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Cufflings - What You Must Know


Today we will be focusing on the complete cuffling guide for gentlemen: how you wear them, what the best brands and cuffs are and how to shop for them.  If you decided that it is time to start thinking about men’s jewelry, then you have come to the right place.  Perhaps you have reached that critical point when you realized that women have an entire jewelry arsenal at their disposal. Starting from earrings and necklaces, all the way to bracelets, women have all sorts of accessories that make them look more beautiful and gracious. Men do not bathe in the same wide variety women do when it comes to jewelry. Men can use the aid of necklaces, which are not necessarily appreciated by many of them to begin with, earrings simply do not work for them unless we are talking about certain young styles and the rings need a specific context in which they can be worn.


What else can men rely on to make a good impression? The answer is cufflinks and we are about to find out why. Even if you have not given these unique accessories much attention until now, the fact that you are interested is more than enough to get you started on your journey. There are so many cufflings out there that are practically begging to be worn on your shirts and it would be a great pity if you never looked at them. The classic style involves buttons, but have you ever considered that buttons might not give you the extra amount of elegance you need for your tailored image? These small, discrete yet elegant accessories do not only cater to your needs, but they are also meant to free you from the limited options that buttons can offer. You are not interested in sewing other buttons on your cuffs every now and then, are you? Cufflinks were invented for this specific reason. They are easy to use, come with affordable prices and you can also consider buying several of them for different suits or outfits.



Your Mentality and Cuffling Details

Man-wears-an-elegant-suit It is very possible that, whomever you ask about when and where you should wear cufflinks, they will tell you that they were specifically designed for semi-formal and formal occasions. If want to be a cufflink expert, you should know that this is not the case. You can wear cufflinks when you go out, at a date, at a dinner party or at a picnic. They are not tied to any specific events. When it comes to these little gorgeous pieces of jewelry, always keep in mind that your style is the most important variable that you absolutely need to take care of. If you pick up knot cufflinks for a picnic, you practically nailed it. So do not be afraid to change your mentality when it comes to them. You are, in fact, doing yourself and the world a favor. Not only will you educate yourself well in the art of the cufflink, but you will also pass on the information to those around you, making them aware that formality is only a socially accepted belief, but not the actual truth. There are 8 types of cufflinks in total and we will go through them briefly. If you want to find out more in-depth information, always feel free to check our “Cufflinks – How To Wear Them” guide. The types are the following: bullet black, whale back, stud/buttons, chain links, ball return, locking cufflinks, silk-knots and fabric cufflinks.


We know what you might be thinking about right now: they are too many, right? You need not worry, they are not at all hard to master.  Bullet blacks and whale backs are practically the same, only that bullet blacks need their cylinder flipped outward and they take up less space. It is a matter of choice, in the end. The Stud/Button is a cufflink with two heads that need to be tilted and straightened in order to hold the cuff. Ball returns are somewhere in between hinged cufflinks and chains: not too loose, but not too tight either. Chains are known to feel a little tighter than Ball returns. The knots are quite cute and can come in many colors, but they are not exactly durable. Finally, locking cufflinks are practically miniature watchbands. The cufflink material is an important detail mostly because you need to decide whether you want cufflinks to represent your style or not. If you want durable and enchanting cufflinks then precious metals and materials might be for you. But if you want to keep things informal and only wear these accessories from time to time you could simply stick silk knots or silver cuffs. When it comes to material variety you have all the freedom in the world: gold, titanium, platinum, enamel, crystal, carbon fiber, Mother of Pearl, glass, gun metal, precious stones, onyx and more. Bear in mind that certain events demand a certain material. If you prefer golden cufflinks and Mother of Pearl, know that you can use them during formal events. At the same time, carbon fiber and titanium can pretty much work with anything.



Cufflink Brands

Mannequins-with-suits For a complete list of cufflink brands, we recommend that you check our guide on “The Best Cufflink Brands in the World”. We will tackle some of the most trustworthy brands in this guide. Cufflink prices can range anywhere in between £15 to approximately £3 million. You obviously do not have to score too high if you are just initiating yourself into this world, but it is best that you know what you can find out there. Jacob & Co. is perhaps the most prestigious brand out there with its Emerald Cut Canary Octagon valued at around £3 million. There are other, more accessible items varying in between £400,000 and £80,000. It is a strong brand that can pride itself with great products and great quality. There are other specific items that you might be interested in such as King Eduard’s VIII Cartier cufflinks, mostly valued for the love story, the Phoenix Collection that was born out of the partnership between Foundrie 47 and James de Givenchy and Arfaq Hussain’s V2 cufflinks. All valuable pieces, some quite hard to find, they will give you an idea as to how cufflinks are valued around the world and what products demand great attention. Some more accessible pieces are the Steampunk Two-Tone Gold Clock cufflinks, White Gold Gents Diamonds, Kiton Napoli’s Solid White Gold cufflinks and the Tateossian onyx, diamond and gold sets. While available at a good price-quality ratio, these cufflink brands will ensure that you are suitably equipped to make a good impression. Never forget that you need a good attitude. Good attitude and good accessories are always a sexy combination.



How to Shop for Cufflinks & Conclusions

Picture-with-multiple-objectsThere are two shopping experiences: online and hands-on in the shop. While we admit that the hands-on is always a suitable approach, the online shopping part also has its educational purpose because it trains your eye. The main two shops that we recommend for beginners are House of Fraser and The Little Cufflink shop. The reasons are quite simple: as we mentioned before, you need to train your eye on expectations, quality-price ratio and what best fits your style. The House of Fraser and Little Cufflink Shop are the perfect balance. It is like learning in a very casual way. While House of Fraser promotes the best products based on customer review, The Little Cufflink Shop gives you a super variety of options to choose from starting from very accessible prices such as £15. If it also happens that you are not the shopping type, online shops are excellent for you since you can spend 10 minutes each day “window shopping” and get the hang of cufflinks within a matter of days. Actual shopping is something you need to do if you want to see how cufflinks fit on you. Not to mention that it provides you with opportunities to try out different shirts and suits as well. Any clothing shop is your nearest mall has a 99% chance of selling cufflinks as well, so you can always let your imagination roam and explore the options. The reason why we encourage the hands-on approach is because the sensation is very different when you touch, feel and see cufflinks on the spot. You will know when you get the right pair. So remember: there are 8 types of cufflinks for you to choose from. It is all up to you whether you want them be your signature men’s jewelry or not and you can also choose the material based on this decision. Some materials guarantee that these fine pieces will stand the test of time while others are only meant for a few years. Compare the premium and luxury brands to see what the highest standards are and see to it that you train your eye online so that you can understand styles. Finally, give your local clothing shop a chance and see if you can find suitable cufflinks for yourself. It does not matter whether you are a beginner or a pro. What is important is that you are on the right track.