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Current Styles In Fashion - Hot or Not?


So the thing about current styles is that you can never tell exactly how people react to them. Don’t ever get fooled by random information you get: “that shirt is hot”, “that dress looks awful” or “how could she have worn that” sort of things. Fashion is an extremely volatile subject and determining what is hot or not can sometimes be super difficult and even unfair. Today we are going to talk a bit about trends, what’s cool nowadays and what\s not, but the truth is that whatever anyone says about clothes, jewels, shoes, accessories, fashion in general, is interpretable. Here’s a classic example: most people agree that black and red are an exceptional combination.


Theoretically, it looks great on everyone and we should all profit from a combination like this one. But one day you see someone wearing a black and red combination and… well it simply doesn’t look good. Why? Maybe a darker skin tone, brown eyes and black hard. Maybe make-up is not done appropriately; maybe it is not suitable for the event he or she are attending. Anything can happen. That’s the truth. There are just some things that do not work. Now the main issue here is that people generalize quickly and they say “oh, that’s not cool anymore”. If you really want to know what is hot or not, you simply have to accept the fact that some styles do not work on some people while they could also rock the party if worn by a different, confident person. This is why we are also going to be talking a bit about how you should approach the subject. In the end, the purpose of the guide is not only to make your fashion life easier. It’s to also help you read the signs appropriately.  



How You Should Think About Nowadays’ Styles

Woman-is-admiring-the-viewFirst of all, don’t be snobbish about them. We know, we’re all fashion enthusiasts, we have the highest standards in the world and we want everything to look perfect. We’ve all been there. The thing is that it is (somewhat) ok to have this impression for ourselves, but it does not have to apply to everyone else. Fashion is not only a way of living, it’s also a journey. And if something does not look good on someone it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s not hot. It’s just that that person might not be on her way to a proper style. So instead of judging them we might as well give them a helping hand. You already know about the styles that are trendy right now. White top and blue jeans, comfortable sneakers, loose dresses, everything needs to be a little bit breezy, jewels don’t need to stick to your skin and all those little things. It’s really up to you whether you consider them cool or not, but do have the courage to help someone if help is needed. Remember that we all have some sort of perception related to whether something is nice or not, so if you or anybody else in your life needs some help with that you should give it without a doubt.



Trend Stages

Woman-is-admiring-the-clouds Now that you know how you should think about trends, it’s really important for you to know the stages through which they are supposed to go. This is perhaps the best and most accurate way for you to determine what others like. If you rely on your instinct alone it is never going to be enough because you are purely subjective. You can only think it from your point of view and that is not sufficient. Neither for you, nor for the people you would love to give a helping hand to. So let’s look at trend stages and how you can see what’s hot or not. At first, the trend is emergent. It’s that moment when it becomes mainstream and everybody knows about it. Very few trends are emergent these days anymore because there is somewhat of a repetitive pattern in the market. Coming up with something new is extremely difficult because of how people think. If you have some basic psychology background you might know that people always like going back to their childhood or the happiest moments of their lives. It’s only natural. So if mom and dad happened to wear some “current styles” back in the 80s, well, these styles might come back now and take the center of the stage once more.


If you do want an example of an emergent trend nowadays, that would be the dress that covers the head. It’s quite controversial, difficult to put on the market and the message is more of an artistic one rather than promoting something people would wear. But you never know. In the era of information everything can turn upside down in just one night. Next up is the emulation phase. This is when the trend is super-hot. Everybody wants it, and everybody is wearing it. It’s quite a tricky phase because sales are literally exploding, but you cannot really know why. The media is involved in this process. TV, magazines, internet and newspapers are only talking about this specific subject until it becomes boring and nobody wants to hear about it anymore. So the question remains: did this specific trend explode because of sales or because there has been a lot of money pumped into advertising. Who knows? It might be both. It would be nice to know for business purposes, though. A clear example would be the strapless dress this summer. This trend literally hyped half the globe. We honestly expect sales to have been behind this one because it is celery a very beautiful and attractive dress. The last phase is the “oh, it’s not cool anymore” phase. This is perhaps the best moment for you to acquire summer’s most desired piece. Why? Prices go down. Shops just need to get rid of excess goodies, so they might as well sell them at the lowest price possible. Just a pro tip: do not think that because you are buying them when the hype is over you are going to make a discount. Shops sell them “at the lowest price possible” but they still make profit from them. Examples are endless when it comes to this phase. It is quite possible that most of the things you are wearing and which you believe that you bought for a low price were in fact super trends that have entered their “get rid of them” moment. Nonetheless, you can still feel ok if you buy a 100€ dress for €50.



So How Do You Know If It’s Hot or Not?

Woman-wears-a-red-shirtYou see, “hot” can be looked upon from two very different points of view here. First if all, hot might mean that that specific piece of clothing is cool now. But is it cool because it was just released or because it was bought for a smaller price and the trend is re-emerging after one year? “Hot” is not only a matter of whether it looks good or not. It’s also about the moment and the context in which the trend emerges. Then we have the individual “hot”, which is left for everyone to filter through their own hearts. Whether something is truly good or not is not up to you, sadly. It is up to a few people who influence the masses until that specific trend becomes mainstream. You can obviously push the limits of social influence, try to establish something cool among your friends and hope that the message goes on and on, but it would actually be better if you started your own fashion industry instead of struggling so much for someone else, don’t you think? So the plan is simple: create a system and start selling clothes, jewels or whatever it is that keeps you interested! But leaving the fun aside, the control on whether something is going to go mainstream or not is somewhat limited.


Imagine that strong brands like Chanel or Armani still do not have 100% impact although they are considered to be the greatest brands to have ever been invented in fashion. If those do not have complete domination no one can. But this is not necessarily bad news. It’s actually very good because you get to have market diversity. How would you feel if everyone you knew dressed the same? We would live in a pretty boring world, wouldn’t we? So what’s the secret behind current styles? They are all good and all not too good within certain periods of time. You might not like those 2001 square shoes, but you never know when they might make a comeback. Still, if you want to maintain a positive attitude, the best way to do it is to do it is to determine your own style and compared it to the trending ones. In time, you will understand that it’s not all about what the world thinks. It’s about how you think. Even if you do not have power over the entire world, you can still make one of your own.