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DIY: Women's Gold Necklace

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If you are here for the DIY part, we obviously need to congratulate you. We are always happy to welcome anybody who wants to craft jewels themselves, especially because we know that it is a delicate process which, sadly discourages plenty of people. However frightening it might be in the beginning, know that DIY is an exceptionally simple process. Once you will get the hang of it you will be able to craft any jewel of your desire. What’s so challenging about making a womens gold necklace? Well, it’s about the gold part, more or less.


Considering that you know you will have to work with gold can cause quite a rush, but we will stay with you all the way to ensure that you know exactly what to do. You just need to know that you have gone way beyond the hard part. Making the decision is always hard. You think that you are trading away your ease of purchasing necklaces, but in fact you are doing yourself a really big favor. You will see that now you are going to both save a lot of money and gain the necessary experience to craft your own jewelry, which is a win-win situation. Now, shall we dive into the entire process?  



Learning to Face Your Fears

Girl-is-meditating-in-natureThis is an exceptionally important part of the process that many fail to explain when you begin your journey. Without any doubt, there are plenty of thoughts roaming through your head right now: should I think about the chain? What kind of clasp am I going to use? What length is it going to be? Oh my god, what kind of design am I going to use? It’s important to know that this is absolutely normal. You are just starting something that you have never done before, there is no actual teacher who can guide you throughout the way and you definitely need some sort of feedback if you are going to continue your work. But the way you can easily get past this situation is by admitting that this is a trial and error process. Some designs might be a little shabby in the beginning, sometimes you might start with a cool concept in mind but you will see that you end up somewhere completely different and you will, in the end, craft the necklace that you wanted so dearly. But we just need to learn how to face our fears and make baby steps. If you are truly interested in making a womens gold necklace, do it with all your passion. Let that happiness that fuelled you when you concluded that you are going to do this refuel you again. If you allow that feeling to overflow you we guarantee that you are going to have some of the greatest designs. And trust us: we have seen this mentality in action. The value of your jewel is not going to be determined by the amount of gold you use in your necklace. It is not going to be determined by gold purity and it most certainly is not going to be determined by what others think about it. The value of your necklaces is going to be determined by the amount of passion, time and attention that you dedicate to them. As long as you put a part of your soul in any jewel you make, you are just as good as a professional jeweler.  



Special Techniques and Designs That You Might Be Interested In

Girl-is-reading First of all, you might want to consider a gold provider. With all the free databases on the internet you are most likely going to find one in no time, but if you are having trouble you can always go to a local shop or handmade jewelry shop and ask what providers they are getting their gold from. You also need to have some basic knowledge in gold, which we will provide here for you. Gold comes in 10,14,18,22 and 24 Karats. Each of these numbers determines gold purity and stability. Ten karats is the least pure gold (approximately 40% gold in a jewel) while 24 karats means that the jewel is completely made out of gold. Needless to say, the more gold, the more money you have to spend. This is why we recommend that you think about two things: your budget and whether you want your DIY jewel to be worn on a regular basis or for special occasions only. Although we understand the value of gold and deeply appreciate it, we honestly recommend that you look at 10 to 18 karats for your DIYs, anything above that can turn quite expensive and requires great care. Now that we got the gold out of the way, it’s time to start talking about designs and the materials that you are going to use. If you are a beginner you can definitely go with beads. You can also up your game a little and use pearls, but they will cost you a little more. Pearls and beads are wonderful materials for any piece of jewelry and they are perhaps the only materials that can guarantee total success. Since women have slender bodies and beautiful round shapes, beads and pearls do nothing more than compliment their already beautiful faces and bodies. A standard necklace example is a pearl or bead necklace with a golden pendant in the middle. The clasp does not need to be made out of gold. Just make sure that it has a golden light about it and that it is easy to adjust. We all love it when it is easy for us to adjust our jewels. You can also attempt to make things a little more interesting and add golden charms here and there. Free yourself from the pendant in this situation since it might imbalance the necklace’s beauty.


Girl-holds-an-umbrellaHex nuts are also a great way for you to craft a multitude of designs freely. Their rectangular shapes allow you to put them in whatever coherent order you see fit and create some of the most attractive necklaces in town. Be wary though, if you are looking for hex nuts that have a high gold concentration things might get expensive. However, if they are only layered with gold things might work out ok for you. Using hex nuts is the easiest design after beads, but you will need to give plenty of attention to them when you bind them. We actually recommend that, if they are meant to be used for longer periods of time, you bind them with two rings instead of one. But this is your decision to make since we are already involving finances here. Lastly, if you want to make good business out of making a womens gold necklace, we honestly recommend that you make name necklaces. You can make such necklaces with a metal bar. Be advised: you need to become very patient with getting the names right. Do not twist and turn the bar too much or it might break. You don’t want to break it now, do you? The reason why you can make good business out of this is because you need little to no investment to start it. Just make a couple of name necklaces for your friends, give them as gifts and as for a little promotion. In the end, you will see that all the girls in your high school might also want a name bracelet. You can become popular really fast and you can also make some extra cash while you do this.



So What Is the Key to Making Great DIY Necklaces?

Girl-is-smelling-the-flowersIt is very simple. All you need to know is that everyone started from where you started now. Some things will work, others will not, but if you persevere, you will get exactly where you want to be. You just need a little change of mentality (also ignore those who tell you that it’s not worth it and that you are wasting your time) and to start with some very simple techniques to push yourself forward. Remember the details related to gold (remain within the 10K-18K boundaries) and to resort to beads, hex nuts and name necklaces. There are other techniques that you might want to try out later, but if you are at the beginning of your journey we recommend that you start with these for maximum success chance. It is really great that you have chosen this path and you must go forward knowing that you are special for choosing this path. The majority of people simply decide to buy their jewels but never think about how much money they could spend if they made them themselves. Think about the fact that 60% or more from the jewel’s total price goes into transport and production. Wouldn’t you like to save that extra money and learn how to make jewels yourself? It sounds like a complete bargain to us and it would be a pity to let such a chance slip by.


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