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Cufflinks for men means style. So you are not here for two possible reasons: you are either looking for some really high standards cufflinks for men, the top cufflink brands, the best of the best, or you have gone through all of our previous guides and started your journey from small to large.

We’ve talked about cufflink for men basics, what the most popular types of cufflinks Londoners look up to and now we are going to look at the best brands out there.

Whether you are a bypasser or simply continuing your journey, we can promise you that you will not only leave with good knowledge about some of the strongest brands out there, but you will have also understood the standards required for them. First things first, we need to establish the criteria by which we are judging these brands. We are obviously looking at their notoriety, how well they are known amongst those who are buying them; their prices, ranging from premium to accessible and, of course, how easily the can be matched with any type of shirt, tie or bowtie you might be wearing. This latter criteria might involve materials and gemstones which comprise the cufflinks for men. So, without further delay, let’s take a look at some of the strongest names out there and what they have to offer.

Premium Brands

Man-walksLet’s start with Harry Winston Men. There is no cufflink enthusiast who respects themselves and has yet to have heard about Harry Winston. Carefully crafted by Thom Browne, this exceptional pair is estimated to value around €25,000. That’s not your average cufflink price, isn’t it? Of course it’s not. With 220 round brilliant diamonds attached to them, these cufflinks for men are perhaps some of the most valuable jewels the world has ever seen. Did we also mention that the frame is made out of 18K white gold? Yes, this is another thing that you might want to keep in mind before you even take a look at these. Next up we have Panthère de Cartier. As with the previous pair, there is no true cufflink wearer whose ears this name might have slipped by. The frame is also made of 18K gold, but there are two extra details that are worth mentioning: the onyx nose and the emerald eyes. This match depends on whether you decide to have the jewels made out of white gold or yellow gold. White gold with emeralds will work exceptionally well on a red shirt or with a red costume while yellow gold would best fit with light colors.

The shirt, the suit, the tie or the bow tie, you decide what you want to match them with, but these pieces are definitely something you should look up to when you set your standards. They are valued at approximately €22,500. And, closing our premium brands chapter, we would like to introduce you to the Fabergé Stanislav cufflinks for men. This formidable pair can be found for approximately €12,000. They are not only a remarkable piece of art, but they also inherit a legacy story, that of Carl Fabergé, a goldsmith who was faithful to the Russian Imperial Court. White round diamonds, both champagne and white, 18K rose gold, a beautiful, round design and designed in the stud button style. What else could one demand from cufflinks for men such as these? Within the same brand, you might also be interested in the Fjodor cufflinks. They are valued at around €10,000 and the design is quite similar to that of the former cufflink pair. It only features less diamonds, but leaves plenty of space for your viewers to admire the rose gold.

Top Cufflink Brands

Brown-shoes The first ones that we will be discussing about are De Beers. Surely you have heard about this super brand, but if you have yet to find out about their golden knot cufflinks for men, well, it’s about time you did. You remember when we previously said that knots are super stylish, but not exactly reliable because they slip most of the time. It’s safe to say that De Beers came up with a great solution and eliminated the problem. Now you have both style and reliability into your knots. Even more, they are made of gold and paved with over 100 brilliant diamonds. The total carat weight amounts to around 0.96 and their height make these wonders some of the best cufflinks for men that you will find on the market. De Beers do not often produce luxury items, but when they do, they do it right. You can find the golden knot cufflinks for around €5,500. Next up we have Links of London. Previously mentioned into our

Types of Popular Cufflinks for men in London

guide, they stand out because of their simplicity and because you can engrave anything you want on them. Just remember that the engraving space is not that big, so if you want to send a message to your beloved you had better keep it short. They come in 18K yellow or white gold and they amount up to €1,900. They are quite accessible and can always be worn as a statement piece.

If you decide to resort to these fine jewels, wear them wisely. Could we have spoken about jewelry without mentioning Tiffany & Co.? Of course not. Tiffany & Co. are a very renowned brand that literally everyone has heard of. The cufflinks that they easily stand out with are the Elsa Peretti Cabochon. Designed by Elsa Peretti, a famous Florentine jewelry designer, this 18K golden piece features lapis lazuli. The beautiful blue color makes it a great addition to any dark suit, or dark accessories in general. It is available from the same price as the cufflinks for men previously mentioned. Hello Gucci. It would have also been impossible to let Gucci slip past a top brand session. The world famous brand incites both men and women’s eyes with the Gucci Horsebit cufflinks. Unlike the previously discussed models, this is the first that comes in 925 silver accompanied by platinum. A total of 64 black diamonds were added to the piece for an exceptional final touch. The total carat weight adds up to 0.70, making it a great €1,800 option for anyone who is interested in purchasing such a beauty.

This Is Where Things Get Really Accessible

Elegant-men's-clothesYou didn’t think that you have to resort to thousands of euros to get your ideal cufflinks now, did you? There are plenty of super options that are at your disposal for decent prices. They feature great designs, a lot of care and attention put into the jewels and surly something that you will be wearing on a regular basis. Take the €500 Bottega Veneta silver cufflinks. With a very interesting intercciato pattern and the oxidized silver, you could always rely on these for the vintage look you were so desperate to find in more modest cufflinks for men. That’s one problem solved. You can always play with Burberry or Henry Arlington, or if you want really cost-efficient pairs, rely on Thomas Pink’s snake designer cufflinks. They would work well during a Harry Potter themed party, especially if you want to represent the slithering house. Sadly, the snake’s eyes are made out of little red rubies, but you never know how you can find someone to replace them for you. The above mentioned brands and designer have sold exceptional items for as little as €100.

So now let’s take a look back and see what you should really be looking at. Although you might not immediately aim for these pieces, Harry Winston Men, Panthère de Cartier and Fabergé Stanislav should definitely be at the top of your list. They are super premium items, very beautiful, easy to match with a variety of clothing styles and they can prove to be really solid investments. They are not only for you, but you can actually consider taking good care of these cufflinks and passing them on from generation to generation. It is an attribute that few jewels can take pride in. As long as you want to keep things both casual and professional, there are plenty of luxury brands that you can take a look at: De Beers, Links of London, Tiffany & Co., Gucci and, even if we did not have the time to properly speak about it, you should also consider Montblanc. Consider it as a secret gift. You’ll love it. You can find most of these jewels somewhere in between €2000 and €1000, which is not a bad place to begin with if you are a cufflink enthusiast. In the end, if all of these do not meet your needs, you can always use Bottega Veneta, Burberry or Henry Arlington as great inspirations. We are not afraid to call these top cufflink brands because they really do provide the best of services for those whom they serve, so it would be a terrible waste not to acknowledge their effort. This pretty much wraps it up when it comes to cufflink brands. Study them, watch them, match them and decide on which fit you best. Remember that there is no right or wrong answer as to what brand fits you best. The only person who can give you that answer is you.


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