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Epic Formula to Track Down a Beautiful Necklace


Today we are going to something fun. Instead of the usual “fashion talk only” style, we are going to add a little extra humor here and there so that you know exactly what the epic formula to track down a beautiful necklace is. Now, we know that feeling you have when you see that gorgeous necklace. No, not the “oh that looks so good on you” necklace that you really don’t care about but you will say it just to be nice, but that necklace that makes you go completely OMG and find it no matter what gets in the way. Yes, we’ve all been there and wanted something that badly and today we are going to make sure that, if you see one such goodie, you are going to get your hands on it. There are practically two ways in which you can get the necklace you want: the easy and the hard way. Shocker. We know, it’s a little vague, but we are going to elaborate on them anyway and you will have a total blast out of it. So let’s quit the chit chat and get to the real deal.  



The Easy Way – For Extroverts

Women-wears-elegant-necklaceIf you are an extrovert, have absolutely no problem with stopping people on the street all of a sudden and talking to them, you are probably going to have an easy time finding the necklace you want. Take this scenario, for instance: you are simply walking on the street and you see it, you see the necklace you have been looking for and you immediately rush to the person wearing it. Really, if you start the conversation with “I love your necklace, it is adorable, I love your taste, where did you get it?” what could possibly go wrong? Well, it kind of depends on the tone you are using. Enthusiasm is great, but you don’t really want to seem like a freak now, do you? Although it is quite possible for people to instantly like you the way you are and start a conversation either way.

 The point is that if you have no issue in talking to others and you start by commending them on their tastes, there is no way you cannot walk away with proper information about that beautiful necklace that you desire so much and perhaps with a new friend as well. Take a picture of it. This can get awkward. A lot of times. But if you are the courageous type it is still worth a shot. Worst case scenario is that you get an awkward look or a frown. Best case scenario is that you get a smile and you might start a conversation, which leads you all the way back to the first method, doesn’t it? Either way, taking a picture will start a conversation or it will give you all the information you need to start talking to a close friend of yours. The reason why the picture method is quite important is because of the value of a thousand words. Let’s presume that she did not get that cool necklace from anywhere in your country. As long as you have the photo you can always look it up online and order it. Now there is a very simple reason as to why this is called the easy way. It is because if you go up to someone and talk about the necklace you might get all the information you need. You do not exactly need to work too much when it comes to the accessory because you got it mostly due to your ability to talk to people easily and be spontaneous. For introverts things do not go as smoothly as it goes for you.  



The Hard Way – For Introverts

Shy-woman-wears-a-pendant So you don’t feel like talking to people. Not ever, any exceptions come once a few years, or eons. In the same scenario as the above, you will probably sit back and not take any action towards approaching that person. But you do like that necklace and you don’t know how to get it. Remember that scene Taken when she was supposed to shout all the details? Yes, that’s exactly what you need to do as well. No, not loud because you certainly do not want everyone to think that you’re ecstatic, or maybe you do, but your brain needs to process all the information as fast as possible so everything can stick: green gem, yellow chain, ring clasp, works well with black, chain length, everything. You need to remember all these things because you will have to research them afterwards. You can also apply the picture technique, but you will most likely not want to be seen and the best picture you can take is from up front. That’s a buzz kill, sorry, but it might work so you can give it a go. The thing is that, if you do not approach people straight forwardly and tell them that you like their beautiful necklaces, you will need to remember all the details and then become some mini-fashion expert so that you can find exactly what you are looking for. Luckily for you, we have all the minor details covered in some of our necklace guides such as Top 5 Types of Necklace Chain Lengths, Top 5 Necklace Clasp Types or Examples of Neckles To Inspire You. But to ensure that you have all the little things take care of, we will briefly explain everything you need to know about a necklace if you are a beginner.



Necklace Details

Elegant-woman-wears-a-necklaceAlright, this section is for both introverts and extroverts. No matter your personality type, you need to know some things about necklaces, not necessarily because fashion demands it, but because you demand it. That pretty accessory might look great on the person you saw wearing it, but is this enough to make it look good on you? Maybe the design needs to be different, maybe you need a larger length or maybe that green gemstone does not work well with your eyes. There are four things you look at when picking your ideal necklace: size, chain, gemstone and clasp. Each and every one of these pieces has their own significance. Maybe you do not necessarily want a 16 inch necklace that works well on a petite but will work as a choker if you have a larger neck size, right? The length is important for two reasons: the occasion and your average body size.

 Some really long necklace sizes will seem smaller if you are very tall, for instance, or a choker might literally choker and you will want to go for a larger size instead. Plus you do not want to appear with a silver opera necklace when going out with your class, do you? The chain is the most important part of your necklace. We always stress this out so that everyone remembers what a crucial detail it is. While you might not want to invest in random materials that will wear off in a couple of years (on your favorite necklace, might we add), you also need to consider if you find it appropriate to spend money on an 18K golden chain, or a platinum one. This is your decision to make, but you can always swap the necklace for a cooler look and a more affordable chain. Whatever the necklace is decorated with, gemstones, diamonds or pearls, decide what part of your body the necklace is meant to highlight. You might want to contrast your eyes with a pearl color or you can go for matching colors on gems, bracelets or rings. Your style needs to say it all. And lastly, the clasp. The main reason why you take interest in this final piece is because of the comfort it offers. Spring rings are the most common clasps you will find, but at the same time they are quite uncomfortable, they often require two people to put your chain together and they might the buzz kill that you so desperately want to avoid. Magnetic clasps and screw clasps might be exactly the thing you are looking for and you will have that ideal piece on your neck with little to no effort putting it on.


Elegant-girl-with-glasses Once you’ve gone through all these details, it is time to take the search either on the internet or to your local shop. Sometimes it can be quite a tedious process, but it often happens that you see something and you find exactly what you are looking for in no time. Also, we have to mention that the easy way is not only for extroverts. All it takes is a little courage to go up to someone and just compliment them so you can easily get all the info on the piece you so much desire. But if research is the way in which you want to get things done, you can always try to remember, write down or take a picture of what you want and you will see that the journey can be far cooler than the destination.