little bit tricky when the bar necklace length is short and you want to add something very long to it, but Courtney did not seem to mind. Another good hack for this particular scenario was her confidence. She really seemed to be in the zone with her chains. And when a woman is in the zone you don’t get to mess with her. Oh, and if she also happens to wear a a fur coat things could get really, really complicated.  



What Is It That You Need to Remember?

Woman-looks-on-the-phone If you are going to look for celebrity pendants, you might as well do it in a smart manner. There is absolutely nothing wrong with searching for pendants and necklaces individually. This actually demonstrates that you are passionate about the subject and you really want to learn the ins and outs of the business. But if you are so willing to commit to the subject, why not do it in a smart way? Look for patterns, not only when you are searching for fashion tips, but in everything you do. You will notice that things will become a lot easier out of a sudden and you will be able to reach the results that you want in no time. So what did we learn today? That there is one necklace that practically dictates how pendants, diamonds and gold are worn. Maybe it would have been more difficult to spot if you were searching through a list of jewels, but now that you know it things will become a lot easier. If you really want to learn the secret of celebrity pendants, always keep an eye out for reoccurring jewels. Even celebrities play the imitation game to a certain extent and, if you keep track of the patterns, you will always know how to play the game.