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Costume fashion jewelry | Most Wanted Celebrity Jewellery Designs

Costume fashion jewelry usually mean Celebrity Jewellery designs. Hunting for the most wanted, are we? Celebs these days have to look after an extra feature that is not usually added to their contracts: they have to set the trends when it comes to fashion. Now look, every celebrity is trying to come up with something special every day. The moment they walk out their doors they are assaulted by paparazzi (some of them get photographed in their houses as well).

So they have to get those celebrity jewellery designs on! That's costume fashion jewelry.

The only challenge is that, through all this diversity, it’s quite hard to pick your favorites, right? This is why the most wanted category was invented. There are a lot of people who love this specific jewels and it is mostly because they saw someone who they love or adore wear it. But keep one important thing in mind: celebrity jewels are not necessarily jewels that were promoted by celebs. They can also be jewels that have been worn by so many people that they themselves became celebrities. So called costume fashion jewelry. This is how we are going to tackle them today. It’s necessary because we all have to keep an open mind. We talked about the jewels that celebrities wear in our previous guides: Male Celebrity Necklaces, What Celebrities Wear, What are Top Celebrities Wearing and Top 3 Celebrity Pearl Necklace Contest. Today we are going to be looking at celebrity jewels and accessories that had a strong impact on the market. And even though some of them have been around for a very long time, they are still the most sought after. So let’s get into it, shall we?

For the Ladies

Girl-has-a-black-hatIt doesn’t take a genius to understand that women have a large variety of options at their disposal when it comes to jewels, right? The glam is strong with this gender, as it should be. Women rule the world through their charm and beauty and if anyone else dares say anything else it becomes a dangerous game of pride. It is a game which women win, of course. After all, men don’t get to wear opera necklaces and bracelets adorned with exquisite stones from all around the world. While they do enjoy a wide range of necklaces, cufflinks and watches, women will always have the upper hand. Let’s start small and talk about the Tiffany heart pendants. It's an example of costume fashion jewelry.Yes, you got that right: we are talking about Tiffany & Co. here. The reason why these gorgeous things got famous lies in words “Please return to Tiffany & Co.”. Now why would that be special? Simple. If you lost it, the one who found it would bring it back to the shop and you would be called to get your jewel back. This feature alone is strong enough to put the heart pendant at the top of the desire chain. This pretty little thing was first introduced back in 1969. It came with a registration number so that it could make the “find the owner” process a little bit faster to carry out. It was not a 100% deal, though. Nobody could ever guarantee that, in case you lost your pendant, you would ever get it back. The truth is that it was all up to the person who found it. Nonetheless, plenty of pendants were found this way and Tiffany established a very intimate connection with their clientele with this great move. If you want celebrity names added to this jewel, fine. We are talking about Elsa Peretti here. Her open heart design was catchy enough for Tiffany & Co. to actually want to partner with her. She is one of the four jewelers the company has ever wanted to work with. Woman-sits-near-the-rocks Another super jewel that made a stand in the last years was the Bulgari B.zero1 Ring. The B.zero1 was very well received by the public because of the fact that we are talking about two jewelry designs in one. Bulgari is famous for the tubogas chain and the roman-inspired logo. Well, imagine how crowds reacted when they saw both these features in the same jewel. It became a super popular pick overnight. This is the most popular item of its collection and, even though it is relatively young (first released in 1999), it made its way to the top quite fast. The philosophy behind the ring is that it incorporates temporal harmony: past, present and future. Some enthusiasts also claim that purchasing a B.zero1 Ring marks the start of a new period in someone’s life.

The Chanel Logo earrings are a statement of beauty, confidence and power. They have CC written on them, they’re impossible to go unnoticed. Coco Chanel dragged fashion from stagnation into the modern world. It's all part of costume fashion jewelry.

All it took was a little black dress, a good display of costume jewelry and more confidence that you could fit in a human body. If you want true celebrity jewellery designs just buy these, they’re big, flashy and work as an excellent piece (well, pieces) of statement jewelry. The colors are classic: black, white and golden. Oh, and it really does not matter if it is night or day, you can wear them with the same confidence. Trust us, you will look gorgeous with them no matter what. Lastly, we have the Cartier Love bracelets. Are you surprised? Don’t be. Pop culture is at its peak these days. This vintage ’69 look is exactly what women all over the world are looking for today. It’s also good because men can wear them as well. The belt is said to be the representative of three core values: devotion, fidelity and love. If you want to know some of the big names who wear Cartier bracelets think Jennifer Aniston, Kanye West and Cameron Diaz.

For the Gentlemen

Man-drinks-coffee Ladies got all their fun, now it’s time for the gents to step up a little bit. With watches. In case you are (again) surprised, did you really expect anything else? True, perhaps you might have expected some cufflinks and a necklace or two, but it doesn’t seem like 2016 is a year in which these are super popular. To be fair, watches are a sign of male pride. So it should come as no surprise that the Omega Seamaster has remained one of this year’s favorites. The Seamaster line is an old one. It was first launched back in 1948 when Omega celebrated their 100th anniversary. The Seamaster was intended to be a better and safer option for those who did not prefer Omega’s first water-proof watch: the Marine. The simple fact that this line was invented automatically caused many events that had to prove its worthiness. The first ever achieved record was in 1955 when an Australian diver went as deep as 62.5 meters underwater with it. It culminated with reaching the depth of 1000 meters in 1971. Today, the watch maintains its reputation by adorning the wrists of James Bond actors. Will Tom Hiddleston be the next man to wear this fine watch? It remains to be seen. The next most desired piece is the Rolex Oyster Perpetual GMT-Master II. This watch has a rather interesting story that will explain why it is so wanted. Everything started in 1954 when Rolex partnered with Pan Am Airways to make a better watch for their pilots. The airline wanted their employees not only to have great watches, but with super specifications as well. It has been reported as costume fashion jewelry What did Rolex come up with? It allowed pilots to switch from GMT to another time zone. Pretty good for 1954, right? Things have changed, and for the better. Gentlemen can now visualize three different time zones at the same time. This watch is no longer pilots’ greatest tool, but businessmen’s across the world as well. Have a business on the other side of the globe? Rolex can help you with that. You don’t want to bother your partners with an inappropriate call at 4 AM now, do you?

Looking at the Bigger Picture

Girl-wears-sunglassesSo let’s look at the brands we are dealing with: Rolex, Coco Chanel, Bulgari and Tiffany and Co. Yes, we can lay back and say that we are dealing with some true celebrity jewelry right here. The year of 2016 is clearly one of comfort, class and confidence. So let’s take a step back and see where we are going. Tiffany heart pendants are a symbol of trustworthiness, the Bulgari B.zero1 Ring is all about mixing designs and celebrating the old and the new, Chanel Logo earrings are all about female dominance and the Cartier Love bracelets’ name is enough to define what they stand for. As for men, they enjoy domination over water, air and time. Worthy tastes, are they not? Suffice it to say that celebrity jewellery designs this year have one common theme: conquering the world. Both women and men want to do it in their own way and they simply use jewelry as a symbol for their desires. Will we continue our journey towards conquering the world? Of course we will.