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Designer Fashion - How to Stay Relevant


Designer fashion is a term (well, they are two terms) that are somewhat misunderstood by the general public. It’s not that the words are not clear; it is, in fact, the profession that is not exactly obvious. What does a fashion designer do, how does he or she keep up with the pace of modern fashion? What do they need to know? What do they need to observe? What’s the catch, the trick, the spark that makes them so special? These are all questions that pop into our heads whenever we think about fashion designers and the fact that they are able to create contemporary pieces that get to be worn on fancy stages seems all glamorous and magical to us all. But this is where reality kicks in: is it hard? Yes. Yes, it is. Being in fashion design is no easy job. The career curve is so steep and fragile that you know you always have to come up with something unique that will capture your public no matter what. But if you want to know the true secrets of staying relevant in this industry, we will gladly give them to you. What’s the catch, you might ask again? You have to learn and to adapt to the secret in your own way so that you can create your own style. Sounds easy? Totally. Is it hard? You bet.  



Girl-sits-and-admires-the-sunsetThis secret is at the verge of cliché and “the thing that everybody needs to master.” Wherever you go in this world, whatever career you might pursue or what goals you have, everyone always ends up telling you that you need passion in order to do what you want to do. This is extremely vague for everyone. We are all passionate about something, right? We all like music, movies, going on trips and all those sorts of things, but how does this passion work and how does it reward you? Let’s take a simple example: maybe you were really good at playing an instrument when you were younger. You liked it so much that you practiced a little every day, you used to play it to your loved ones and occasionally go to people’s houses from time to time and perform. You were good at it, you put all the time and effort into it and it somehow paid off. In the end, you reached the valuable age of 18 when you either had to choose between going to music school or going to another university, for instance. You loved your instrument very much, you knew you could play well, but you chose to go to another university instead. This means that you were not passionate enough about your instrument. And this is how things work for people in designer fashion as well. They directly or indirectly think about all the trends that are going to follow. Everything that is, was or will ever be. Their passion is what pushes them forward to creating the best pieces of their time and, no matter how many choices they have or no matter how difficult the circumstances might be for them, they will always find a way to create something astonishing, something relevant to the people, something that will speak to them and encourage them to be who they really are. Before we end the passion chapter we must also mention how this very important feature affects time. When you have a job as a fashion designer you work at least 8 hours every day. When fashion design is your passion you simply do not work. That’s how powerful passion can be and that’s how much it can influence your way of life. It is no different for fashion designers either.  



Finding Ways to Stay Creative

Beautiful-girl-with-sunglasses Designer fashion is definitely one of the most demanding fields when it comes to creativity. The main issue about creativity today is that, well, it’s dead. It’s a very aggressive way to put it, but it is a truth that we must accept given the fact that we live in the information era. Everyone has an internet connection nowadays. Everybody can look at three pictures of shoes and come up with their own idea of how to combine them and make a new piece. The main reason why creativity is dead is because action is above it nowadays. If you have an idea, you need to make it happen. If you are not going to make it happen that idea has no purpose. How does a fashion designer make an idea happen? Research, trials and errors. Studying materials, colors, people on the street, drawing potential ideas that might cross their minds, and saying no as many times as it is necessary until the final product is flawless. In a way, fashion designers are artists that have to cope with imperfection a lot before they can do what they truly desire to do. Others like to be spontaneous and simply choose to ignore everything. These two don’t go hand in hand very well, do they? Let us exemplify. There are fashion designers out there who do not enjoy almost any piece of clothing they see, yet they are very famous. How is that? Because they do not like anything they choose to ignore every person on the street and wait for the “amazing moment”. The amazing moment occurs when their eye catches something, something that is not ordinary and something that does not fit in the entire picture and that will make you look either way. That is when they take out their jotting notebooks and try to write their ideas or give them life by drawing them. Being spontaneous is one of the best ways to be creative because it allows a fashion designer to exit their usual state of mind. They feel pressured most of the time because you can imagine that there is at least one voice in their heads screaming “what are you going to create now?!” This question pops up every day, every month, every season and every year. So finding ways to stay creative in this industry is not just a simple challenge. It’s a way of life.  



Offering Reality

Cute-girl-with-pink-earringsIf you happen to have read our Clothing Style Extravaganza guide, you already know that the offering of a reality is practically demanded from clothes, thus the reality is demanded from the clothes’ creator as well. Creating a reality is no easy task and it requires an entire abstract process to be completed. Shaping the reality of clothes is something almost completely spiritual and ascendant. A fashion designer does not think clothes “of this world”, but of how this world could be, of where the wearers could be taken spiritually and, ultimately, fulfilled. The idea of reality also needs to involve a deep connection between the wearer and the item that is being worn. In more simplistic terms, you need to like what you wear and you have to know why you like it. It is a matter of belief. Belief leads to confidence and confidence leads to beauty. While this philosophy is not always clear in the mind of the wearer, it needs to be always clear in the mind of the creator. Imagine how you would feel if you worked for days on end on a dress that is flawless, seems flawless, has all the qualities it needs to look good and it is entirely comfortable but nobody seems to relate to it. It would have been done for nothing. This is why offering reality is such a key feature that every designer should keep in mind. It is some sort of balance of power. You know that you can create some wonderful clothes, but you have to remember that you are creating them for the people who will see, relate to them and buy them. You are not creating clothes for yourself. If you are wondering whether these are the “secrets” to staying relevant, yes, these are pretty much the strongest variables that can make or break any fashion designer. They are simple, but not at all obvious.


Being passionate is never as easy as it sounds, mostly because we were raised in a world in which we know that we can achieve anything we want. And we want plenty of things. Designers are no different from us. They want to create the best clothes for the love of art and they want people to adorn themselves with a part of their souls. Staying creative is yet another challenging aspect that this field demands. It is not social pressure that compels these artists to stay relevant every season, but also the inner desire to create something out of the ordinary. In some way, one year is divided into four for each and every one of them because they have to think about every season. This is why it is crucial to always find something that can enhance their imagination. As for reality, you understood the big picture: crafting an entire world is something that requires patience, precision and the love for art.