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Today we are going to make a transition from the micro jewelry world to an entire clothing style. And the style that we are going to be approaching is the extravaganza. The name says it all, but we have to first understand the depth of the name before diving into the style.  



Extravaganza: Why It Is Perceived As a Positive Force In Fashion

Fashion-blonde-girl-with-black-shirt As you might already know, when something is extravagant you are automatically spending much more on that item than usual. What do we refer to when we say “spending”? Every angle from which you can perceive the word. You are spending more money than you would on a regular piece of clothing, the designer is spending a lot more time when it comes to creating the final piece, he or she is spending more on the materials required to create the clothes,; in short, the effort is multiplied a thousand times so that the result can be an exceptional one. This is the part that usually confuses those who look at the clothing style from the outside, not focusing on its true purpose. Why should you spend more time, effort and money on such clothes when you can settle for something less demanding and look good? The key word in this question is settle and it exemplifies the difference between people who view clothes as clothes and those who see them as art. Fashion does not settle. Just like art does not settle, fashion’s purpose is to push the boundaries of looks and beauty forward. Stagnation is not an option and designers always strive for perfection and the desire to make humans beautiful through the clothes that they create. This is when we have to consider all other definitions that extravaganza implies. It is excessively high, and we are not talking about clothing prices here, we are talking about the fact that these clothes are created with the idea of pushing human beings to a higher level: spiritually, beautifully and trendy. Practically, when you think extravaganza you think about how people will dress 50 years from now or even one century from now. The main reason why this clothing style is not perceived well or understood by others is because they simply cannot or refuse to see the potential that it has. The people who create these clothes see them as “high”. The last and most obvious criteria that the extravaganza style accomplishes is going far beyond reasoning and understanding. This is where it emerges from theory into pure philosophy. It’s as if you were teaching an atheist how to believe in a deity for the first time. Extravaganza is this deity that lives beyond reason. It does not need an explanation, it does not require you to be rational and it does not need anyone to recommend its existence or emergence. It simply is. It is only a matter of time until people start believing in it. And when they will realize its true potential, only then will this style emerge and become mainstream.  



What Extravaganza Has to Offer

Woman-wear-a-red-shirt Now that we have seen what extravaganza is, let’s see what it has to offer. It is no secret that people search for meaning in fashion. It is a way of life, something that says things about us and we choose to tailor our overall image with hope in mind. We hope that the world can see us for who we really are without expressing too many words. But even if hope is our main engine that makes us move forward in life, there is another engine that either walks with us or against us. That engine is called reality. This clothing style offers us another reality. It is not a matter of “can offer” or “might offer”. This clothing style actually makes the difference, only that it can sometimes be so ahead of our time that it can be difficult to understand that it has the power to give us an alternate world. This is a matter that requires reflection and acceptance. It is by no means easy, but if you take the time to think about it you will reach this conclusion. How can extravaganza make hope and reality work together? It is, in fact, a very simple mechanism, but it is not an obvious one. Hope is a stronger engine than reality. Reality is based on social acceptance. We hear that “this and that is not good” every day, we hope for social acceptance and thus we conform to the reality that others have shaped for us. But what if we decided to swap reality completely? We already know that extravaganza is an entirely different one, but we are still drawn backwards by the “reality” that we do not need it, you can live modestly or that “we do not have money”. This is where hope comes in. The only criteria required to completely change reality is hope. The more people hope that a style can become common, the closer we all are to make it happen. But what if you are the only one hoping, you might ask yourself? We have some good news for that: you are going to be the only one who is going to change reality and the only one who will embrace extravagance for its true “high purpose”. Now let’s look back a few paragraphs and ask ourselves the same question: what can extravaganza offer you? Something different, something out of the ordinary, something that will draw you out of your common reality and place you into a higher existence. What does extravaganza ask of you? Something that you already have: hope. You already crave for a higher existence. Every human being does. So why not put this force to good use? After all, a human who loses all hope is as good as demised.  



How the Style Evolved And How It Came to Be What It Is Today

Girl-has-a-cameraIt starts with the haute couture shows that you see in Paris: that feeling you get when you not only hope for a higher reality, but when you experience it. Extravaganza was not always what it is today. It all started with observations, ideas, assumptions and experiments. In truth, everything started somewhere in the seventies when haute couture transformed into some sort of marketing exercise. Everything was designed in order to make the press wild and expose some of the best pieces of clothing in the world. It was all about sales. The more sales the better, but we have come a long way from there. The big brands that you see nowadays are simply reinforcing their labels. Sales no longer the main priority, which demonstrates how much fashion has ascended from a money-making industry to a more spiritual one. But it’s not enough to just throw a nice fashion show, invite a couple of big names and be done with it. The reality factor was an essential part that needed to be taken into consideration. Imagine how many people would have believed in God if they were not familiarized with the notion that God is similar to humans. People need to relate to the things that they are exposed to. You can create the most beautiful dress in the world. If the people do not find it beautiful, interesting or fascinating in any way, the dress is practically useless. Some examples of very well staged presentations were Karl Lagerfeld’s show for Chanel, Dior, Donatella Versace and Jean Paul Gaultier’s fashion shows back in 2013. You simply know that if you can get people in their 20s and 60s in your audience you can do anything you want. But we have already learnt that it is not at all about what you want. It’s all about the experience you can offer. As you can see, Extravaganza is not necessarily about how you dress. In fact, it is a more transcendent style. Looks are too overrated. Those who understand that people are moved by something that they aspire towards are, in fact, the ones who truly lead the world of fashion. Let’s look back at some of the best things that extravaganza has brought to the world.



Elegant-woman-admires-the-view First of all, it is a question about giving it more attention, resources and not settling. If you want to revolutionize the way you dress, you have to take your time and think about it. Inspirational designers are already doing this and they are reshaping the way we perceive “high” clothes. Then there is the challenge of accepting the offering of a new, a different, a better reality. It is not at all an easy thing to accept and assimilate, but as long as you hope for a better tomorrow and a newer you, everything is possible. Lastly, extravaganza has literally shaped the world of fashion through observations, ideas and experiments. It has led to the conclusion that people need to relate to what they see. Beautiful clothes is simply not enough. But if clothes are both beautiful and aspirational, suffice it to say that this way of dressing has a future.


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