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Celebrity Style - Behind the Scenes

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We all know what celebrity style looks like in front of the camera. What’s actually interesting is what happens behind it. A proper example is the Taylor Swift Kim Kardashian feud. Nobody really cares about how Taylor sings anymore. Everybody’s mad about how Kim actually managed to frame Taylor, or whether Taylor is going to sue them or not. The same principle works with fashion as well. Everybody looks nice and glamorous when they are supposed to walk on the red carpet or when they show up for any big event, but the thing that we are most interested in is how these people dress and act when the finger just slipped off the “OFF” button or after the picture has been taken.


This is why we picked some celebrities and we want to share their fashion tastes with you today. Remember all those things that they tell you: “they’re human beings, too”, “they’re very normal” and “they are funny”? They are true. All of them. These people are actually successful and they dress well because they have a plan. They are organized, they care about how things evolve in their lives and, perhaps above everything else, they like it!  


Ladies First

Woman-touches-her-hairLet’s take a look at some gorgeous ladies and get to know them behind the camera. Our first gorgeous lady is Laura Vandervoort. She is an actress who is most appreciated for her role as Elena Michaels in Bitten. In the show, Elena is a photographer from Toronto who decides to get back into the werewolf life. Curiously enough, she is the only female werewolf in the series, which makes her quite special. In her free time Laura likes to talk about the show and enjoys easing the fans a little bit. She is a very elegant woman and she particularly enjoys long, blue dresses. Despite the fact that blue is the best looking universal color, it also suits her skin tone quite well and it somehow highlights her face. She also enjoys wearing black a lot, and who could blame her? She has a fierce personality, she is very attractive and she plays in a werewolf TV series. These are all the characteristics that you would expect from a person who wears black, right? Let’s set our eyes upon Annie Wersching. You might have heard about Annie before, but you know her other alias: Renee Walker. She had a great performance in FOX’s 24 alongside Kiefer Sutherland. But do not be mistaken, this is not the only performance which she nailed completely. NCIS, SI, Rizzoli & Isles, Dallas, Hawaii Five-0, Castle and Revolution are only some of the other shows in which she played her part marvelously. It would be an insult to say that this actress is not occupied. Her latest performance occurs as Julia Brasher in Amazon’s BOSCH. She’s a rookie cop and people have made fun of her, even though she is a lot older than a rookie cop should be. She falls in love with Harry Bosch and you would expect that things go downhill from there. Nope, on the contrary. It seems like Julia brings out the good in Mister Bosch. Annie has declared multiple times that she enjoys playing this character. Just like Laura Vandervoort, Annie enjoys wearing fancy dresses a lot. She particularly enjoys red and blue dresses, long and with floral motifs. We have to warn you: if you decide to Google her right now you will not come back.



Woman-talks-to-the-phone Next up we have Eliza Taylor. Eliza is yet another gorgeous woman whose style we are more than happy to see. She is an Australian actress and the role that really got her the spotlight was that of Janae Timmins in Neighbors. Nowadays you might know her as Clarke Griffin, playing the lead role in The 100. Eliza Taylor has a soft spot for dresses made by Glaudi by Johana Hernandez. It is only natural: she has had some of her best shots in these dresses and we have to say that she looks fabulous in them. She is never too afraid to wear a daring, bright red dress, but she also enjoys going a little bit darker with black and grey nuances. This is a woman who is not afraid of being bold or modest. Better be careful: confident is sexy, but it can also be very dangerous. Lastly, we would like to talk about Candice Patton. Candice is a very talented actress and the role that boosted her career tenfold is that of Iris West in The Flash. In the TV series, Iris is the daughter of detective West, who adopts Barry Allan (The Flash) after his mother has been killed and his father was sent to prison. In time, Barry falls in love with Iris, but things are never too easy for a superhero, are they? While the two have had their ups and downs throughout the first two seasons, they finally get together at the end of this season, or do they? Candice’s performance brings more life to the show and relieves a lot of tension from Barry. You would be surprised, but her celebrity style involves wearing only daring color: red. She absolutely loves to go full red whenever she has the occasion. The dresses also need to be slim so that they can highlight her beautiful waist. Apart from that, she enjoys a rather simplistic look, mostly black and white dresses that (again) can highlight the body that she takes good care of.  



And Now the Gentlemen

Man-has-a-white-t-shirtIt’s time for some man time and our number one choice is Ian Anthony Dale. Ian stars in Murder in the First, which is a great show if you like to follow double homicides. Ian plays Jim Koto, a detective who does not like to leave things undone. Sadly, that’s everything we can tell you because we risk spoiling all the fun. If you want to check out this series you might as well give it a try yourself. There is something very Italian about Ian and he complements his looks with long jackets, slim jeans and very, very good shoes. Rarely do you see a man dress so well, so you had better Google him right a way and take some lessons. We can guarantee that you will learn a trick or two. Kenny Lattimore is a man who has style written all over him. This gentleman is keeping R&B alive people! Back in 2015 he released his song Love Me Back, which ended up in the top Adult R&B Billboard Songs! Kenny is all about formality: suits, ties, shiny, expensive shoes. Also, the fact that he makes music has proved to be a great asset because he likes dancing a lot. If you like dancing you know what movements and postures make you look best. He knows that and he uses that very well. Brown and blue seem to be his favorite colors, although it seems that blue is more of a shirt thing that anyone else. But we can never know! If you find him wearing something else please take a photo and show it to us! Is there anybody here who does not know Gregg Sulkin? Pretty Little Liars? That’s right, Gregg made quite a name for himself, hasn’t he? He loves RNT23 designs, by the way. He’s been acting since he was 10 and he can swap from English to American accents in no time. That’s what girls love about him so much. Unlike Kenny, Gregg is right at the edge between formality and “a total sport.” He loves wearing suits and fancy shoes just as much as he loves to wear a sport jacket with dark sneakers. He is really open minded when it comes to choosing his clothes are the results he gets from good choice are downright fascinating.  



What’s the Pattern?

Girl-is-in-the-car Despite the fact that these men and women are beautiful and they know about it, they have super strong personalities. All of them. If you want to know something about celebrity style, it’s not necessarily about what clothes you are wearing, it’s about who you are and who you decide you want to be. Behind the scenes these people are normal people, but they are also extraordinary at the same time. Why is that? Because they decided to up their game by a long shot. The majority of women we talked about like wearing red. Is red not the same color everywhere? Is it still not a color in the first place? Don’t all women like to wear dresses? Yes they do. Are there men in the world who also like to wear blue and brown as main colors? Yes there are. So you see, the patter that the style celebrities display always comes back to the same thing: attitude. These people dress well because they know they are dressed well. There is no secret. It’s right in front of you. So if you want the style you have to become a celebrity yourself. You don’t have to be a celebrity for the rest of the world. You have to be one for yourself.


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