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Celebrity Wedding Rings - Top 3 Most Expensive Ever


Today we are going to approach the celebrity wedding rings subject from a different perspective. We already talked about engagement rings in our Celebrity Engagement Rings - Top 5 Most Expensive guide, and reigniting the subject would not bring anything new to the table. Instead, it would be wiser to look at the top brands that celebrities choose to turn their eyes to when it comes to wedding rings. A wedding is totally different from an engagement. The engagement is only that part in which they both agreed that they are going to get married, but the wedding is the moment when everything becomes official. And they kiss. Everyone loves it when they kiss. So now that we established that we are going to be looking at celebrity brands, we are going to state each and every brand that we believe to be a worthy competitor. By far, the best are Tiffany & Co., Lorraine Schwartz and harry Winston. But there are also some other extra names that you might want to check out if you want to have a diverse range of jewels at your disposal for when you want to get married and look fabulous: Neil Lane, Cartier, Verragio and DeBeers. And now that you are equipped with all the names that you need, let’s dive into the top three and see why you would want to choose them in the first place.  



Why Tiffany & Co. Is Simply the Best

Woman-wears-a-pair-of-jeansThis American company has earned its reputation over time. Many people across the globe consider it to be the best and most luxurious brand of all, especially for women. Their jewels, in fact the way they treat their jewels is completely different from whatever you get in your normal day to day shop. It is also very normal for Tiffany to pride itself with the fact that high class ladies and gentlemen have them on the top of their list when they decide to make their lives special. This reality, along with Tiffany’s marketing, allow it to remain a top pick no matter the date and time people decide to get married. If they decide that they are soul mates, you could say that they indirectly decided to visit a Tiffany Shop. As mentioned previously, the way in which these diamonds are treated is nothing like you have ever seen. Did you know that Tiffany & Co. actually rejects 99.96% of all gem-trade diamonds in the world? Their standards for excellence are off the charts and they will always make sure that the diamonds they choose are unlike anything else.


Some crafters spend days measuring and cutting through the finest proportions. Not only will you have a great marriage, but the shape and the dedication poured into the diamond must be identical to the quality of the marriage: perfect. Every wedding ring is handcrafted. No exception. It is cut and then it is hand polished, a tradition that has started in New York 130 years ago. Now this is what you call dedication. Melvyn Kirtley actually once said that there is a brilliant spark about the Tiffany diamond. No matter where you are, no matter the event you are attending or how dim the light, you will always be able to make a difference between a Tiffany diamond and any other. The spark is simply impossible not to spot. Suffice it to say that, with 130 years of experience and such high degree of excellence, anybody can see why this brand has remained the top pick for celebrities and high class individuals across the world. Perhaps another interesting feature is the fact that Tiffany & Co. wedding rings are rather inexpensive. True, the price starts at around $10,000, but when we consider the fact that Kanye bought Kim a $8 million engagement ring… well, Tiffany & Co. has the brand name, the excellence and the right price about it. We will stick to it.  



If Lorraine Schwartz Is Your Ideal Choice

Girl-wears-casual-clothes Lorraine Schwartz is yet another American jewelry designer whose family has been in the business for no more and no less than three generations. Their designs are extremely popular and it would be a mistake to get married without having a good look at their designs as well. It’s not only the fact that it forges plenty of celebrity wedding rings, but it is actually considered the most expensive ring brand in the world. These are not jewel anybody can get their hands on and even if we talked about Tiffany amounting to around $10,000 or more, Loraine can pretty much consider that as child’s play. What best characterizes this brand is innovation. It always strives to bring a little something new to the table, something that has not been seen before. The competition is tight and the results are not always as good as everyone expects, but when they nail it, they nail it. The general design involves high karat gold and diamonds most of the time. The main disadvantage that this brand has, on the other hand, is that you simply cannot rely on an 18K gold wedding ring to stick to your hand forever. Sure, it is high value and everyone can appreciate it, but 18K is the sort of ring that gets scratched within a matter of days. The point of buying a wedding ring is to wear it until the very end. In some cases that can amount up to 60 years or even more. Not everybody is willing to make this sort of sacrifice and we actually advise you not to. Should you decide to stick to Lorraine Swartz, we recommend that you invest in the design, but make sure that you get a 10K or 14K golden ring. Marriage is all about having a good time and you might not be having a good time during your honey moon if you both notice that your rings are in trouble. Choose wisely. If you cover this tiny aspect you can end with wedding rings that are just as good as Tiffany’s.  



And Harry Winston

Woman-is-relaxedIt so happens that the top 3 brands are American ones. Harry Winston shares the same fate. This is a well-renowned jewelry brand that also deals with popular watches. This brand, too, has gained a reputation for making some of the most expensive wedding rings in the world. There has been a fair fight between Harry and Lorraine, but the truth is that not many people can afford jewels from either one of these big names. Regardless, what makes Harry Winston stand out is the experience. These jewels make you feel important. Tiffany & Lorraine make your feel like you feel as though you bought your feelings. Harry Winston is all about making you feel that you’ve earned them. It’s a little bit awkward, if you think about it, but as long as this is the feeling that a lot of couples declare they are experiencing what can we do about it? The only thing we can do is congratulate the brand on their performance. It is quite a rare phenomenon that many brands only dream of achieving, but it looks like Winston got it right. How? We are not exactly sure. But it’s there and you can feel it. And that’s everything that matters. Let’s take a quick look at some other names and see what they have to offer as well. Neil Lane is one of the most daring brands out there. It is this feature alone that makes is a little bit controversial.


Let’s just say that if your goal is only to create masterpieces it’s pretty hard, but the fact that it is amongst the most well-known brands out there means that they are doing something right, doesn’t it? The rings are also quite big, and we usually smile when we think that marriage has to be a “bold statement.” Cartier is a Parisian brand that is truly passionate about jewels and watches, just like Harry Winston. What makes these two so different is, once more, the feeling. American jewels feel one way, French jewels feel totally different. It’s as if you want to compare modern with classic. Cartier is all about the classy French love. It’s also a great style statement. We all agree that the French have an exquisite sense of style, right? Well, Cartier reflects that style and this is why it will always find itself in the top most desired brands in the world. Now you know them. Now you’ve seen them. This is our top, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be yours as well. We gave you the names that everybody loves, so the best thing for you to do now is to decide. What are your most desired celebrity wedding rings? Which ones do you find most appropriate (not only for glamorous celeb weddings, but for yours as well). Take your time and take a look through all these wonders. The worst thing that can happen is for you to see a few wedding rings that you will love.