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Examples of Neckles to Inspire You



It is quite fair to admit that necklaces are part of our day to day life. Whether we wear them or we see someone wear them, we are always exposed to neckles and we more or less judge the person wearing them. Since these chick accessories can be observed mostly anywhere, they have become a rather usual thing in our field of perception. “Yes, she has a necklace. She has one too. Oh, there’s another one.” This is the exact same phrase our mind keeps repeating over and over again and we do not even realize it anymore. But this constant repetition also generates a new need: whenever we look at a piece of jewelry, necklaces included, we want to see something that will inspire us. We want to see new things, things that we haven’t seen on TV, things that are not promoted over and over again as being cool and chick. We want something that actually needs to fulfill two criteria: it needs to match our style and it does not need to be worn by all the superstars and everyone who wants to look like them.


Something inspirational is supposed to give you a complete sensation of “you”. You did not copy it from anywhere, few people know about it and most will admire you for it and you will finally be rewarded with confidence after that long struggle of finding it. So how do you perceive a necklace that will inspire you? While this question seems rather vague, you can always see if you perceive a necklace as something else based on a two variables: the pieces that form the necklace (clasp, chain, and gems) and how it makes you feel. When speaking about inspiration, you also need to think about whether you want it to have an interesting design, simply have something inspirational written on it or maybe both. Since it all comes down to tastes, we have prepared a list of neckles based on value and style. After you have gone through them you will have at least formed an impression on what style you are looking from. Not that we stated “at least”. You might find exactly what you are looking for or you might just identify what your ideal necklace looks like and go for other options instead.  



The Greatest Necklaces in the World

Fashion-necklace-with-gemstones-for-womenThe most expensive necklace in the world is the “Incomparable”, valued at $55 million. It is Mouaward’s greatest creation: a 637 carat made in 2013 and deemed the most expensive piece of its kind by Guinness World Records and it contains a yellow gemstone set in 18k gold. The Gemological Institute of America also stated that this is the largest internally flawless jewel in the world. It is practically impossible for you not to know the Heart of the Ocean Diamond Necklace. Kate Winslet wore its replica in “Titanic”, but the actual jewel was seen 1998 on Gloria Stuart’s neck. Created by harry Winston, the original jewel has a 15 carat blue diamond and is valued at around $20 million. Just so that you get an idea of much people value this jewel, wearing the Heart of the Ocean replica in a movie costs approximately $10,000. Next there is the Heart of the Kingdom Ruby Necklace which costs approximately $14 million. What is fascinating about this necklace is that it can be used as a tiara with no effort whatsoever. Garrad & Co. invented this extraordinary piece and they have also made it a priority to create similar jewels which can easily be used in alternative forms.


You might wonder whether this jewel is worth all the money or not, but the heart-shaped Burmese Ruby, the diamond necklace and the extraordinary eye for detail create a completely different experience. The Briolette Diamond Necklace is an extraordinary example of simplicity and elegance. It was sold in Hong Kong at Christine’s Auction for the unexpected price of $11.1 million. The reason why this came as a surprise was because experts predicted that it would be sold at a “realistic price” of around $8.5 million. It looks like this necklace wanted to prove some people wrong. And it sure did. It was made by William Goldberg , who took 6 months to create the world’s greatest Briolette diamond. And shaped as a teardrop! Really, there is no way you cannot perceive this necklace as pure inspiration. Lastly, we have the Neil Lane Diamond Necklace, valued at $4 million. While this necklace earns a humble 5th place among the world’s most expensive, it is Nell Lane who has the spotlight in this scenario. Even to this date, Neil is the most renowned jeweler among Hollywood stars. Actually, if you are really interested in maintaining high standards when picking your necklaces, you can always look through Neil Lane’s pieces. It is impossible not to find something inspirational. There are other accessories of this type that can research and we can assure that they will be worth your time. Tiffany & Co.’s Majestic Diamond Necklace is a $2.5 million piece that is absolutely wonderful. It took more than one year to collect all the 319 pieces required to create this beauty and many have claimed that this jewel is a real “showstopper”. We are closing the most expensive necklace section with an honorable mention: the Zip necklace. The estimated price for this jewel is around $1.2 million and it can be used as a necklace and a bracelet as the same time. Everything can be done only by zipping it upwards or downwards. It is just magical.  



Styles and Concepts to Play with

Elegant-pearl-necklace And now for the style. Since style varies a lot from necklace to necklace, and from men to women, we handpicked a number of necklaces that we found interesting for our readers to think about. Remember that this article’s purpose is not to show you the tops and bottoms, but just to give you an idea about how neckles there are out there and for you to have a general impression. First of all, where does your mind roam when you think “inspirational necklaces”? Maybe you are wondering about those necklaces that either have an inspiring quote or maybe an image or a symbol that has great value to its wearer. These types of jewels come in different forms and shapes. Some necklaces simply have a crafted square shape in the middle where you can display a message (either written or printed). You simply add a piece of paper in that square shape and display it. Another style is to have a metal shape attached to the chain and have your written message carved onto it. Some people wear round shapes because you can write several different ideas onto them and you can write them in a circle to preserve space. The bad news is that, once carved into the metal, these messages cannot be removed. The good news is that you can always buy an extra metallic shape and you can have several of them for just one chain. Then there is symbolism. You can toy with any concept starting with the all too known hippie peace symbol to any token that you might deem worthy of displaying. As a general rule, you should know that the metal or the jewels out of which the chain is made of are all that matter. The symbol can be anything. Flower shapes, runes, gemstones, anything can work. There are people in the world who take a drop from the ocean and choose to carry it as a necklace for the rest of their lives. If you are interested in “out of the ordinary” symbols, you can always give torn metals a try (simple metals twisted in a certain shape), natural elements such as saber teeth, the occasional claws here and there and perhaps an eagle feather. There are also couples out there who do not like the occasional discomfort a ring brings, so they wear their rings on necklaces.  



Your Reflections

Luxury-necklace-for-girlsIn the end, the necklaces that inspire you are the ones that seem to fit your personality in some way. Your main advantage is that you can toy with them however you like because they are rather common to begin with. So the best way for you to find something inspiring is to have some standards, compare them, keep looking for things that could impress you and give you the occasional idea or two about how to get original. The Incomparable, the Heart of the Ocean, the Heart of the Kingdom, the Briolette, they are all examples for you to understand what people value most in necklaces. Some of these values might also be the ones that you look up to, others might not be and there is nothing wrong with that. The purpose that they have is to help you create your own standards. Experiment, play, see and wonder. Try looking for something that inspires you at least once a day. Everything will add up and, one day, it will strike you. You will know what necklace inspires you.