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Facts About Gem Jewelry


So you want to find out more about gem jewelry. Very well. We have had numerous gem articles in the past, so we are going to dedicate today’s article to some stones whose names, at least, you did not hear too many times. What you practically need to know about gems is that there are plenty of them. If you want to know specifically, there are around 40 different gem variations out there which are popular, let alone the ones that we are not so familiar with. They have a variety of meanings, colors and can be used on any jewelry piece that you want to adorn yourself with.  



Gemstone Basics

Ring-with-elegant-gemstoneIf you haven’t read anything about gems, this is the best place for you to start. A gemstone is a crystalline form that results from minerals. There are a few variables that add to its value: how rare it is, its color and the durability. As a general fact, gemstones are durable enough to endure a few generations. This makes them ideal gifts which can turn into very precious belongings in time. Gemstones are not only appreciated for their beauty, but for the values that they come with. Given the fact that they have been used as jewels for generations before us, every culture has attributed some characteristics to each stone. In time, people grew to believe that they can aid the soul in its quest to transcendence, that they can heal and that they can be useful for particular stages of our lives. And so they lasted for thousands of years, and they will continue to do so. You might have occasionally heard that a gemstone is a girl’s best friend. It truly is. Gemstones are truly modest jewels that come with a story of their own and add to a person’s. Imagine that there are rings, earrings, pendants and bracelets out there which carry the stories of three generations. It’s the modesty behind a gemstone that allows it to move on in such a beautiful manner. People can wear them anywhere, during any occasion and they live some of the best moments of their lives with them. Then, one day, they simply look at their jewels, realize how much time has passed and they understand how valuable these jewels are. This is the power of a gemstone: it can endure time and it’s always there to see what you’re up to.



Gemstones You Might Not Have Heard of

Vintage-necklace-with-gemstones As mentioned above, we want to talk about some of the names that you never heard of today and, as a bonus, we will quickly dive into extraterrestrial gem jewelry for some otherworldly experiences. Let’s start with something that sounds familiar, but you might not have heard about it being a gemstone: the bumblebee. There are a lot of people who call this particular gem “agate” or “jasper”, but the truth is that this beauty is unique and can be found in only one place in this entire world: Indonesia. It is commonly formed near volcanic vents and it is also known to contain arsenic. A word of caution: you had best not wear this beauty in direct contact with the skin. Just like a regular bumblebee, you might want to admire this beauty away from its stings. Continuing the somewhat familiar trend, we are compelled to mention the precious opal. Contrary to popular belief, the precious opal is quite rare. It is a spectacular gemstone that gives off flashes or iridescent colors whenever it encounters incident light. If you have a very playful style and enjoy bathing in a multitude colors, it might please you that the flashes are called “plays of color”. Although precious opal is not hard to find, it might surprise you if you know how many people actually possessed one of these jewels (and not a fake one). Alright, let’s get down to more serious business. The next specimen on our list is called chrysoberyl. Nope, it has absolutely nothing to do with beryl and this is actually known as an “extreme gem”. The hardness can measure up to 8.5, exceptional luster and the refraction is absolutely gorgeous. Sometimes people mistake it for a cat’s eye, but now you know that that is not the case. You should get your hands on one such stone if you ever get the chance. You will not regret it.


Pink-gemstone-ringHave you ever expected to hear about a gemstone that is called the dinosaur’s bone? Well, you have now. We can actually consider these fossils infused with quartz. It is a very colorful jewel and it needs purification to be cut and polished. There are plenty of super attractive gemstones like these out there. Again, this is another piece that you want to get your hands on. It’s very exotic and you can also feel the prehistoric vibe if you consider its name. The name spectrolite might give you some ideas about why it is called this way. The gems reflect a wide spectrum of colors and they are considered by some people as one of a kind gems. They are not too difficult to get your hands on and they are exceptional now that summer is here. They are also very adjustable with a lot of colors and styles. You could at least try borrowing one if you know someone who possesses such an item. Spectrolite is one of those stones that can truly make you feel like you radiate with beauty. The effect is quite rare. Lastly, we have the Tiffany Stone. Again, this stone can only be found in Utah and it is believed to be opalized fluorite. The Tiffany Stone comes with a very simplistic design most of the time and this is the reason why it might not be as well-known as other gemstones. There are plenty of simplistic designs out there, yet Tiffany is a rare one. Can anybody have a simplistic adornment? Yes. But can anybody have a Tiffany Stone? Nope. This is why she is one of the greatest gems out there.  



Space Gems All the Way

Necklace-with-earringsDon’t you find that there is something really interesting about wearing something that has fallen from the heavens? There are many of us who do. Rocks have been falling from the skies for thousands of years, thus generating curiosity. Some manifest their curiosity in laboratories, others by watching them fall and some decide to wear these rocks as precious trophies. Some meteorites are lucky enough to smash the ground and give us something precious to wear. Others… not so much. Iron meteorites, for instance, are practically combinations of iron and nickel that are later forged into parts that we use in our day to day jewels. Pallasites are meteorites that give us peridots and impactites provide us with glass that is carved into tiny, interesting sculptures. But where can we get space gems from? And are they expensive? It might come as a surprise, but you can find them in the most common of shops and they are not exactly the sort of accessories you would give thousands of pounds on. You can find them for very cost-efficient prices mostly because people are not aware of how valuable they really are. They are not being requested by many and the supply for these materials is often considered close to inexistent. But are there exceptions? Of course there are. There are plenty of artisans who use outer space gemstones to create one of a kind jewels. As long as you want to make something extraordinary, you can make it out of the most common jewels in the world. Not to mention that there are many collectors out there who are hunting for such stones, literally dying to get their hands on them. If you encounter one such person you might enjoy it. Now let’s go through our regular sum up so that you can always check in if you want to know facts about gem jewelry.



Green-gemstone-ring Gems have been known throughout history for the powerful stories and beliefs that they come with. The truth is that their journey through life is quite a fascinating one: they emerge as rocks and live long enough to witness people’s lives over the years. Many of them are also left as heritage for children and grandchildren over the years, doing nothing more than prolonging their fascinating story. We made a summary of some gemstones that you might have never heard of: the bumblebee, the precious opal, chrysoberyl, the dinosaur’s bone and even the Tiffany Stone. Some of them are though of by many as exquisite pieces that should be a must have in every woman’s jewelry box. Some are harder to obtain than others and you would believe that they are also quite valuable if you can only find them in one place in the entire world. As for space gems, they are quite valuable jewels if you think about them, but due to the fact that there is no great demand about them their value does not amount to much. But there are passionate people out there who work wonders out of these gems as well. And they are extraordinary people.