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Emma Watson's Luck with The Harry Potter Series


You would have never expected us to talk about this subject, right? Emma Watson’s luck is arguably one of the most controversial subjects when it comes to the Harry Potter movie world, but the truth is that there was some luck to it… and the rest of the 99 percent was just a huge load of work. There are two kinds of fans out there: those who still believe that she did not deserve this role and those who believe that she worked hard to preserve it. Which kind of fan are you? Today we are going to spend our time figuring out why this was luck and why it wasn’t and since there is so much to talk about, you had better get comfortable. Luck is an extremely fragile subject because it is often invoked by those who just see the results and who do not think about the work that has been done behind the curtains.


A wise man once said that “life is luck. So you should make it.” This is perhaps one of the best things anybody might have said, so it would be wise of you to remember it and apply it on a regular basis. Luck is a constant mixture of talent and work. The only issue is that talent is 1% of luck. You either have it or you don’t. The rest of the 99% is sheer work. People do not see the work. They never saw the countless hours of Harry Potter filming, they never saw Watson struggle with acting and learning at the same time, they did not know that she was divided in between two worlds. This is why they call her lucky: because they can only see the results and not the amount of hard work that she has put into this series. So let’s shed some light onto the subject and make it a little bit clearer.  



The Moment When She Was Truly Lucky

Emma-watson-wears-a-red-dressWe can say that Emma Watson had only one moment of pure luck: when she was handpicked to play the role of Hermione Granger. That was the only moment which did not really depend on her. She was very young, inexperienced when it came to acting and she had suddenly realized that she would take part in one of the best movie series to have ever been created. Not to mention the fact that she would be the embodiment of a character that had been so loved in all the books that J.K. Rowling had written. Emma Watson will forever remain the image of Hermione Granger in our heads, whether we like it or not. So that was it. That was the only lucky moment: when an inexperienced girl, who did not even know if she wanted to do this or not, was picked to be one of the greatest characters of all time. So what then? What changed? Well, she had to work twice as hard. Watson was never at the top of her class, but playing such a cunning and book-hungry character definitely has to have had some sort of impact on her. She had to both perfect her acting and keep up with school, which can be extremely stressful for a young girl. Society still has this ineffective way of encouraging and empowering young women. We give them the impression that doing two things at the same time is such a huge responsibility, one that not everyone can do and that, because it is so rarely done, it is their duty to do it even harder and with more passion. This is perhaps one of the strongest flaws our education system has nowadays and Emma Watson is a celebrity who experienced it to the fullest. Why? Because she chose to pursue both school and the movie series. She could have dropped out at any time. After all, she was famous and she had the freedom to do whatever she pleased, but the relationship she had developed with the cast and the chance to be in one of the greatest movies to have ever been created convinced her to stay. But because of her decision, she had to work her way through everything. And this is why we do not believe that what she had was luck throughout the series.  



Lack of Luck or Impostor Syndrome?

Emma-watson-wears-earrings If you did not know about the impostor syndrome, then this is a good moment for you to find out. The impostor syndrome, as the name suggests, means that you feel like an impostor in the environment that you are in. This syndrome is typically known to affect women, especially if we take the current educational system into consideration. Knowing that you have to undergo several different tasks and the fact that you do not belong in one of them can be extremely difficult. Emma Watson’s luck? More like Watson’s bad luck. She knew that she did not belong in the film industry. She knew that she was not an actor at heart and she knew that she would not be doing this for the rest of her life. This might not seem as too much for some, but the truth is that it can seem excruciating. This occurs because of both physical and mental reasons: first of all, you know that you are, in some way, wasting your time. Watson is interested in feminism and promoting a better education. She found her passion when she was younger. She knew she wanted to do this and not act, but she somehow had to cope with both of them. This is the mental part. The physical part is that you actually need to be in two places at the same time. And since we do not have a magic pendant that can make us go back in time (at least not yet), she had to deal with school after the shooting was over. It is no surprise if Watson felt like an impostor. The majority of her cast and work colleagues were actors. She loved them as people, but she always knew that that was not her place. She belonged somewhere else and that is what always kept her away from reaching her full potential in the industry. Watson is not the only woman to have experienced this.


There are countless other women who have been going through the same kind of experiences throughout their entire careers: Maya Angelou has written 11 books, but she never felt like a writer; Kate Winslet used to tell herself that she was a fraud before going to shoot; Tina Fey seems to be doing quite well with it, but she still claimed that it can be difficult to deal with the egomaniac and the fraud inside her head and even Michelle Pfeiffer once said that she is not that talented and that it is somewhat of a mistake for her to be in the spotlight. As we can see, this is not really a question of luck. It is more of a question of identity. Most of these women, who are very hard working and known throughout the world, feel as though they are not in the place where they belong. People call them lucky most of the time, but the truth is that they have to struggle with who they are on a regular basis because that’s just the way life works for them. We suspect that some of them might just be extremely modest about it, but there is no denying that they have to put up with a lot of pressure every day so that they can be as good as they can be, do their jobs well and keep the fans entertained. These women are examples of how being relentless is the best way to move forward in life.  



So, How Much of This Really Is Luck?

Emma-watson-looks-cuteNot much, if you ask us. Emma Watson, as well as other actresses, have had just one moment of glory when they were chosen for different roles. The reasons as to why they might have been chosen can be purely subjective and this is why we call these particular moments lucky. People might have chosen them because they mimic some gestures that they do as well; they might have chosen them because of the talent that they display, or maybe because of their personalities; or they might have just chosen them because they are beautiful women. The bottom line is that the moment of being chosen is the 1% luck that we were talking about. Emma Watson’s luck ended after the day she was chosen to be Hermione Granger. After that, the real work began. And the fact that we still see Emma in the news today shows that she is still working very hard to maintain her status. This is the sort of woman society should look up to: a woman who works with passion and finds her way in life. This is not luck. This is just saying that you have a reason to live.