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Examples of Jewelry Stores to Inspire You


Inspiration is a really subject to speak about in general. The truth is that inspiration is one of those terms that falls into the “it is whatever I want” category. Everyone understands and perceives inspiration differently and jewelry stores have the same effect. Are inspiring stores supposed to enable you to purchase better jewels? Are they supposed to make you feel comfortable by just looking at them? In an inspirational shop’s aim to make you do something after having visited it? And we do not mean something that is necessarily fashion related, but something that you love and you would most enjoy doing. These are questions that we must always ask ourselves if we want to get a clear perception of what an inspirational shop is. In the end, we have to assume that the answer to all these questions has to be yes.


After all, if a shop can fulfill as many criteria as possible in order to make their customers happy and give them something to come back to. It does not matter if customers actually buy something or not. It only matters if they clicked, liked what they saw and their brains released endorphins. If you want to check all these squares on your inspirational shop list, you only need to look for one key ingredient that will do the job for you: simplicity. As long as a shop is simple it feels comfortable. We want to look at a few online shops that do fulfill these criteria quite well and, we believe, they do have the capacity to give a positive answer to all of the above questions. And do a lot more. So let’s skip the theory and dive into jewelry stores that will really lift your spirits. Literally.  



BLK and Noir

Gold-wedding-ringsBLK and Noir is the sort of online store that pleases your eye the moment you access it. You only get to see a white background, the brand’s name in a bold black font and jewels displayed on a gray background. The online shop’s large white background gives a great impression of space, which the human brain perceives as a positive sign of trust and transparency. At the same time, the messages that accompany the design are only meant to reinforce these values. By messages we do not only refer to the way the shop is presented, but by the way it encourages and educates customers. Mentioning the fact that the shop’s name should actually be read as “Black and Noir” and also translating it is a key factor that helps those who want to shop to get accustomed to this new shop and visit it again. At the same time, one can easily be inspired by the messages carved into the jewels. Rings and bracelets with the same numbers on them, pendants with messages such as “you met me in a strange moment in my life” and simple necklaces with an inscribed “khaleesi” message on them reflect that the shop cares for people’s feelings, the context in which they have met and what preferences they have, be they modern or traditional. Suffice it to say that BLK and Noir are an inspirational store because of how straight forward they are. And if the messages are strong and contain deep meanings, so will the jewels. BLK and Noir are actually selling jewels by fueling them with passionate stories and not the other way around. This is a rare quality that not many people can fulfill easily and this is why we have to give credit where credit is due. BLK and Noir are simple, elegant and good storytellers. That’s what makes the shop inspirational.  




Jewels-and-purses Just as the name suggests, this shop is really sought after. Having a minor name tweak, this online jewelry store stands out because of how it pairs its vintage look with impressive messages. The site’s design is very simplistic. More simplistic than that of BLK and Noir, only that it relies on other colors to fulfill its purpose. Unlike relying on white to convey space, Saught is using earth colors such as green and pale brown to convey a love for our planet, its people and the actions that they are pursuing. As you enter the site, you do not even need to scroll down. You have all the information you need right in front of you, with regular panels swiping left from time to time. The main messages that Saught relies on are “Freedom from War”, “light appeared. It was good and cast out the dark” and “at the heart of our story is a little message of peace”. Every message is paired with a beautiful set of jewels that you will enjoy to behold. Freedom from War, for instance, has the Petals of Bloom bracelet which signifies a flock of ringdoves taking flight. The design is marvelous and it looks as if it were made for a crown. On the same note, the Petals of Bloom necklace follows the same design. Should you be interested in something completely simplistic and uplifting, you will be excited to see the Pursuing Peace bangle. Available in both silver and gold, this bangle is the ultimate statement jewel that simply aids in dropping jaws. It is simply mesmerizing. Other extraordinary pieces that you are surely going to want to look at are the rectangle signet ring, the light bar pendant and the Eveil Necklace. We 100% encourage you to check out this store if you want to feel inspired on every possible level.  


Harry Winston

Window-shop-with-jewelsAlthough the last shop that we want to take a look at, it is definitely not the one that deserves least attention. Harry Winston differs from the other two previous examples by pushing visuals to their limits. There is nothing white with black fonts and no static earth colored background. There are high, quality photos, however. And they are accompanied by simplistic, yet truly simpering messages. The shop does not only exude quality, but also demands it. It commands a wide range of jewels, starting from men’s watches to wedding rings, and makes careful correlation between the jewels and the events that they are being used for. Perhaps something that stands out remarkably well is the Opus 14. It is a carefully crafted time piece, black of color with the additional American colors: red, white and blue. The black is prominent, however, and it is strategically placed on a blue background conveying elegance and professionalism. You see, if you break the information down into pieces, there doesn’t seem to be something extraordinary about seeing this watch: it has a cool design, 4 colors out of which black is the strongest one and it’s placed on a blue background. So what? It is the simplicity, the finesse, the eye for details that practically fascinates the human eye. What is so fascinating about this watch? Its perfection. You simply cannot let go of it.


Another important detail relies in how the jewels are categorized: secrets, icons and the Incredibles. Notice how each set has standards imposed upon it only by simple names. Secrets are jewels that require plenty of attention and finesse given to their craft. The Secret Wonder, for instance, is an earring made out of reversible diamond, sapphires and aquamarine. Beautiful? Yes. Difficult to craft? Very. Harry Winston knows the secrets, you enjoy the beauty. The icons are spotlight jewels, meant to attract everyone’s attention in any ballroom and the Incredibles stand out because of the large gemstones that are being used to craft them. The Oval Sapphire and Diamond Ring is an Incredible piece that prides itself with many admirers and the combination of silver lights with a deep dark blue is more than enough to make you shine. Now that we have gone through all these inspiring shops, let us take a look back and see what it was that fascinated us in the first place.



Retro-rings The first ingredient, as we mentioned before, is simplicity. One does not want to enter complex shops in which you get lost quickly and do not get the message that is conveyed. Simplicity can be obtained through multiple ways: a predominantly white view with few black and gray elements to complement the design; earth colors that please the eye or crystal clear images. Next up we have the messages. The key to delivering good messages can be found in correlating them with emotions and events. Take Saught’s messages for example: light appeared. It was good and cast out the dark” and “at the heart of our story is a little message of peace” are very peaceful and soothing messages that everyone would agree to. And the correlation between “Freedom from War” and ringdoves is simply fantastic. Things were kept simple and it paid off quite nicely. Lastly, we could say that part of success lies in the colors. How can one be so fascinated about a black watch on a blue background? It is simply beautiful. There is no logic behind it. It is a beautiful object that is paired with a color that accentuates its beauty. Reason? Vague. Inspirational? Totally.