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Express Fashion - Art In a Fast Moving World

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Express fashion, fashion art, these are all subjects that are being debated until this very day. It’s is quite curious how something so obvious can still generate so much controversy. You would think that a change of mentality is way easier than this, but it definitely isn’t. Is fashion art? Yes, it most certainly is. Art is a way of expressing feelings, letting the world know who you are, your interior struggles, your happiness and your joy. In some way, fashion is a method in which you can open yourself like a book and let yourself be red. How can people not consider that art?


Nonetheless, fashion is still considered “just a way of dressing up” in the world. And that is not only a subject that spans from superficiality. It is also something that the industry itself generates. The desire to sell more and more, the use of certain materials that have a low degradation period and the constant promotion of something new is literally feeding people’s greed and fear. Art has that certain effect on people, but what most fail to acknowledge is that fashion has become somewhat a vicious circle. Its initial intentions were pure and focused on beauty. While some people still preserve those values, most fall into the consumerist category and neglect it entirely.  


How This Art Feeds Fear and Greed

Girl-has-a-white-shirtSince we mentioned mentality before, we might as well establish what we are dealing with in the first place. The mentality that we are talking about here is that of the rich and the poor. Both rich and poor understand fashion and its exquisite art from two very different points of view. The rich understands that it is a system through which they can make money while the poor understands it as a means of imitation and self-glorifying. “Rihanna wore that dress. I might as well wear it too.”  “Kim Kardashian got that $8 million ring, I might not be able to get something as expensive as that, but perhaps a couple of thousands of dollars will do.” This is how the poor view fashion. You always have to keep up with it somehow. Why? Because of fear and greed. If you want to get the proper big picture, just imagine that greed is something that pulls people up while fear holds them back, but gives them an incentive from time to time. If people want to rise, they can’t. Fear will always pull them back. And when they have the impression that they rose, well, it was all greed’s fault. The conclusion: people are still where they were just a moment ago. The imitation game is just a cycle that keeps the poor glued into the industry. We want more clothes, to look better, to have the newest collection and to be the only ones people look at when we enter a room. The issue is that that is not fashion. It’s called being a snob. But it’s still normal. People have these needs. They are not natural. They were generated through improper education for thousands of years. Ever since ancient times, people have been adorning themselves with precious things and fancier clothes. We perceive this as being normal. Most of us have and generations after this one will continue to do so. It’s just a flaw, one that we have come to accept. Whose fault is it? No one’s and everyone’s at the same time. It’s just how the world works and how it accepted to work. As long as we advance with this same kind of education, where do we expect to be in the following century? Still here, of course. Still debating whether fashion is art or not when it clearly is, but there are greater issues that actually need discussing.  



Express Fashion Is Good and Evil at the Same Time

Woman-wears-sunglasses Now this seems a little bit interesting, doesn’t it? How can art be good and evil at the same time? It is because of how they are perceived. We need to take a quick dip into rationality and emotional intelligence here. We all know what being rational means, right? It is the capacity to make good decision based on actual facts. The people running the fashion industry are the rational people. These are the good guys. They understand that you have needs, they understands that your life needs motivation, beauty, inspiration and passion and they are doing everything they can to serve your needs. Rationality steps in when they understand that you are changing, that you desire something else. They understand why you desire something else and they create new art by looking exactly at what you need. Rationality plays an important role in mentality because it allows you to clearly see things for what they are. You are not guided by illusions. You are free. Why is this art also evil? Because you make the mistake of falling into the trap of emotional intelligence. This is, again, both normal and abnormal. We are all raised with a super emotional education: “get good grades because you won’t find a job”, “dress nicely because the other girls won’t hang out with you” or “behave nicely because the other won’t like you”. We are educated with fear of intolerance. You have to be like everyone else or you will be rejected. This is the trap. It’s sprung and you are right in the middle of it. What does this have to do with fashion art? It’s the fear of being left behind. You know you have to dress like everyone else because you will not be accepted otherwise. You know you have to look at expensive and high-standard fashion shops if you are going to have a shot at meeting a cute guy and you know you should also be in this kind of fashion because it raises you to another level of existence. You’re among the exquisite people who enjoy good quality and have the greatest lives in the world. Don’t trick yourself. You’re still among everybody else who is paying a ton of money that they don’t have just to look at others from below.



Girl-is-readingThis is the impact that improper emotional intelligence has onto you: improper management of fear and doubt lead you exactly to where you do not belong. This is why you look at fashion so dearly. You think that admiring it and wearing the fanciest art makes you better than everybody else. It actually makes you like everybody else. Do you want that? If you have come this far, you are also probably wondering how you can get rid of the problem. It’s easy: appreciate fashion art from a totally different perspective. You can still contemplate its beauty, the mystery and the wonders that incite people, but think about the bigger picture as well. Fashion has the power to draw people from across the world into a very big illusion. It’s almost as if you are in a dream, so think about the dream that everyone else is living in. In the end, thousands of people come to appreciate and buy one dress. Those people all took money out of their pockets and took home a dress that will be thrown away in 1 year (or less). What did they get in return, in fact? Some “art” that they can get to wear for one year (and that’s an overstatement – they don’t wear that dress every day) while somebody got rich. Where is the art in that?  



Things That You Might Want to Consider

Girl-wears-a-long-white-t-shirt Fashion is art. There is no doubt about that, but the way in which we perceive it conveys whether it is a positive or a negative one. The artistic charm is only one point of view from which you can view the industry. The truth is that it is rather superficial. Whenever we say that it’s art, we only think about how the things look like, and perhaps about what the designer felt when they carefully crafted such a wonderful thing. But that’s all just fun and stories. What we really need to look at is where the fine line between rationality and emotion is severed. Express fashion is all about getting people’s attention. It moves fast and people’s expectations change fast. This is why designers always have to come up with new ideas and extra means of making their clientele purchase their goods. The only issue is that you cannot actually get so artistic every 6 months or every year or two. Things tend to repeat themselves because of the speed with which things are happening. So, are you dominated by fear and greed? Do you truly want to be like everyone else and fantasize in the never ending dream? Or do you want to wake up and look at how everyone else is controlled by these feelings? It’s not exactly easy, you know, but if you manage to pass this threshold you will never look at the world of fashion with the same eyes ever again.


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