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Essential Steps to Cufflink Fashion

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A cufflink is no ordinary accessory that you find many gentlemen wearing. Most of them rely on the comfort of a regular shirt. Button things up and you are good to go. Sadly, comfort comes at the price of style in this situation, and most men would agree that this is not the sort of trade one needs to embark in. This is why we want to initiate you in the art of the cuff and ensure that you are prepared to make the right decisions when you finally decide that cufflinks are your thing.  




Man-with-bow-tieFirst things first, if you haven’t yet understood how important these accessories are, it’s pretty much time you gave them the attention they deserve. Wearing cufflinks with your accessories is a must. We are not saying that because you have to go to the closest shop now and buy as many as you can. On the contrary, you should take some time and start researching them a bit thoroughly. There are two main reasons why you want to do this. The first is that no many men wear them and the second is that they give you a lot, and by that we mean a lot, of freedom. Let’s look into both aspects. So why would you look at cufflinks if they are not worn that much? The fact that they are worn should be the main reason why you should be interested in them. Something isn’t right if the majority of men do not prefer them, right? On the contrary, it’s ideal to have them because the majority bathes in the comfort that we were talking about earlier. A cufflink is a status accessory.


There is something very elegant about them that makes them so appealing to everyone’s eyes. Plus, they are quite discrete and make for an excellent addition to your outfit. Why would you settle for anything less in the first place? There is no better way to stand out in a crowd of men than with a fancy, little, discrete but very charming pair of cufflinks. And then there is the freedom. Honestly now, would you ever be in the mood or make the time to sow different interesting buttons on your shirts? We thought so. The freedom that cufflinks provide is strictly related to diversity. You can actually wear one shirt with several cufflinks and you have infinite variables to match them with: the color of your ring, a color in your watch, shoes, tie, anything. You can really try and experiment with as many things as you want until you find the appropriate style for you. And the best part is that you need not make a huge investment in order to properly define yourself through cufflinks. You can easily start by roaming through nearby shops and checking out different shapes, colors and gems that you might be interested in. It’s totally worth a try.  



Breaking the Common Mentality

Elegant-watch-on-man's-hand Now that you know how precious these pieces are, it’s time to get rid of everything wrong that you know about cufflinks. You might have either been told about these things or you might have involuntarily seen them in some situations and automatically generalized. Do not be fooled about the few contexts in which you saw cufflinks or the two discussions that you might have had with your friends about them in your entire life. The common perception is that cufflinks are super formal accessories, worn only at prestigious events and by rich people. It couldn’t be more wrong than this. A cufflink is not a formal-only piece, it is not the kind of accessory you only use twice in one year and it is definitely not something that can only be afforded by those with great financial power.


There are thousands of people wearing them around the world, some of them on a daily basis, and they can often be worn at casual parties or even when meeting with one’s friends. They are a fashion indicator, accessories which prove that one aspires for a little more style in their wardrobe and want to stay away from that which is very common. What is perhaps the most interesting part about them is that, even if they were to go super mainstream and become the new normal, they would still be super cool compared to old school buttons. Also, do not be fooled by the misconception that they are extremely expensive. Sure, you can score some super high prices with really popular cufflink brands, but if you want to start off slowly you can easily get your hands on £5 or £10 cufflinks and stand out within a matter of seconds.  



The Steps You Need to Follow

Man-uses-his-laptopIf you want to really want to get to know this fashion, you first need to know the basics about cufflinks: what parts they are comprised of, what materials you should be looking for, cufflink types and how to wear them. Luckily, we have them all here at your disposal. Learning cufflink parts and how to put them on is easy. They have three parts: the front face, the post and the toggle. These are the standard cufflinks and perhaps the most common ones your eyes are used to. Using them is equally simple: once sorting out whether your shirt requires a kiss or a barrel style, simply insert the cufflinks through the holes and toggle. There are other types of toggle as well, and we will briefly go through some of them as well. There are other cufflink types such as the stud or the locking ones, which require different approaches. The stud, for instance, has no toggle, just two heads. It is quite a safe type because it has no movable parts, but it requires some effort to put on. A little willpower is all you need to master the use of these fine accessories. Locking cufflinks, on the other hand, are practically the same mechanism as that of a watchband. The main issue is that constant movement is likely to unlock them. One could also settle for silk knots, but they come with a great price. Although they are the cutest addition to your collection and the living proof that these are not formal-only accessories, they are rather unreliable because they can slip easily and they are not going to last a lifetime.


Nonetheless, you can definitely try them out if you know that you will be attending an event where you will be standing still. Seminars and picnics might do the trick. As for materials, things are quite diverse in the cufflink universe. For starters, it is best that you keep track of the wide range that you have at your disposition and also be aware that you cannot wear any material at any event. Let’s go through some brief examples so that you understand we are talking about. Gold, platinum and crystals are known as being some of the most valuable metals, so they are obviously associated with formal events. Gold, for example, can get scratched quite easily, especially if it is 18K or 22K. So it is practically used for those high-class parties that take place once or twice every year. The metals also need to be kept in very good condition in order to retain their value. Now let’s think about materials such as carbon fiber or gun metal. They look exceptionally well, but they are also very easy to take care of. Deciding to wear them during a date or a ball is entirely up to you, but it is important to know that either way will work perfectly. Silk is also an excellent (and occasionally vintage) decision and it would be wise to consider precious stones as well.



Man-reads-the-newspaper Now it’s time to dive into our usual recap and make sure that remember all the essential steps. First of all, wear cufflinks because of the advantages that they bring you. If they are not worn by many gentlemen, it is your moment to shine. And they give you so many options that they are practically impossible to refuse. Your context is excellent: plenty of men refuse to wear them (for superficial reasons) and you can instantly make an impression by just using them and you can spend less money on pairing some good accessories instead of buying more and more shirts. Everything you need is at your disposal. Get rid of your formal-only mentality. And you could also do the world a favor and share this information. Maybe we could actually make a stand and promote these fine accessories for what they really are. Ensure that you know what parts they are made of, what styles and materials best suit you, cufflink types that make you extremely comfortable and how to wear them. It all goes down to research from now on. Avoid being put down by superficial reasons as to why you should not wear cuffs and get informed from professionals. Who knows, maybe the next party you will attend will, in fact, be your stage for showing off your new cufflinks.


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