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Donald Trump - Class & Style


Donald Trump can easily be considered one of the most controversial, if not the most controversial, people in the world right now. His speeches are highly debatable, nobody knows if they should trust him or not and, to be fair, not many people around the world have the confidence that he would be a good president, especially a leader of the Free World. But there is one thing that sort of sets his apart from the rest of his foes and that’s donald trumps’s style. We know, it is a little bit awkward. This guy is talking about building a big wall and we want to talk about his class and style. It seems hilarious doesn’t it? But the reason why we are tackling this subject is not only to talk about Donald’s clothes. That would be a little bit boring, wouldn’t it? The man always shows up in a suit and tie. Rarely is he seen wearing something else.


And why would he? He is practically doing business every day. He is receiving a phone call? That’s business. He is holding a speech? That’s business again. His life is business, so he might as well dress accordingly, right? Today we are going to talk about “the Donald” and try to dive a little bit deeper into why he is such an interesting guy. Let’s face it: the things that he says and the things that he does raise eyebrows on a regular basis. We cannot really imagine what the world would look like if he were to run the White House. While for some it might be interesting, for others it could be totally terrifying. So it is best that we think about who he really is, what he really does and how his class and style affects all that. And vice versa, of course.  



What’s Up with the Suit and Tie?

Donald-Trump-is-at-a-conferenceThe million dollar question, so to speak: what is up with the suit and tie? Donald Trump is rarely seen wearing anything else than his well-tailored suits and what has become the regular red tie. Now why is that? Up until last year, it was all about business. He spends most of his time taking care of his empire, so the way he dresses practically mirrors what he is doing. But having chosen to run in the presidential campaign hasn’t changed him that much when it comes to clothing. He is still dressed formally and he knows that he always has to make a good impression. A businessman always knows that a good first impression is everything you need to start a good business and you can see the results of this approach. Whether you loathe Donald Trump or are fond of him in some way, you are most likely impressed by the way he walks on stage and the way he is dressed. His clothes are a reflection of who he is and what he does, he never fails to impress (whether in a good or bad way) and he always looks good. Bear in mind that this is only an image subject, not a speech one. We will get to the speech part later. Ok, suit and tie is fine, but why doesn’t he wear something else as well? Let’s be honest for one second: if you were running a huge financial empire and running in the presidential campaign, would you really want to bother yourself with choosing your clothes all the time? There are two fundamental principles that we believe Trump has taken to, but remember that this is what we suspect. Nobody knows whether he actively does these or not, but judging by some success habits, we think that these are exactly the ideas that he has in his head. First of all, Trump is applying the Steve Jobs principle with wearing just one type of clothes. If you have ever seen Donald, you might have noticed that he is either wearing a black or a blue suit with a tie. It’s simple, elegant, it reflects him and it is not hard to choose in the morning. Secondly, we do not believe that Donald really has a choice as to what he can wear anymore. Sure, he might like to dress casually at home and slip into something more comfortable, but his jobs involve only formal approaches, deals, speeches and politics. You cannot really get away from these responsibilities. And he doesn’t want to get away from them in the first place. This is life, the choices he has made and he seems to be quite fine with them. He is a leader, an educator and an entrepreneur (and we might as well add that he is an old school businessman) he is not like modern millionaires. He just likes formality and we also have to admit that it suits him just fine.  



The Way He Talks

Donald-Trump-has-a-yellow-tie This is the most debatable subject, but we will explain why Donald’s class is so different from the rest of the politicians or “sane people’s voices”. We can all agree that donald trump’s style of speech is completely out of the ordinary. And that is not only because he is saying some crazy things, but because he is also structuring it in a certain way that seems very appealing to the public and easy to understand. If you have never given read or listened to the way Donald speaks, it’s about time you did. You will see that, even if it seems that it does not have some outstanding coherence, Trump’s speech is aimed at the simple people who want to see a better America. We know what you are thinking: it sounds silly and it still doesn’t change the fact that he wants to cheat himself into the White House, but things are not that simple. The truth is that Trump wants to do some things that really will make America great again, but the only issue that he is facing is that the rest of the world truly stands against him. He has the courage to say some things that other politicians did not and would not want to say. He says some controversial things that sound absurd like “building the great wall” or “a small loan of a million dollars”, but the truth is that we are inly perceiving them as being absurd because we do not all think like Trump. The main difference between a rich man and a poor man is the way they think and the way Trump thinks is extremely different from the rest of the world’s perspective. Many people would give a lot to have one million dollars in their hands at this very moment, but Trump understands two things: if everyone were to have one million dollars now, then that million would not be as valuable as we know it to be today (because, you know, everyone would have it; and if everyone has it is not at all valuable).


At the same time, Trump understands that one million dollars is not a really high sum if you want to start your own business (at least not back when he started). But for the rest of the world it is simply not as easy to understand because we think like people with a medium wage. Trump’s class is reflected in the way he speaks, and he speaks for people who can vote for him. It’s just as simple as that. But, as we have mentioned it before, there are many who do not want him as president. In polls that have been released concerning what countries want him president and which do not, you might have seen that Russia is the only country in the world who agrees with our candidate over here. But the media has an interesting way of putting it: it indicates that a dictator-like president would have Trump as president and the rest of the democratic countries would not have him. That’s an interesting point of view. But no newspaper or political media will tell you that America is indebted to the rest of the world and that Trump wants to re-negotiate the terms so that America can have a stronger dollar. You might want to think about that as well. But, again, these re-negotiations might have a dramatic impact on the world. We do not know for sure, but we might as well try.



The Only Thing That You Need to Remember About Trump

Donald-Trump-has-a-navy-blue-suitWe know, Donald trump’s style is arguable. It has always been and it always will be, but his end-game is way bigger than just exaggerated words. Trump wants to become the President of the United States because he is interested in the financial issues that the world has and wants to fix the dollar. We can argue that is not exactly moral or that we do not like him, but the challenge remains the same: we either have another American President who will indebt the world, or we will have one who will try to stop the debt. Which one will the States choose?